Frywall Shark Tank Update

Frywall Shark Tank Update

On average, over 35,000 businesses apply for Shark Tank annually, and only less than 100 get aired on the show. However, despite the odds, Yair Reiner, the founder of Frywall, got a chance to go on air in season 9, episode 14.

So, what is the Frywall Shark Tank update? During the show, Reiner pitched and asked for $100K for 10% equity to the five judges. Though two judges were uninterested, three wanted a part in the business, and after some time of back and forth, Yair chose Lori Greiner.

Frywall is still in business and now generates revenue of $1.5 million annually from the $80K it was making before. Let’s review the article to learn more about Frywall and its deal with Shark Tank.

Frywall Shark Tank Profile

Frywall Shark Tank Profile

The table below illustrates an overview of Frywall and its appearance on Shark Tank show. 

FounderYair Reiner
Founded in2015
ProductSilicone splatter guard
Asked For$100K for 10%
Final Deal$100K for 10%
SharkLori Greiner
LocationBrooklyn, New York
Air date7th Jan 2018
Worth Before$1 million
Business StatusOperational
Worth After$5 million (estimated)
Go to AmazonAmazon
Watch onJust Watch

Frywall Before Shark Tank and On Shark Tank Episode

Frywall, a silicone splatter guard, a kitchen tool, was invented by Yair Reiner. He used silicone to make a splatter guard for his pan. After several attempts and much hard work, Frywall was born. 

Likewise, after realizing how useful it was to him, he decided to start mass-producing the splatter guard. The material used is FDA-compliant silicone and can withstand high temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It’s also easy to use and clean after, saving you from the cleaning task on the counter and stove top. Before Shark Tank, Reiner had distribution deals with over 50 stores and was in discussion to secure a deal with Bed Bath and Beyond. The business had an annual revenue of $80K. 

Frywall Before Shark Tank and On Shark Tank Episode

Frywall was among the few businesses that get the exact amount they pitch on in Shark Tank. The business was on the ninth season of Shark Tank in the 14th episode, aired in January 2018.

On the show, Reiner briefly explained the product, including the production cost. The product costs him less than $5 to manufacture and sells at $25, which impressed the judges on the show.

His pitch was for $100K at 10% equity, and three judges, including Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner,  showed interest. Kevin offered the full amount at 15% equity, but Daymond and Lori offered the amount at 10% equity.

However, when the time for a decision came, Yair Reiner Greiner also offered him a golden ticket. She also claimed it was her favorite product she had seen yet. 

What Happened to Frywall After Shark Tank?

Like 94% of businesses after Shark Tank, Frywall’s business boomed after the appearance on the show. It has increased its annual sales, now close to over $1.5 million annually. Also, the product has been featured in many shows and got a positive review in Cook’s Illustrated.

What Happened to Frywall After Shark Tank

It first appeared on KWCH12 on the show that tests products called ‘Does it work.’ It was also on various cooking shows on TV programs on channels like ABC and CNBC.

Reiner also added a utility patent on the product to prevent this idea from being stolen by other manufacturers. Now, this splatter guard is available in many more big stores in the country, including Walmart. Frywall is also available on Amazon.

Frywall Shark Tank Update

After Shark Tank, the businessman made more splatter screen varieties, making more colors and sizes.

Now the Frywall is available in multiple sizes, including;

  • 8” –  Suits small-sized pans
  • 10” – for medium size pans
  • 11” – for medium-large pans
  • 12” – suitable for large pans
Frywall Shark Tank Update

The colors available on this product include;

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue jean
  • Charcoal
  • Black

However, some sources show that the businesses’ deal with Lori Greiner wasn’t finalized. However, the business is still active and making money, which is the most important thing.

Frywall Net Worth  

The current net worth of Frywall company isn’t publicly known but is estimated to be more than five times its original value. The net worth of the company before Shark Tank was $1 million.

However, the business’s annual revenue stands at $1.5 million, most from the website and the rest from retail outlets.

Frywall Sales Data


Is Frywall Profitable Now?

Frywall is profitable now, but it was still profitable even before Shark Tank, thanks to the low manufacturing cost. Firstly, the exposure allowed more potential customers to learn and buy the product.

Is Frywall Profitable Now

Also, the cheapest Frywall splatter guard is $19 for the smallest pan, and the manufacturing cost is less than $5. This decent margin allows the business to be profitable, even when making a few pieces.

The products are also being sold on various online stores,  including  Amazon and eBay, which helps boost sales.

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Final Thoughts

Frywall, a silicone splatter guard, sales and manufacturing business, was in Shark Tank season 9 episode 14. It is among the few businesses that ever made it to the show and secured the exact deal they were after. The company was after $100K at 10% equity, which Lori Greiner was willing to offer.

The update shows that the business is still active, and products are available in most online and local stores. Also, the annual revenue increased significantly along with the customer database. For more information and updates on the company, visit their website.

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