Numilk Shark Tank Update

Numilk Shark Tank Update || Everything You Need To Know

Numilk is a company that highly focuses on delivering high-quality plant-based milk within a low-cost range. Now you might think, was Numilk on Shark Tank? Yes, Numilk appeared on Shark Tank Episode 18, Season 12, in 2018.

So what is Numilk Shark Tank update now? It shows that with the help of Mark Cuban, Numilk has reached a great peak. They are finally having profits and consumer preference also has increased the market demand for flavored milk. Numilk has also improved its market approach and is getting the desired outcome. 

Well, Numilk might seem lost after Shark Tank but when it comes to their success, they aren’t lost. In the below section, the Numilk update is provided to highlight the company’s current position. 

Numilk Shark Tank Profile


The overall Numilk shark tank profile update is given below. 

Company name Numilk
Founder Ari Tolwin and Jo Savino
Founded 2018
Product Machine and Pouches of different flavored milk
Business status Active
Appearance on shark tank Season 12, Episode 18
Asked for $1 million for 5% equity
Final deal $1 million with 7% equityAnother $1 million loan at a 3% of interest rate
Shark Mark Cuban
Net worth $55 million
Primary Office 1 Dingle Ridge Road, North Salem, NY 10560, the United States
Website Numilk
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Contact Contact Information 
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Numilk and Their Pitch for the Sharks

Numilk appeared on the 18th episode of season 12 and won the hearts of the sharks with their incredible pitch. 

Where the main objective of Numilk was described as to provide plant-based milk to the consumer. With varieties of flavors and pure ingredients, Numilk machines can extract the best liquid milk out of the elements. 

They pitched in the shark tank with their well-designed concept and influenced the sharks by adding that there are various milk products available in the marketplace, but not appropriate enough that can be processed in a short time. But Numilk can reach every corner of the country from market to home in a short time. 

Likewise, they explained that the easy application of the machines allows one to process their own favorite flavored milk. They were also producing new and unique flavorful milk. 

With these highlighting points, Numilk CEO Ari Tolwin and Jo Savino presented Numilk in front of the shark. They also presented their almond milk and oat milk to the sharks which was instantly liked by sharks. Then they asked for a $1 million investment for 5% equity.

Shark Mark Cuban agreed to invest in the Numilk company. And he offered a deal of 7% equity with $1 million, and another $1 million loan at a 3% of interest. This $2 million was like the golden goose offered to Numilk. 

What Happened To Numilk After The Shark Tank?

Numilk after Shark Tank has undoubtedly gained immense popularity. This popularity has paved the way for their business. They not only gained praise from the Sharks but also obtained a deal of $2 million. 

Now the question comes what happened to Numilk after shark tank? After getting the desired deal how did they even proceed? 

What Happened To Numilk After The Shark Tank

Well, after cracking a deal with the shark, they focused on marketing the product and getting more funds for the machines. They have also opened a website for expanding the business. Here, all the products and machines are kept available for the consumer at a low price. 

Other Products

They have also launched different flavored products made up of organic substances. This has surprisingly created hype among the consumer. Moreover, have also raised funds for their business to run which is appreciable in amount.

Numilk has also launched Numilk home and pro machines in 2022. This has further relevance to the making of milk at home. In short, this product eases the use of machines without hassle.

Product Reach

The business has expanded to Chicago, New York, and around the whole country. Almost in 69 areas of the country, the Numilk product has been made available. 

Now, in cafe shops, grocery stores, and wholesale markets, Numilk products are common. 

Numilk Net Worth

Numilk today has a net worth of approximately $55 million. Support from the shark and people has helped to give a new track to the business. Previously, the net worth of the company was only $20 million which has now increased due to their immense popularity and worthy product. 

Numilk Net Worth

Numilk Sales Data

When it comes to the Numilk shark tank update in terms of sales, we were unable to obtain the sales data of the company. It is because the company has not released any information regarding the sales. Yet, it is assumed that the company is doing well due to the number of investors and funds. 

Is Numilk Profitable Now?

After the appearance of Numilk shark tank episode 18 in season 12, it has grown into a widely known company. Now, Numilk has transformed itself into a profitable company after getting help from Shark Mark Cuban. Well, before that, Numilk had made plenty of investments yet the profits were nowhere to be found.

But with the popularity obtained through Shark Tank, they expanded and marketed the product around the whole world. Therefore, the profits are estimated to be good since then. 

Consumer View On Numilk

Well, milk has been known as a delicious and nutritious food all over the world. But due to taste variations and modification of processed foods, plain milk has been converted into a variety of flavored milk.  

Since the earliest day, some people could not have cow’s milk. The reason behind it is lactose intolerance as any intake of cow’s milk would have shown an allergic reaction. Whereas some also prefer vegan milk and food rather than cow’s milk. 

Consumer View On Numilk

Moreover, vegan people and lactose-intolerant people should not be deprived of such flavorful products. As a result, Numilk has opened the way for such people by making flavorful milk products without high processing and use of milk. 

Also, a sense of flavors with organic components is accompanied by product manufacturing. Apart from that, the machines are convenient to use and help to produce milk within a very short period. 

The main aspect that makes Numilk different is that Numilk supports an eco-friendly environment. As a result, the products are considered eco-friendly with benefits to human health which certainly leads to positive reviews on the product.

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Overall, the Numilk shark tank update has indicated that the company is still holding its ground in the marketplace. Numilk is not the only company claiming to produce reliable milk pouches. But the milk-producing machines have sincerely been a revolution in some cases. 

Because people do not want the hassle and these machines would ease the way of producing such flavorful milk. Moreover, they are continuously working on the products and making new evolutions. That’s why they also have got themselves plenty of funds and investors. Hopefully, in the future, the company will reach a new peak with its newly developed products. 

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