Rapid Rope Shark Tank Update

Rapid Rope Shark Tank Update: On the Run or Gone?  

Chris and Geanie Rodgers, Rapid Rope founders, come in front of the Sharks with an ask of $200,000. With the investment asked, they offered an exchange of 20% equity in their emerging company. 

Tangles are one of the common drawbacks of ropes, which can be a sure headache in an emergency. So, to counter this problem, Chris and Geanie came up with a quick dispensing rope solution that doesn’t tangle and ensures a quick and effective tie.  

The concept was quite fresh, and it did tie Barbara to come on board and secure the deal of $200,000 at a 30% stake. 

What’s the Rapid Rope update now? Is it still on the tie? Let’s check out more on the Rapid Rope Shark Tank update

Rapid Rope Shark Tank Profile

In this section, we’ve listed some interesting facts about the recent Rapid Rope Shark Tank update

Company NameRapid Rope
FounderChris and Geanie Rodgers
Season and Episode NoS11, E12
Rapid Rope Shark Tank Episode Date Aired Jan 19th, 2020
Product TypeQuick and Simple Rope-Dispensing Canister
Founded In2017
Net WorthLess than $5 Million 
Asking Investment from Sharks$200,000
Equity Stake Offered by the Owner20%
Valuation$1 Million
Shark’s Offer$200,000 for 30%
Deal Closed At$200,000 for 30%
Deal Secured ByBarbara Corcoran
Current Business Status In Business
Rapid Rope HeadquartersPinewood River Ln, Star, Idaho, US
Rapid Rope WebsiteGo to the Website
Watch the Shark Tank Episode on Amazon Prime
Buy the productOn Amazon

Rapid Rope Founders’ Journey

Geanie and Chris Rodgers founded Rapid Rope in 2017. Even before Rapid Rope launched, Chris already had tens of experience in different career fields. 

After completing his undergraduate, Chris co-founded BatBnB, a bat house company. The venture was quite successful, and Chris gathered quite some experience in conducting and managing different business operations. 

Rapid Rope Founders’ Journey

Chris loves adventures, and from there, he got the idea of Rapid Rope due to his struggles with traditional ropes. He knew this frustration was common among everyone who regularly needed these ropes. 

This spark of inspiration led him and his wife to found Rapid Rope. Their products have not just eased the tangled rope issues but also ensured convenience to users. The reason is that their products are easy to carry and can easily be cut without a knife. 

And going through their overall sales is a testament to their astounding and innovative product! 

What Happened to Rapid Rope After Shark Tank? 

After being aired on Shark Tank, Rapid Rope got huge popularity, leading to massive sales. The company stayed focused on its primary product and didn’t derail itself with multiple product lines up. 

What Happened to Rapid Rope After Shark Tank

The company specializes in selling rope, and they have cartridges and canisters that are the main icons of the business. 

That’s not all; Rapid Rope has also taken on board a military sales agent, which will aid in bringing in more customers. It has been reported that Rapid Rope is making an amazing figure of $1 million.

Rapid Rope Net Worth: The Figures are Pretty Impressive!

Rapid Rope’s overall valuation hit $650,000 after Barbara invested in the company. Although the company’s net worth is unknown in 2023, it should be somewhere from $2 million to $5 million by now. 

Rapid Rope Net Worth

Moreover, the company has drastically flourished since the Rapid Rope Shark Tank episode, allowing over 1,000 outlets nationwide to sell its products. They now also sell rope kits and bags as an additional product.

Rapid Rope now has a pretty strong customer conversion, and all the credit goes to its strong product, along with the support of Barbara. 

Rapid Rope Sales Data 

The table below shows the annual revenue of Rapid Rope starting from 2017 to 2023.

2017 to 2019$172,000
2021$900,000 to $1 million
2022$1 million +
2023The exact amount is still unknown

Is Rapid Rope Profitable at This Moment?

Initially, Rapid Rope had a good start in terms of sales, making around $172,000-lifetime sales. However, after sealing its Shark Tank deal, the company does not only sell on its site but also on Amazon, Cabela’s, and different other trusted places. 

The company also got featured in USA Today for being one of the most profitable businesses in the industry. 

Is Rapid Rope Profitable at This Moment

In a recent interview, Rapid Rope CEO Chris Rodgers said his company makes around $1 million annually. Plus, the company is debt-free and plans to make huge numbers in the upcoming years. 

Rapid Rope today has been doing pretty well, not just in terms of sales but also as a recognized rope brand.

Current competitors of Rapid Rope: 

At this moment, Rapid Rope’s major competitor is Climb Right. However, there are some emerging and minor competitors, but Rapid Rope has already taken the spot as one of the leading companies in the rope industry. 

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Bottom Line

How was Rapid Rope on Shark Tank? Those who watched the episode will surely love it! Each and every Shark was quite impressed with their pitch, especially the entry of the zombie hooked the sharks.  

Despite an engaging pitch, no sharks showed that much trust except for Barbara. And that trust now made Rapid Rope one of the top brands in the rope industry. 

With the current trajectory of the business, Rapid Rope now dreams of becoming a unicorn in the business. 

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