Tree T Pee Shark Tank Update

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Update: What Happened To T Pee After Shark Tank? 

Johnny Georges surprised everyone with his impressive solution for the water runoff on trees on Shark Tank. A special guest, Shark, and investor John Paul DeJoria jumped on the board to invest.  

But what happened after Shark Tank? After appearing on Shark Tank,  Johnny Georges benefited as it led to sales of thousands. On Shark Tank, he asked for an investment of $150,000 for his business in exchange for 20% equity.  It is still in operation today, and it’s been more than 15 years since its launch.  

For a potential client or investor, it is always wise to dig deep into a company’s ongoing performance. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing about the ongoing successful business of the company, here’s everything. 

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Profile   

Before we move to Tree T Pee Shark Tank update, let’s take a quick glance at the company profile below! 

Company Name  Tree T Pee 
Founder Johnny Georges 
Founded 2013 
Product Water conserving containment 
Investment asked for $150,000 for a 20% share 
Final deal $150,000 for a 20% share 
Shark tank episode Season-5, Episode-7  
Air Date 1st November 2013 
Shark John Paul DeJoria 
Business Status Still in business 
Net worth $100 Million 
Headquarters Florida, USA 
Watch On Amazon Prime 
Website Visit Website 
Go To Amazon N/A 
Instagram Visit Instagram  

What Is Tree T Pee?  

The product is a cone made of recycled plastic that reduces trees’ water usage. The intention of this is to minimize the amount of water and fertilizer wasted by trees while ensuring they receive the essentials.  

What Is Tree T Pee

Since 1986, this has been primarily used to cover the roots of 1- to 5-year-old trees by winding it around the roots. In 1984, Johnny and Rick designed the original TreeT Pee. Initially, it was designed to shield juvenile trees from frost and keep them toasty.   

Later, he realized that water consumption was rising dramatically. In addition, plastic waste increased proportionally. Therefore, he decided to create the cone we get today. He did so to pay tribute to his dad. 

How Was Tree T Pee on Shark Tank? 

In case you didn’t watch the episode, you might ask, was Tree T Pee on Shark Tank? In November of 2013, Johnny appeared on the ABC program “Shark Tank”, where all the sharks were amazed and surprised by his kind act of helping other farmers. 

How Was Tree T Pee on Shark Tank

Johnny later struck an agreement with John Paul Dejoria who is an entrepreneur and a self-made billionaire. They ended up making the initial bid of $150,000 for 20 equity of the company. 

Johnny and his company have never looked back since. This proves the power and influence of Shark Tank and shows that the platform helps beginner entrepreneurs by giving them an audience. 

What Happened to Tree T Pee After Shark Tank? 

Now, what happened to Tree T Pee after shark tank? The product remains on the market and generates huge profits. Shark Tank provided them with the capital and notoriety necessary to continue selling their products. 

What Happened to Tree T Pee After Shark Tank

It takes less than $4 to make, but it is selling at around $9.95 in 2023. This results in a profit of approximately $6. Tree T Pee today can be found at any Home Depot store and even online.  

However, the Instagram page is no longer active, and their products are not available in Home Depot either. But their website is still active and has a review of 5 stars. 

Tree T Pee Net Worth 

Networth means the total wealth of an individual, company, or household, taking into account all financial assets and liabilities. Nevertheless, the net worth of this company is roughly $100 Million. 

The product was sold on their Instagram page, website, and even physical stores which increased their market value. These made it more visible to the buyers and attracted them, thus giving the net worth an incline.  

Although they are not being sold at any stores, they still have a huge net worth as the business is still running. 

Tree T Pee Net Worth

Tree T Pee Sales Data 

Before Shark Tank, they sold over 127,000 units in 2013. There is not much available public data for Tree T Pee after Shark Tank. Nevertheless, since the product can last for approximately 5-20 years, there aren’t much-returning customers for this business as well. 

So, the business is heavily dependent on new customers and doing quite well acquiring them. However, the competition has increased. There are some well-known competitors, such as Mitchell Plastics Store, St Joseph Plastics, Plastic Wasteland, and Zhejiang Ficox Chemical Co. Ltd.   

Is Tree T Pee Profitable Now? 

Currently, there is no public data available about their profitability. As mentioned, the making price is 3.95 dollars, and the selling price is more than double the cost. So, it can be said that the company remains profitable. 

Furthermore, the brand is still well known and faces an incline in the market.  

With a net worth of $100 million in 2023, the business should still be booming.  In addition, Tree T Pee Shark Tank’s episode gave it popularity and made it easy for the product to have a boost in sales. 

Is Tree T Pee Profitable Now

Benefits Of Tree T Pee 

Their products can reduce per-tree water consumption by up to 92%. As a result of applying fertilizer only where it was required, farmers required 75% less fertilizer than they had previously. 

Water is directed to the plant’s roots. They save approximately 90 percent of water compared to conventional methods. 

Due to its many benefits for cultivators and the tree itself, it stands out and provides a reason to purchase.  

Benefits Of Tree T Pee 


To conclude, the Tree T Pee Shark Tank update is that it is still a successful business. With a net worth of $100 Million and sales of thousands every year, it can be seen that the business is still at its peak. 

Even after being rejected by numerous farmers and conventional techniques, Johnny  Georges persisted. He realized both his own and his father’s goal of changing the world. Overall, Shark Tank was instrumental in helping Johnny finance his company. 

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