Savy Shark Tank Update

Savy Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Its Appearance On Shark Tank

Savy, an app focused on comparative pricing, aims to assist shoppers in economizing on their day-to-day expenditures. The brainchild of its founder, Disha Shidham, made a Savy debut during the 9th season of Shark Tank but failed to strike a deal with the show’s investors. 

So, what is Savy Shark Tank update now? In Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 18, the founder of Savy, Disha Shidham, presented her pitch. She aimed to secure a $100,000 investment for a 10% stake. Regrettably, no Sharks invested in Savy, so no deal was secured.

In this article, we’ll bring you Savy update and what happened to Savy after its appearance on Shark Tank. Ok, let’s dive in. 

Savy Shark Tank Profile

Was Savy on Shark Tank? Yes. Below is a table that shows an overview of the Shark Tank update on Savy.

Company nameSavy
FounderDisha Shidham
Founded in2013
ProductApp for style-conscious millennials with budget constraints, allowing browsing and setting desired prices for products
Asked for$100,000 for a 10% equity stake
Final DealNo deal
EpisodeSeason 9, Episode 18
Air DateJanuary 21, 2018,
HeadquartersNot Available
Business Statusno longer in business (is not online anymore)
Lifetime worth1 million USD as of 2018
Go to AmazonNot available
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Savy Shark Tank Update

Disha Shidham founded Savy and appeared on the Shark Tank show season 9, episode 18, on 21st January 2018. She pitched her product and expected $100,000 for 10% equity. 

While trying to convince the sharks, Disha Shidham highlighted her affiliations with approximately 1,000 stores and a user base of around 2,000 individuals. 

Savy Shark Tank Update

Despite these comparatively modest statistics, Disha emphasized that Savy remained within its initial startup stage. They haven’t made sales on the app while they were in operation.

The Sharks questioned Savy’s growth potential in a competitive market and expressed concerns about its revenue strategy. The uncertainty left them with unresolved queries about the company’s business model. And sadly, none of them invested in the company. 

What Happened To Savy After Shark Tank?

Disha’s efforts didn’t result in a deal with the sharks, leading to her departure from the show without an investment. 

However, as a business-to-consumer platform, Savy remains free for usage. Thus, Savy functions as a platform for product and service provision and as a transformative ecosystem fostering adaptable pricing. 

Changes Savy made to its app after appearing on Shark Tank

Following its appearance in Savy Shark Tank Episode, the company made enhancements to its app by introducing several fresh attributes. Here are the changes made to the app

  • Users are now capable of conducting targeted product searches within the app
  • Through the app, individuals can contrast prices across diverse retailers
  • Savy incorporated the functionality for generating price notifications
  • Crafting an individualized shopping checklist
  • Identifying nearby stores and unique boutiques
  • Providing the option to distribute product selections with friends

The primary goal of these modifications was to enrich user interaction and provide online shoppers with opportunities for financial savings.

Challenges faced by Savy after appearing on Shark Tank

Savy encountered a range of difficulties after its feature on Shark Tank. Among these obstacles, a prominent one was the inability to secure an investment from the sharks.

  • Savy encountered rivalry from comparable platforms like Savy Neon, Younited Credit, Empruntis, and LexinFintech
  • The app found itself unable to achieve sales targets, ultimately leading to its shutdown in 2018
  • The app is now absent from the app store
  • The closure of Savy could potentially be attributed to the absence of a fruitful deal and difficulties in drawing in clients

Savy Net worth

Definitive information regarding Savy’s precise valuation remains undisclosed. Nonetheless, prior to its presentation on Shark Tank, Savy was estimated to hold a net worth of $1 million. 

Savy Sales Data

When featured on Shark Tank, Savy held a valuation of $1 million. Nevertheless,  Savy Sales was unsuccessful and eventually went out of business.

Is Savy Profitable Now?

The present profitability status of Savy is unknown. It’s important to note that by 2021, the company was inactive on its website. Its social media profiles were nonfunctional, coupled with its absence from app stores.

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Final Words

Savy is an app pitched on Shark Tank by its founder, Disha Shidham, and designed for millennials with high stylistic tastes but low spending power. The app allows users to browse various products on the platform and name the price they are willing to pay for a particular product.  

However, Savy did not get investment from any of the sharks after a proposal of $100,000 for 10% equity. Hence, their goal to achieve long-term success as a business was truncated and it is currently out of business. Presently, there is limited information available about updates or changes to the app.

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