Bohana Shark Tank Update

Bohana Shark Tank Update – Where Is It Now?

Was Bohana on Shark Tank? Yes, it was. Bohana made an appearance on “Shark Tank” during Season 11, Episode 17, which aired in 2020. The snack brand’s appearance on the show was a defining moment in its journey to bring a healthier snacking alternative to the market.

Bohana Snacks took a unique approach to redefine snacking with their popped water lily seed creations. This ancient superfood, known as “Makhana” in India, inspired their nutritious and delicious snack offerings. The brand quickly gained recognition for its commitment to providing gluten-free and non-GMO snack options.

In the hopes of expanding their business, Priyal and Nadine went to Shark Tank to seek an investment to fuel their business growth. So, where is Bohana nowadays? Are they still in business? Continue reading to learn all Bohana Shark Tank updates.

Bohana Shark Tank Profile

Here is an overview of information about Bohana.

Company Bohana
ProductAlternative snack option 
FounderPriyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts
Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 11, Episode 17
Air Date20th March 2020
Asked for$200,000 for a 10% share of the company
Final Deal$200,000 for 8% equity and 9% interest for three years 
SharkKevin O’Leary
Business StatusIn business but temporarily closed
CostOne bag of water lily snacks goes from $19.99 to $29.99 
Net worth$1-2 Million (As of 2022)
Deal after shark tankWent through
Watch OnAmazon Prime Video
Get the ProductOn Amazon

What Is Bohana?

Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb founded Bohana Snacks to provide consumers with a healthier snacking option. Priyal, who is originally from India, introduced the concept of popped water lily seeds to the United States when she brought some back for a friend. 

Nadine loved these puffs so much that she came up with the idea to make the puffs a commercial business. They were ready to launch in 2017 after some testing and fine-tuning. 

What Is Bohana

Nadine and Priyal came up with the name Bohana, a combination of “botanical” and “makhana.” Makhana is the Indian term for popped water lily seeds.

These popped seeds are loaded with essential nutrients like iron, protein, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. They are low in calories, have no cholesterol, and are ideal for those who are concerned with healthy living. 

Bohana’s primary goal was clear: to provide a healthier alternative to traditional snacks while also ensuring accessibility for all. Initially selling their products directly to customers online, Bohana later expanded their reach through distribution channels such as UNFI. 

Bohana’s accomplishment was highlighted further when they were awarded $20,000 from Pepsi’s Program. That’s when the pair decided to participate in Shark Tank.

What Happened In Bohana Shark Tank Episode? 

During the Bohana shark tank episode, Nadine and Priyal entered the tank seeking $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their company. The entrepreneurs explained the essence of their product, emphasizing its unique qualities and how it differed from traditional snacks.

Nadine stated that at the time, they had four available flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt, Soulful Sriracha, and Wild White Cheddar. She said that the flavors were carefully crafted to cater to various taste preferences. Nadine then goes on to offer the sharks samples.

The sharks were delighted with the product’s flavor, but Lori noted a wish for more fiber in the snacks. The shark stressed the importance of nutrition in the food sector. 

What Happened In Bohana Shark Tank Episode

As the discussion progressed, some sharks expressed reservations about introducing a new product to the market. Nadine, on the other hand, assured them that demand was on their side. She stated she had already sold over $123,000 in only nine months.

Barbara made an initial offer of $200,000 in exchange for a 30% equity stake. However, Kevin quickly entered the bidding war with a compelling offer. He matched the $200,000 investment but proposed a lower equity percentage of 8% and 9% interest for three years. 

Nadine chose Mr. Wonderful after careful consideration because he offered a lower equity. In addition, Nadine stated that she required assistance with distribution, branding, and marketing, all of which Kevin specializes in. That said, let’s look at the Bohana update.

What Happened To Bohana After Shark Tank?

Bohana after shark tank grew significantly.  The company reported an impressive 500% increase in sales. To enhance the consumer experience, Bohana Snacks updated its packaging design, introducing resealable packaging for added convenience. 

They also diversified their product lineup with four delectable flavors: Sweet Cinnamon Drizzle, Sea Salt Chocolatey Drizzle, Hickory BBQ, and Zesty Ranch. 

Another notable achievement of Bohana was when Nadine and Priyal Bhartia brought their product to QVC. Kevin O’Leary was there to support Bohana, which means he invested in the company. They sold over 1000 bags within minutes, underscoring the strong consumer demand for their unique snacks. 

What Happened To Bohana After Shark Tank

The journey, however, was not without its difficulties. Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb faced the challenge of educating the public about the benefits of their products. This is because it was during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, and their retail sales strategy heavily relied on samples and taste.

Nadine Habayeb expressed an interest in expanding Bohana beyond its roots as a food brand in 2021. As a result, Bohana today is owned by Boon Distributors, ushering in a new chapter for the brand. Nadine and Priyal Bhartia decided to leave the company. 

Nadine Habayeb joined Ennismore in Hyde Dubai as Consulting Director of Marketing and Communications. On the other hand, Priyal Bhartia continued her executive and creative director roles in India.

Bohana Net Worth

As of 2022, Bohana Snacks is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. This figure reflects the company’s financial standing and growth since its inception. 

Bohana Net Worth

Bohana Sales Data

Because Bohana is a privately held company, no sales figures have been made public. We couldn’t find their annual sales figures as of yet. However, their sales in 2019 were slightly higher than $123,000.

Is Bohana Profitable Now?

No, Bohana Snacks is not profitable at the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant negative impact on the business, contributing to its financial difficulties. This drop in profitability was one of the main reasons Nadine Habayeb and Priyal Bhartia decided to sell the company. 

The pandemic disrupted their revenue streams, particularly the sampling and demo-based sales strategy. 

Is Bohana Profitable Now
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Bohana Snacks, founded by Priyal and Nadine, embarked on a remarkable journey to provide the option of a healthy snack. Their appearance on Shark Tank provided the initial boost they needed, securing an investment from Kevin O’Leary.

Bohana Snacks diversified its product lineup, updated its packaging, and explored new avenues like QVC sales to reach consumers. The brand’s impressive growth in 2020, with a 500% increase in sales, demonstrated the unwavering demand for its innovative snacks.

Ultimately, the founders made a strategic decision to sell Bohana Snacks. This allowed the founders to explore new horizons beyond the brand’s food-focused identity. 

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