Touch Up Cup Shark Tank Update

Touch Up Cup Shark Tank Update [Continued Triumph]

If you watch Shark Tank USA, you might recall the episode of Touch Up Cup. Carson Grill, and his father, Jason, presented their invention to the sharks. 

Now come to the question, what is a touch-up cup shark tank update? The company’s retail footprint has grown significantly since the Shark Tank episode. $220,000 was the sale over the last two years before they came in the shark tank. They estimated a $2 million net worth of Touch Up Cup as of 2023. Not only this, their online sale grew from $15 to $25 per transaction. 

You will have a better knowledge about this company and its market growth by the conclusion of this article. So, if you have time to spare, let’s dive in. 

Touch Up Cup Shark Tank Profile

Touch Up Cup

The table shows all the basic details about the Touch Up Cup profile:

Company Name DZ Innovations Inc.
FounderCarson Grill and Jason Grill
FoundedThe company was established in 2016, and Touch Up Cup was introduced in 2018
Product An airtight silicone seal that can keep your paint fresh for almost ten years
Asked For$150,000 for 10% equity
Final Deal$150,000 for 17.5% equity 
SharkBlake Mycoskie
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 12 Episode 1
Air DateOctober 16, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Headquarters7753 Cox Lane #38, West Chester, US
Lifetime Worth (Sales) $15M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

What Happened to Touch Up Can After Shark Tank?

People ask, was touch up cup on shark tank? Yes. In search of an investment, the father and son pair entered the tank. Carson was the one who successfully marketed the goods to the sharks. His enthusiasm and passion for the Touch Up Cup were palpable.

It gained tremendous development and success following its appearance on touch Up cup shark tank episode. The Sharks’ publicity and investment drove the product to the forefront. Resulting in greater demand and expanding potential.

What Happened to Touch Up Can After Shark Tank

The story of the touch up cup shark tank update was covered in a memorable episode. Which highlighted its creative design and practical utility. The program produced a lot of talk and interest in the product, attracting both viewers and potential consumers.

Touch up cup today has established itself as a leading option. Because it plays a role in keeping and recycling leftover paints and stains. It has a devoted client base and continues to garner favorable praise. It is because of its efficacy and ease. 

The business behind the Touch Up Cup has listened to consumer input. And enhanced the device to improve the user experience and assure customer happiness.

There are a lot of queries about what happened to touch up cup after shark tank? Although particular financial information is not accessible, the Touch Up Cup’s popularity has aided after the shark tank. 

It has played a role in the company’s overall expansion and profitability.  Thus, it succeeded in the industry in large part due to its great sales performance and strategic alliances.

Touch Up Cup Net Worth

Touch Up Cup’s net worth as of 2023 is about $2 million. But it went through a rough patch initially. Its net worth decreased by roughly half. From $1.5 million to $800,000, despite accepting the Mycoskie deal. 

Touch Up Cup Net Worth

The father-and-son team gave their company an initial valuation of $1.5 million while pitching. However, considering the anticipated $2 million in revenues in 2021, the company’s value would probably have increased significantly from Mycoskie’s $800,000 estimate.

Touch Up Cup Sales Data

According to Carson, Touch Up Cup has generated around $220,000 in sales over the previous two years. And is currently available in 4,000 retail locations nationwide. 

Carson claims that the business is on target to make $400,000 in sales in 2020. And from which they have sold $150,000 in the last year and a half and $70,000 that year.

Is Touch Up Cup Profitable Now?

Yes. Every single customer adored the product, which is why it kept receiving five stars. Following the touch up cup shark tank update, they were contacted by several stores. 

  • With 5,000 new orders for the business, the Touch Up Cup website saw 40,000 visitors. 
  • Likewise, from $15 to $25 was the average internet sale per transaction. Additionally, the YouTube video has 3.4 million views. 
Is Touch Up Cup Profitable Now

In addition to tweaking the shaker ball within the cup. To help mix the paint, the touch up cup updated its packaging. A second national TV appearance of the product on “Steals and Deals” is also planned. If it happens, this will increase orders and consumer traffic. 

  • The owners struggled to meet the demand as a result of the rapid success.
  •  Australia and New Zealand also called them. 
  • Additionally, many individuals are interested in interviewing Carson. Many people were amazed by the youngster, including the Shark Tank panel. They were surprised to see a boy of his age delivering the pitch.
  • It could be an understatement to say that the product is performing well. Their website is quite popular, and customers are placing purchases from all around the world. 
  • Local retail businesses places like Walmart also carry their products.  

Overall, the product is performing fantastically, sales are surging, and the business is turning a healthy profit. In addition to attending school, Carson is still pitching the product. 

Shark O’Leary even made an investment offer to Carson. For that, Carson needs to drop out of school. But Carson is only in the eighth grade, so that won’t be a possibility. Despite this, Carson has done an amazing job.

Now that the business is listed among so many well-known names, more advertising will aid in its growth since there is presently no other product on the market that is similar to it.

In general, touch up cup after shark tank has aided the Company in gaining visibility. And solidifying its position as a pioneer in the paint touch-up sector, Touch Up Cup has a solid foundation for future success.

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Touch Up Cup has grown a lot since its Shark Tank appearance. Its present market position exemplifies the strength of entrepreneurial vision and tenacity. Touch Up Cup has turned a common issue into a creative solution by forming strategic alliances, adopting customer-centric strategies, and never settling for less than the best. 

Every DIY enthusiast’s toolbox must include the Touch Up Cup since it keeps redefining how homeowners handle touch-up tasks. They are still growing their company through fresh concepts and the distribution of goods. We hope their future activities are successful!

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