Aira Shark Tank Update

Aira Shark Tank Update 2023 (Season 11 Episode 3)

You know your product is good when you make a deal with several judges on the show. This is the case for Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick, co-founders of Aira, who appeared on Shark Tank season 11, episode 3.

The co-founders came on the show asking for $500K for a 7% share of Aira, a wireless charging solution that was entering the production phase. However, Daymond John and Mark Cuban came out early on. They made a 500K deal for 15% equity with Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec.

Aira update in 2023 includes that the business is still active and profitable. It rebranded itself to FreePower shortly after the show and got more investors. 

Aira Shark Tank Profile

The following is the Shark Tank profile for Aira company, which you will find useful. 

Air dateOct 13, 2019
Company NameAira
ProductWireless Charging Pads
FounderEric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick
FoundedNovember 2017
LocationPhoenix, Arizona
Worth Before Shark Tank$3.3 Million
Business IdeaAdvanced Wireless Charging Solution
Asked For$500,000 for 7% equity
Final Deal$500,000 for 15% equity
SharksKevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec
EpisodeSeason 11 Episode 3
Business StatusIn Business
Worth After Shark Tank$5 Million
Got To AmazonPrime Video
Watch OnYouTube

Aira Before Shark Tank

The two co-founders, Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick, started Aira in November 2017 under the name Juic. They later rebranded it to Aira, a name that they kept up to the show.

Aira Before Shark Tank

Eric, a Guinness world record holder for the most powerful Tesla coils (2014) ever, is the tech guy on the team. Jake, an Arizona State graduate, is an entrepreneur with other businesses, like Hacky Sack, and is a business-minded partner.  

Their device is different from the others in the sense that you don’t need to orient them in one way to charge. It also suits many Qi-enabled devices and phones, including Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.

Aira Shark Tank Episode (Recap)

So, was Aira on Shark Tank? Yes, Aira was on the show on October 13, 2019, in the 1104 Shark Tank episode. Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick started by presenting themselves and then the amount they were after, which was $500K for 7%.

They also explained their product and presented a large Tesla coil that awed the judges on the show. At the same time, the duo provided samples, and unlike other charging pads, they explained that their type charges multiple phones in any orientation.

Aira Shark Tank Episode

They explained that their business model was to work as a licensing business. When asked about the sales, they told the judges that they had recently acquired their first bulk licensing order of 33,000 units.

Mark Cuban and Daymond John were the first judges for reasons of changing technology. The other three judges made a deal, starting with Robert Herjavec, who offered $500K for 10% equity. Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary offered $500K for a 15% share.

The duo asked these three judges if they could offer $500K for a 15% share if they all partnered, to which they all agreed.

What Happened to Aira After Shark Tank?

Aira after Shark Tank underwent various positive changes, including rebranding, to FreePower shortly afterward. The new name was for simplicity and clarity on their identity, putting FreePower first.

In 2020, in partnership with Purveyor Nomad, they made their first wireless charging device. They named it Base Station Pro.

What Happened to Aira After Shark Tank

In 2021, they also appointed Ahsan, who has 20 years of experience in financial strategy, as their president. In the same year, they were also featured by FastCompany in the list of most innovative companies of the year.

Still, in the same year, they were featured in Forbes NEXT 1000, Automotive News, PACE Pilot, and CES Innovation Awards. Private investors also provided the company with $12 million in funding.

They also partnered with Motherson, a leading auto parts company with plans to feature FreePower in their future vehicles. Tesla, who were behind AirPower, now uses FreePower technology in one of their wireless chargers.

Aira Shark Tank Update

In 2023, the business is still running and has over 40 employees. Also, as of their website, they have more than 200 patent assets for their wireless charging hardware, magnetics, and software. 

Aira Net worth

Aira today has a Net Worth of $5 million as of 2023. This is a $1 million increase from their Net Worth in 2022, which was $4 Million. In 2019, shortly after their appearance on Shark Tank during the show, their Net worth valuation was at $3.33 Million. 

Is Aira Profitable Now?

Aira is profitable now, with over $ 8 million in sales annually as of 2023. Also, partnering with various leading companies in the world only means more sales and profit.

Is Aira Profitable Now

Final Words

Aira is among the most successful companies ever featured on Shark Tank. This company is now almost double its former net worth during its appearance on Shark Tank. Besides getting a deal on the show, they have also secured investments from private investors.

Now known as FreePower, it has partnered with many companies that use their technology in their charging devices. To learn more about them, you can visit their website. This platform also bears more information about their product and partners.

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