Breathometer Shark Tank Update

Breathometer Shark Tank Update: A Game-Changer in Personal Health Monitoring

Self-monitoring of one’s health has been revolutionized by the Breathometer. And this revolutionary device gained attention after making an appearance on Shark Tank. But how is it doing today?

What is the Breathometer Shark Tank update now? Since Breathometer’s television debut, the company gained attention as its product was able to encourage people to take charge of their own health. After locking up a $1 Million investment for 30% equity from Shark, the company even came up with two new products. However, it was forced to stop due to the product not being able to provide reliable information.

This article discusses the advancements of its journey from pitch to prosperity and an insight into its present state. Join us as we explore the Breathometer’s extraordinary success story and how it has transformed the way we keep track of our health.

Breathometer Shark Tank Profile

So how did it go for Charles Michael Yim, the founder of Breathometer, to convince the sharks about his product to invest in his startup, finalizing a deal of $1 million for 30% equity?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, it was announced that the company had expanded its product line to include new features and enhancements, further solidifying its position as a leader in personal health monitoring.


Let’s have a look at the table below for their profile overview. 

Name of the companyBreathometer
CreatorCharles Michael Yim
CEOCharles Michael Yim
Product InformationPlugging the product into a smartphone and blowing into it provides important health information
Sold For (Single piece)$49.99
Asked For$250K in exchange for 10% equity
Last Deal$1 million in exchange for 30% equity
SharksMark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S5 E2
Air DateSeptember 27, 2013
Business StatusNot in Business, was shut down
HeadquartersBurlingame, California, United States
Watch onAmazon Prime
Go to AmazonBuy Now

What Happened to the Breathometer after Shark Tank?

Breathometer experienced major breakthroughs and notable milestones after its successful Shark Tank appearance. The business grew and made progress in the area of personal health monitoring due to Mark Cuban’s funding and leadership.

The company benefited from its momentum by improving its technology constantly. The accuracy and functioning of the gadget were improved, resulting in readings that are more accurate and reliable.

If you don’t know already, it can provide important health information such as blood alcohol concentration, oral health indicators, and hydration levels just by simply plugging it into a smartphone. 

What Happened to the Breathometer after Shark Tank

The app was also enhanced to offer a more thorough health monitoring experience by delivering individualized recommendations and insights based on the data gathered.

Additionally, this helped Yim launch a  new product under the same company called “The Breeze”,  which was available in stores such as Best Buy and Brookstone locations. 

Breathometer after Shark Tank also brought praise and awards. It was recognized for its contributions to the field of tracking one’s own health. Moreover, it’s dedicated to enhancing people’s well-being by receiving numerous awards and nominations.

Breathometer Net Worth

As of now, the exact net worth of Breathometer is not publicly available. However, based on the investments offered by the five Sharks ($1 million in capital for 30 percent), the company was valued at approximately $3.3 million following the Shark Tank deal before it was shut down.

On the other hand, Yim asserts that the company is worth $50 million. He also added that the company’s annual revenues are $4 million.

Breathometer Sales Data

Below is a table that shows the funding Breathometer received throughout its journey.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney Raised
May 22, 2017Convertible Note- Breathometer1$225k
Nov 27, 2015Series A – Breathometer2
Jun 22, 2015Series A – Breathometer1$4M
Aug 30, 2014Seed Round – Breathometer2$3M
Oct 17, 2013Seed Round – Breathometer7$1.6M

Is Breathometer Profitable Now?

As of now, Breathometer today is not profitable anymore. This is mainly due to Breathometer providing unreliable information, leading to its shutdown.

Is Breathometer Profitable Now

Breathometer Shut Down

Mark Cuban, one of the investors of Breathometer said that a lot of failures were due to Yim’s fault. According to him, when Yim was on vacation posting pictures on social media, Mark would often remind him that he should be focusing on work.

In 2017, according to the Breathometer update, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged Breathometer for providing inaccurate information when it came to measuring blood alcohol content. 

In an agreement with the FTC, the company promised to pay back customers for almost $5.1 million in sales upon request. 

As a result, Breathometer’s app had to completely shut down due to the agreement with the FTC, making it not profitable anymore.

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Breathometer made a significant impact in the field of personal health monitoring with its innovative technology and appearance on Shark Tank. Although it’s not in business anymore, the Breathometer shark tank episode portrayed the potential of combining technology and health monitoring.

Besides, Breathometer proved its adaptability by expanding beyond alcohol monitoring with the help of the sharks and other business partnerships. Even though its journey has already ended, its story serves as a testament to the competitive nature of the personal health monitoring industry.  

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