Brightwheel Shark Tank Update

Brightwheel Shark Tank Update

The Brightwheel company owner, Dave Vasen, approached Shark Tank to invest in his software application business. Mark and Chris finalized the deal at $6M for 6.66% equity. So, what is the current status of the company?

Today, I will give you the Brighthwheel Shark Tank update. So, as Shark saw potential in Brightwheel, they were ready to invest. And the Brightwheel company didn’t disappoint them. The company is doing well today, reaching over 25,000 schools globally. The company’s value is now $600M.

This article will tell what happened to Brightwheel after Shark Tank, which episode was Brightwheel on Shark Tank, the company’s net worth, sales data, and in-depth information. So, please read on to learn more about the Brightwheel update.

Brightwheel Shark Tank Profile

Brightwheel Shark Tank

The Brightwheel company has been doing great since Dave Vasen launched the application. This is a table with an overview of the Shark Tank profile. Please check it out below-

Company NameBrightwheel
FoundersDave Vasen
ProductChildcare management app
Asked for$4M for 4% equity
Final deal$6M for 6.66% equity
SharkMark Cuban and Chris Sacca
EpisodeSeason 7, Episode 26
Air date April 29, 2016
Business statusIn business
Headquarters275 Battery St FI 23, San Francisco, California, 94111, United States
Lifetime worth$600M
Watch onAmazon Prime
Buy NowBrightwheel

How Brightwheel Pitched Shark Tank?

Brightwheel Shark Tank episode appeared on Shark Tank in season 7, episode 26, in 2015. He started his presentation by introducing himself. He told them he wanted a $4M investment from them for 4% equity. Then he presented his software through videos and photos. 

He told Sharks that his application lets parents know about their child’s updates in school. He said all parents want to know what their children did in school and their day. So, this application can help the guardians to know what their child is doing. 

Communicating with them about their day when they return from school would get easier. To explain this more clearly, Dave Vasen gave visual representation with children’s live updates and pictures. The Sharks found it impressive. 

Kenvin offered $4M for 4% equity. Dave liked the offer. But he was not satisfied with the equity. The Shark Chris also offered Chris $4M for 4.85% equity as he could see great potential in the company. 

Dave asked Chris if he preferred the deal with another Shark, so the investment. But Chris told Dave he is still determining if other Sharks can offer that much. Mark was offended by it and asked Chris if he was that clueless.

Kevin now changed the deal and wanted to offer the same as Chris. So, Dave asked if they would prefer to make a joint deal. Luckily, both agreed on a $6M investment for 6.67% equity. Finally, the deal was finalized.

What Happened To Brightwheel After Shark Tank?

Brightwheel, after Shark Tank, was successful. After Shark Tank, Brightwheel got even more recognition for its software application. The application has great features by which parents can know their children’s location, updates, and many more. So, the parents find it very useful. 

This company has reached $25000 schools globally after getting funds from Shark Tank. In 2017, Mark And Chris both made another investment in the company. Furthermore, In 2021, the owner attended Mark Zuckerberg’s investment firm and raised $21M for the business.

What Happened To Brightwheel After Shark Tank

Later in 2021, the Brightwheel company raised $55M from many investors. Later, they added premium services that have the two-way messaging option. Also, the company made a deal with the learning care group. This is how the company is worth $600 value today.

Also, the software now has a new technical support feature where you can get answers to any technical issue regarding the app. The company is, working hard and achieving constant success.

Brightwheel Networth

The company, Brightwheel’s net worth is now $600M. Two of the Sharks made a joint deal with Daves with a $6M investment. Today, the company has proved its potential. In 2017, Mark Cuban again invested $10M in his company for his series A funding. 

Brightwheel Networth

Dave Vasen has made it able to make the company a big success. The company is recently working toward the development of the software. He is adding new features to the software application to make it more accessible to the customers.

Brightwheel Sales Data

The owner Dave Vasen has revealed some of their yearly figures many times. This is a table with an overview of their sales revenue throughout the years :


Is Brightwheel Profitable Now

Yes. Brightwheel today is profitable. The company’s revenue has increased a lot. After getting funds from investors, they have constantly worked on the application’s development. Recently, the company has added premium subscriptions to the app. But free versions are also available.

Is Brightwheel Profitable Now

Brightwheel has been getting success throughout the years. The company is constantly adding new features and making the service better. In the future, the owner has plans to upgrade the application and give customers solutions to their problems. 

What Was Brightwheel Before Shark Tank?

Dave Vasen launched his pilot program back in 2014. It was a preschool management system at that time. So, almost ten schools were using the application. He did not continue his executive position as he wanted to work in the software. 

So, later, he publicly launched his app. The application was progressing, reaching over $2500 schools in the country. Dave has raised many funds from investors. Later, he learned about Shark Tank and wanted to attend it to grow his business.

So, he attended Shark Tank and got a joint deal of $6M in investments. He has been able to make his company successful. The company’s revenue has increased from $1M to $600M. 

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The Brightwheel company appeared on Shark Tank to expand its application to more audiences. As this childcare management app lets the guardians check out their kids, it is loved by all. That’s why this software has a lot of demand. So, Sharks saw the potential.

They were ready to invest in the company. The investment was fruitful. Today the company is reaching the peak of success. It is a $60 M-worth company now. However, the article gave you the Brightwheel Shark Tank update. I hope you have no questions regarding the topic.

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