Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Update

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Update

Entrepreneurship enthusiast couple Zack and Alyssa offered a straightforward solution to a complex issue. They developed a device called Moki Doorstep that enables one-step access to a car’s rooftop. They sold their entire company to Daymond John for $3 million.

But what is the Moki doorstep shark tank update now? After being acquired by Rightline Gear Company, Moki Doorstep is now expanding extremely quickly. Since its appearance in Shark Tank, everything has changed, including its product lineup, strategy, and design. They are expanding to 100 countries and seeing a 40%–50% increase in sales. 

Here we will talk about what happened to Moki doorstep after the shark tank. And an update on the Moki doorstep shark tank episode.

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Profile

Moki doorstep is essentially a portable aluminium tool that assists people in reaching the vehicle’s roof. Alissa Brown, an emergency nurse, and her firefighter husband Zach invented the product. 

Struggling to reach the top of the car is what prompted them to create this step tool. This was created in 2017, but it was featured in Shark Tank USA’s episode 9 of season 10 in 2019. For 5% of the equity, they initially demanded $150,000. 

Moki Doorstep

Although the shark was pleased with their product, they were a little worried about the market’s size. Daymond John made them an offer of $45,000 for 20% of the equity. 

The couple, however, rejects it right away, stating that they won’t sell such a large stake. After that, Daymond John made his second offer, which was worth $3 million for the entire company. This proposal was accepted by both parties.

Key Facts about Moki Doorstep: General Information Table

Here is some important info about the Moki doorstep.

Moki Doorstep General Information
Company NameMoki Door Step
Founder Alyssa and Zack Brown
Founded 2017 
ProductPortable doorstep
PurposeHelps reach the truck roof easily
MaterialAluminium alloy
Business StatusIn business
Asked for$150,000 for a 5% stake
Final DealMoki Doorstep was sold for $3 million to Shark Daymond John
SharkDaymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 10, Episode 9 of “Shark Tank”
Air dateFebruary 21, 2019
HeadquartersNewington, Connecticut, USA
Lifetime worthEstimated $5 million
Go to AmazonBuy this item
Watch onAmazon Prime

What Happened To Moki Doorstep After The Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank and selling to Daymond John, Moki Doorstep has undergone drastic changes. Rightline Gear, a company, is now the seller of the product. 

What Happened To Moki Doorstep After The Shark Tank

The company has changed the product design, introduced new products, and reduced prices, making its products more accessible to a wider range of people. As a result of these changes, Moki Doorstep is now sold in over 100 countries and is thriving.

Moki Doorstep’s Net Worth

The business was successful in securing a $3 million investment from Daymond John. With sales in more than 100 nations, Moki Doorstep’s net worth has also seen a significant increase since appearing on Shark Tank. The Moki Doorstep today’s valuation would be $5 million.

Is Moki Doorstep Profitable Now?

Moki Doorstep does not disclose its profit figures to the general public. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether they are profitable. However, a few indicators suggest that their sales are much better right now. Few things have changed since Daymond John bought the business. 

Is Moki Doorstep Profitable Now

In addition to their own website, Moki Doorsteps is now sold on Amazon. They have a 4.5 rating on Amazon, which is pretty impressive. Currently, they sell between $500,000 to $1 million annually, a 50% increase in sales. 

Besides this, Moki Doorstep is exported to more than 100 nations worldwide. So, while it hasn’t been proven, we can assume they’re doing well with better products.

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Here are some additional details about the Shark Tank’s Moki doorstep update. We hope it clarifies your query. 

Q: How was Moki Doorstep on Shark Tank’s overall performance?

Moki Doorstep performed admirably in their shark tank appearance. They had a solution-finding device that was essentially used to climb onto a car roof. Despite the owner’s initial offer, Daymond John made a counteroffer that was turned down. 

Finally, Daymond John spent $3 million to purchase the entire business. Overall, it was favorable for both the business and its owners, Alyssa and Zack Brown.

Q: How much does Moki’s Doorstep currently cost?

One Moki doorstep costs $44.95, as of right now. However, Amazon is selling it for 28% off, making it available for $32.50. They offer two types of their product; the folding one costs $32.48 and the fixed one costs $32.50. They also offer products in various colors.

Q: Is Moki Doorstep appropriate for all cars?

Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for every car. However, it can be used in most regular passenger cars. SUVs, sedans, zip cars, wagons, and vans are ideal, but sporty cars are not recommended.


In conclusion, the Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Update is quite impressive. From a $3 million company with a weak business plan and lower sales, it is now valued at $5 million. Exporting to more than 100 countries and making significant changes to the product line and business practices seem really positive. 

Due to a committed customer base, Daymond John’s steadfast backing, and being in the right market, they are currently thriving. However, their current $1 million annual sales indicate that they have a bright future in this industry.  

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