Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update – Still in Business and Profitable?

Although many inventions are featured on Shark Tank every day, the Windcatcher Air Pad mattress is among the coolest ever. Do you know why? You can inflate the air mattress in bare seconds without using a mechanical pump. 

But what is Windcatcher Shark Tank update now? In 2015, Ryan, the company’s founder, went to Shark Tank seeking $200K for 8% equity in his business. After the presentation, he settled for Lori’s offer. However, after the show, Lori withdrew her investment. And later, in 2018, Ryan passed on after battling pancreatic cancer for 3 years.

Want to know more about the Windcatcher, including its net worth and price? Read on. 

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

The Windcatcher is an air-pad mattress built to inflate when you blow into its unique valve. This unique product was created in 2013 by Ryan Frayne. After developing a prototype of the air pad, he raised about $150,000 in 2013 through a campaign on Kickstarter. 

This enabled him to start producing the air mattresses for sale. Later, in 2014, Ryan raised an additional $42,5000 for his self-inflating backpack that could transform into a pillow and pad.

However, was Windcatcher on Shark Tank? Yes. After running two successful campaigns, Ryan appeared the show in October 2015, and his presentation was aired in season 7, episode 704. Ryan asked for a $200,000 investment from the sharks for 8% equity in his company.

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Interestingly, he received offers from all the 5 sharks. For example, Kevin O’Leary offered him $200K as venture debt. In return, he wanted 6% of the sales until he recovered $800K and a 3% stake in the business. Similarly, Lori offered $200K for 15%, and Sacca, a guest shark, offered to partner with her.

Robert also offered $200K for 10%. However, Ryan did not accept the offer and asked Lori and Sacca if they could include a $10 million line of credit. On the other hand, Mark Cuban came in offering $200K for 8% and a line of credit. This made Robert jump in, offering $200K for 6.5%.

Later, Lori offered $200K for 5% without Sacca and a line of credit. Ryan immediately accepted her offer. 

Windcatcher Shark Tank Profile

Windcatcher Shark Tank Profile

Now, check the Windcatcher shark tank profile in the table below.

Company NameWindcatcher
FounderRyan Frayne
Founded in2013
Product (s)Air pad mattress and Air Pack backpack
Shark Tank EpisodeS07 E06
Air DateOctober 30, 2015
Asked For$200K for 8% equity
Final Deal$200K for 5% equity and a line of credit
SharkLori Greiner
HeadquartersPortland, Oregon
Business StatusOut of Business
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$2.5 million
Got to AmazonBuy now
Price$99.95 ( AirPad plus sleeping pad)
Watch OnYouTube

What Happened to Windcatcher Air Pad After Shark Tank

Unfortunately, the deal with Lori did not close per the Windcatcher update. This is because another company, Cascade Designs Inc., claimed Ryan’s invention as their own, resulting in litigation. Consequently, Lori withdrew her funding. 

Fortunately, Ryan successfully won the rights to his invention after a lengthy legal battle. However, soon after his appearance on Shark Tank, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And in June 2018, he passed away. But before his death, he handed over the company to his wife and best friend.

What Happened to Windcatcher Air Pad After Shark Tank

In 2019, Ryan’s wife and best friend started a campaign on IndieGoGo to reignite the sales. However, they only raised about $6,572, yet their goal was $50,000.

Another thing that happened to Windcatcher after Shark Tank was that they stopped updating their social media accounts in 2019. Also, their website is no longer available and no products are listed for sale. 

Windcatcher Net Worth

When Ryan appeared on Shark Tank, the company’s net worth was estimated to be $2.5 million. However, the company’s net worth is unknown from the Windcatcher Shark Tank update. This is partly because the air pad is no longer available for sale after Ryan’s death. 

Windcatcher Sales Data

Before the Windcatcher shark tank episode in 2013, the company had raised about $150,000 through a campaign. In 2014, Ryan successfully raised around $42,500. Unfortunately, there is no information about the sales made between 2015 and 2018. 

But in 2019, Ryan’s wife and best friend raised around $6,572. Here is a summary table of the sales data:

YearSales Data (Approx.)
2015 – 2018N/A

Is Windcatcher Profitable Now?

No. This explains why the company is out of business. The reason it is not profitable is, first, the deal with Lori did not go through. Secondly, Ryan passed away, making it impossible for his wife and best friend to run the business and invent new products. 

Is Windcatcher Profitable Now

Where to Buy and Price

Unfortunately, Windcatcher today is not available for sale. However, before the company went out of business, you could buy the air-pad mattress from their official website. You could also purchase the AirPad 2 sleeping pad on Amazon.

Regarding pricing, the fully inflatable air mattresses were retailing at $99.95. However, after Shark Tank, the products were going for a discounted price of $79. This offer was only for a month. 

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Windcatcher is simply a revolutionary air mattress that inflates in mere seconds when you blow into its unique valve. While the business was a success before appearing on Shark Tank, it is no longer profitable. This is because Lori withdrew her investment from the latest Windcatcher shark tank update.

Even worse, the founder, Ryan Frayne, passed away three years later. That said, his wife and best friend did try to revive the business. Unfortunately, they were not successful. Today, the company is no longer in business. 

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