Kronos Shark Tank Update

Kronos Shark Tank Update

Owners of Kronos Golf pitched to Shark Tank to get funds for their business. The Shark Tank finally made a deal of $150,000 for a 30% stake in the company. 

You may want to know about the Kronos shark tank update. The Kronas are still doing well in the sports company with a five-million-dollar revenue. The company is also known as one of the best putters in 2022. It continues to grow and expand.

However, we will cover the Kronos shark tank profile, which episode was Kronos on Shark Tank, its net worth, sales data, and in-depth information about this topic. So, please read till the end to learn about the Kronos update. 

Kronos Shark Tank Profile

Kronos Shark Tank

After Shark Tank, the Kronos golf company underwent many positive changes. The company got famous after the broadcasting of the episode. However, today I will give the Kronos Shark tank update here. You can see this table to have an overview of the profile update:

Company NameUltimate Kronos Group
FounderPhillip Lapuz and Eric Williams
ProductGolf Putters
Headquarters1417 Topaz Way, Carlsbad, California, CA92011, USA
Was Kronos on Shark Tank?Yes
Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 2, season 6
SharksRobert Herjavec
Air dateSeptember 26, 2014
Asked for $150,000 for 15%
Final deal$150,000 for 30%
Business statusIn business
WebsiteKronos golf
Lifetime worth$5M
Watch onAmazon Prime Video
Buy onKronos Shop

Kronos Update in the Shark Tank Episode

Kronos golf company owners Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams appeared on Shark Tank in season 6, episode 2 on September 26, 2014. One of the owners, Philip Lapuz, took the lead in presenting their company. Philip Lapuz explained to Shark Tank that they make their product with high-quality materials, design, and unique features. 

In the Kronos Shark Tank episode, they told Shark Tank about their company’s sales. They also added how they want to expand their business. In the end, they made it successful in convincing Robert Herjavec to invest in them. The owners asked for $150,000 with 15% equity. But the deal was finalized for $150,000 with 30% equity. 

The pitch of Philip Lapuz was well-presented and practical, which led the Shark tank to make Shark tank to see potential in their business. It led them to invest in the Kronos golf company.

What Happened to Kronos After Shark Tank?

You must be curious about what happened to Kronos after the shark tank. After Robert Herjavec got ready to invest in their company with $150,000, Kronos made it to make the business successful. They have a massive demand for putters in Japan. 

So they made a site in Japan to sell their products. The Kronos, after Shark Tank, were more prevalent in audiences. It leads them to have growth in their sales. 

So, they used the investor’s money to produce more putters. Kronos Golf also got the opportunity to work with many retailers. Some of the retailer names are Adidas and Calaway. Additionally, you can find their products on Amazon Japan. Recently they are available in the United States as well. 

Kronos Golf has added golf accessories to its business. Their product is prominent among golf lovers. Their limited edition series also made a lot of popularity. After the Shark Tank, they have been running their business even more successfully and continuously expanding it.

Kronos Net Worth

Before going to Shark Tank, the Kronos golf company’s net worth was $2M. Most of their sales were from Japan. So, they knew that their products had high demand in that country. The owners had invested around $100k in their company. And they made around $260K by selling their products by the year 2014.

As of 2023, the company’s estimated value is $5M. They have launched sites, expanded their business in the USA, and sold products on Amazon. Their business is toward constant growth. So, the numbers may change as their company continuously expands globally. 

Kronos Sales Data

Kronos Golf has not revealed all its revenue figures from the year it started. But they told a few year’s figures, such as 2014,2021,2022, and 2023. 

As you know, they had $2.6M in revenue in 2014 before entering Shark Tank.

Then their company went from $2.6M to $5M in 2021. Still today, they are worth $5M and running their business successfully in 2023. 

Is Kronos Profitable Now?

After the Shark Tank, what is Kronos today? Well, Kronos golf is profitable even today. The company Kronos Golf became famous after the Shark Tank. It led them to have massive sales of their products. The products are still in high demand.  

Also, the company has been titled the Most Innovative Putter at the PGA Merchandise Show. The Kronos golf company has received a lot of awards in the industry.

After Shark Tank, many investors invested in the company, and the owners made crowdfunding campaigns successful. The company also plans to add more new products and expand its business in the Asian market.

Is Kronos Profitable Now
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Kronos Golf started its journey in 2010. Throughout this time, they have satisfied customers with their quality putters. The company pitched to Robert Herjavec for the investment and finally got the deal. They massively produced the putters and made a growth in their production. 

The company’s sales have grown from $2M to $5M. They have been doing well in the business. Their products have high demand in Japan. Recently they have expanded their business in the United States. This continuous growth has made the company successful. 

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