Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

On February 26, 2021, two entrepreneurs appeared on Shark Tank seeking investment for their brand name, Better Bedder. The product’s idea was unique and innovative; it is a portable band called the “headband” that could hold sheets securely on the edges of mattresses.

Judy and Nita successfully convinced the Sharks about the potential of the product. Finally, Lori Greiner became the finance director after several negotiations with several Sharks. The closing deal was lucrative, with $150,000 and the opportunity to appear in QVC in exchange for 15% equity.

In terms of the Better Bedder Shark Tank update, the startup is doing great and has an ambitious target to generate $20 million in sales in 2023. So, how are they doing now? Let’s check it out.

Better Bedder Shark Tank Profile

Better Bedder Shark Tank Profile

Here’s a table to provide you with an overview of the Better Bedder’s Shark Tank profile.

CompanyBetter Bedder
FoundersNita Friloux Gassen and Judy Cannella Schott 
ProductBed Headband
Better Bedder Shark Tank Episode (USA)Episode 15 of Season 12
Date AiredFebruary 26, 2021
Asking Bid$150,00 (10% Equity)
Deal Finalized$150,000 (15% Equity) plus the appearance on QVC 
SharksLori Greiner 
The Current Price of Hug Sleep $59-$79 (depending on size and bed type)
Net Worth in 2020 (before Shark Tank) $1.5 million
Net Worth in 2023 (Better Bedder after Shark Tank) $8.33 million
Company StatusIn business
EpisodeAmazon Prime
HeadquarterMandeville, Louisiana, United States
Social Media PagesInstagram
Buy the ProductOn Amazon

What Happened to Better Beeder on Shark Tank Episode?

In the Shark Tank episode 15 season 12, Judy and Nita succeeded in getting Sharks’ attention. Lori Greiner is the Shark who saw potential in the concept of these two Better Beeder’s originators. 

She became the finance director and 15% equity of the company in exchange for $150,000 and the opportunity to appear in QVC.

What Happened to Better Beeder on Shark Tank Episode

What Happened To Better Bedder After Shark Tank?

Better Bedder has achieved extraordinary success since its participation in Shark Tank, according to our careful observation. Lori Greiner has played an important part in the inquiry of what happened to Better Bedder after the Shark Tank. Particularly in terms of assisting the company’s expansion. 

This Shark is still assisting the organization with sales-generating. Better Bedder founders sold an astonishing 40,000 units within a couple of months after Judy and Nita appeared on the Better Bedder Shark Tank episode of 15 Season 12.

What Happened To Better Bedder After Shark Tank

We must admit that Lori’s involvement positively impacted the business growth. Two of her must-mention supports are: 

  • Introducing the product to QVC
  • Utilizing her PR team to market the company effectively

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 14 has showcased Better Bedder’s achievements. And the upward graph of the business growth is really astonishing. We were startled to learn that the firm made $157,000 in product sales just one day following the show. 

Future Plans

Better Bedder has some big ambitions for the future, which is wonderful. In the following years, the firm plans to grow its operations by focusing on areas that include lodgings and the elderly population. 

Lori’s ambitious forecast is making $20 within 2023. It is on the way to becoming a reality. The company’s total revenue amounts to an amazing $8.33 million as of April 2023.

Better Bedder Net Worth

As of the end of 2021, Better Bedder has achieved lifetime sales of $2 million. It leaves anyone impressed by their ability to generate such a significant amount of revenue since their market orientation. 

This demonstrates the company’s strong financial performance and indicates its success in the market. Furthermore, as of April 2023, Better Bedder’s net worth is $8.33 million. 

Better Bedder Net Worth

Nonetheless, we can claim that Better Bedder’s financial value has been on an upward curve. Thanks to its impressive sales performance and expansion into new markets. 

With their listings in 3,000 Walmart stores and the guidance of Lori Greiner, we can see that the company has risen. Additionally, it has the potential for continued growth and market success.

Better Bedding Sales Data

The below table shows the yearly sales of the company:

YearSales amount 
2021$2 million
2022$4.9 million
2023$20 million (projected)

Is Better Bedder Profitable Now?

Based on the available information, it is challenging to determine the profitability index of Better Bedder. The company hasn’t circulated its financial statements, equity ratio, etc., to the public. 

Is Better Bedder Profitable Now

But we can certainly say that the company is now making a significant amount of profit. Such a claim is developed in consideration of the following points.

  • The growth rate between $2 million in lifetime sales by the end of 2021 and $6 million by July 2022 is 300%.
  • The growth rate between $6 million in July 2022 and $8.33 million in April 2023 is approximately 38.83%.  
  • The company plans to expand the market by selling products to Hotels, RVs, etc.
  • Better Bedder is also going to operate in the international market.

We have considered all these as financial indicators of this business. Thus, by analyzing the above findings, it is clear that the business is still profitable. However, the reduction in the growth rate also indicates that it is now not making a profit as per the initiation period. 

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Let’s check out some commonly asked questions about Better Bedder.

How much does the Better Bedder product cost today?

The cost of Better Bedder today ranges from $59 to $79. It depends on the size of the beds.

Who are the market competitors of Better Bedder?

There are several competitors. Some must-mentions are Cloud Ten, Sheets & Jiggles, Boll & Branch, etc.

What is the construction material of Better Bedder?

The product’s construction materials are high-quality cotton, spandex, and polyester.

Final Words

There are not many small-scale startups in the world that have become successful. But there are exceptions, and Better Bedder is one of them. We are sure that our elaboration on the Better Bedder Shark Tank update perfectly resonates with this claim.

Better Bedder’s ability to generate substantial revenue indicates a positive financial outlook. The company’s strong sales performance and consistent growth suggest it holds significant value in the competitive home bedding industry. 

Lastly, we are following the progress of this company and are willing to provide Better Bedder updates from time to time.

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