Beddley Shark Tank Update

Beddley Shark Tank Update

Lola Ogden, the creator of Beddley, encountered her fair share of obstacles when donning duvet coverings in the fast-paced world of commerce. She created Beddley, a duvet cover with three sides that are open and have zippers to make the procedure simple to end this ongoing problem. 

But was Beddley on Shark Tank? Yes, they were. Even though Beddley’s pitch on the show didn’t result in a transaction. It has thrived and now has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

In this piece, we’ll quickly examine Beddley’s life narrative. Despite many obstacles, the business and its creator have repeatedly shown their worth. So let’s take a look at their voyage to the Beddley Shark Tank update

Beddley Shark Tank Profile

Beddley Shark Tank Profile

Let’s take a look at Beddley’s profile to know them better: 

Name Of the CompanyBeddley 
Founded byLola Ogden
Founded in 2017
Product3-sided easy open and close duvet cover
Episode SEASON 11, EPISODE 18
Aired onApril 3, 2020
Asked Deal$150,000 for 10% equity share
Deal on Shark TankNo deal
SharkNo Shark
Operating Status Active
WebsiteVisit Website
Headquarters4821 Lankershim Blvd,#F174 N. Hollywood, CA 91601
Buy ProductBuy Now
Profitable or not?Profitable
Contact Email [email protected]

What Happened To Beddley At Shark Tank?

During Episode 18 of Season 11 of Shark Tank, Beddley made a cameo. With a colorful presentation that showed the striking contrast between conventional duvets and Beddley’s creative solution, Lola enthralled the sharks. 

What Happened To Beddley At Shark Tank

Lola requested the Sharks not to evaluate her simply based on her sales statistics, as she asked for a $150,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity. The Sharks were disappointed to find that her sales the previous year were only $28,000, though. 

The sharks unanimously decided not to invest in Beddley as a result of complaints about the product’s pricing and marketing tactics. Lola departed the tank despite the setback, determined to disprove them.

What Happened To Beddley After The Shark Tank?

What happened to Beddley after Shark Tank was that it was fueled by Lola Ogden’s tenacity and innovative spirit. Even after a rejection from the Shark Tank, they had the genius marketing idea of uploading a video. It was about  Oprah Winfrey straining to tuck a duvet under a cover in 2020. 

With this, Beddley was given the chance to position itself as the answer to the rejection.

Beddley briefly switched its manufacture to protective face masks during the COVID-19 epidemic. The firm started selling duvet covers again through pre-orders in November 2021. This implies a good turn. 

This finally led to a return to regular sales in February 2022. Beddley Shark Tank update is that it now has lifetime sales reached $4 million. This was achieved as a result of this uptick in business and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Beddley Net Worth

Incorporating its lifetime sales, Beddley’s net value as of 2023 is an amazing $4 million. Although there are no current net worth updates for 2023, Beddley today has reached steady development and a point to a bright future.

Beddley Net Worth

Beddley Sales Data

To bring the Beddley concept to life, the entrepreneur invested $91,000 of her own money into the company. The product’s initial manufacturing costs are relatively high due to its production in the United States, resulting in a production cost of $57.50 per Beddley duvet cover. 

Despite the higher costs, Beddley has achieved impressive sales figures. In the previous year (2022), the company sold $28,000 worth of products and has already generated an additional $12,000 in sales for the current year (2023).

Is Beddley Profitable Now?

To say whether Beddly is profitable or not is rather hard. The company does not publish such financial statements yet. So it is tough to say whether the company is running on profit or loss. 

One thing is for sure: even if the company is facing challenging times since COVID-19, they are on the run for a better future. The net value of the company establishes a solid reputation with fair sales per year. So we hope we shall see better news soon.   

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram highlight Beddley’s appeal and satisfied clientele. Beddley after Shark Tank got plenty of fame and thus resulted in more people learning about it.

Beddley Review

Overall, customers have given Beddley favorable feedback. Many reviews praise the product’s simplicity of use; some say they can put on the duvet cover in only five minutes. 

Beddley Review

Beddley’s update is that, after Shark Tank, many customers learned about it. And its efficacy and simplicity have been greatly appreciated. Reputable reviewer Sleep Foundation gave Beddley a four-star rating or above and emphasized its quality, toughness, temperature control, comfort, and fit. 

Beddley was also named one of the greatest duvet covers on the market by Cosmopolitan and Elle Décor, who praised its usefulness and cutting-edge zip mechanism. 

Competitors Of The Company

In the duvet cover industry, Beddley competes against companies like Brooklinen, Boll & Branch, Parachute, and Casper. However,  its distinguishing feature, the three-sided zipper opening, sets it apart from its rivals. 

Beddley stands out as a practical and time-saving option for customers looking for a hassle-free bedding experience because of its ground-breaking innovation.

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Final Thoughts

Beddley’s story is a perfect example of Lola Ogden’s tenacity and turning hardship into a prosperous commercial endeavor. Certainly, the Beddley Shark Tank episode gave them the push they needed. 

Despite the initial rejection of the company on Shark Tank, they faced it all with creative design and customer-focused philosophy. Overall, Beddley is well-positioned to advance in the bedding market with a $4 million net worth and favorable client reviews.

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