Yumble Shark Tank Profile

Yumble Shark Tank Update

It is estimated that around 94% of the shark tank participants are likely to succeed in business following the show. That success was what David and Joanna Parker aimed for, along with a $500K investment at a 4% share, in season 10, episode 8.

But what is the Yumble Shark Tank update? During the show, two of the five sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, felt the food market was already overcrowded and opted out. However, Rohan Oza and Lori Greiner offered $500k for a 12% share. At last, they accepted Bethenny Frankel’s offer of $500k for a 6% share, which was close.

That’s not all. Keep reading to learn more about Yumble and its updates since its appearance on Shark Tank. 

Yumble Shark Tank Profile

Yumble Shark Tank Profile

The following table shows the Yumble shark tank profile

EpisodeEpisode 8, Season 10
Air dateDec 9, 2018
FounderJoanna Parker
Location1450 Broadway, New York
Worth Before$8 million
Business IdeaNutritious meal subscription
Asked For$500K for 4% equity
Final Deal$500K for 6% equity
SharkBethany Frankel
Business StatusOperational
Worth After$8.3 million
Watch onAmazon Prime

Yumble Before Shark Tank

Yumble was founded by David and Joana Parker in 2017. They realized how difficult it was to prepare healthy foods for their three kids, who can be picky. The idea was to make pre-made meals that most kids love, but with healthy nutrients that they need for healthy growth.

After researching the best ingredients and recipes for healthy meals, they teamed up with chefs to make them. Then, they created a meal delivery service that provides three meals a week with over two dozen options. 

They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner with several options for people allergic to various products, including dairy and gluten.

With the subscription model, the customers can choose the food they need and customize it to their dietary needs. Also, The packaging includes fun activity sheets and trivia questions for kids to enjoy. Before Shark Tank, they were providing services to over 26 states with many positive reviews.

Yumble Shark Tank Episode

Was Yumble on Shark Tank? Yumble appeared on the 8th of Season 10 on Shark Tank. The couple explained their business idea during the show and gave the judges some samples. The judges liked it and afterward discussed the numbers where they said they had already generated $1.3 million in sales.

Yumble Shark Tank Episode

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary dropped off earlier, claiming the competition was too stiff, especially from companies like Amazon. Bethenny offered the $500k they pitched earlier but at a 15% share.

Rohan Oza requested Lori Greiner to join him after he offered the $500k at 12% equity. However, Bethenny countered with a lower equity of 6%, pulled the offer off the table, then back, and they accepted.

What Happened to Yumble After Shark Tank

As expected, their exposure to the shark tank caught the interest of various investors. In 2018, they raised an $8.5 million VC fund from several brands, including Sonoma Brands. 

The amount also increased and Yumble after Shark Tank raised over $12.5 million in a few years to expand operations. However, Bethenny still helps with marketing and serves as a spokesperson for the company.

Yumble Shark Tank Update

After Shark Tank, Yumble got some of the best years and enjoyed it more during the Covid shutdown. However, parents started complaining about the portion sizes, and the company introduced “YumbleUp!”. Yumble Today provides food for kids between one year and 12 years old.

Yumble Shark Tank Update

Another Yumble update after Shark Tank is that the company ceased operations in December 2022. It was acquired by Dibz Kidz, which also offered the same services and continued operating under the name Yumble.

While the new company tries to maintain the healthy foods the founders were offering, there are a lot of snack foods in their lunch box offerings. However, the services are still satisfactory, and most customers are satisfied.

Yumble Net Worth

Currently, the Yumble company is valued at $8.4 million. The various fundraising funds and investments from ventures and brands helped the net worth grow. By 2020, they had raised over $13M over four rounds, which allowed them to expand and buy modern equipment.

However, they still make decent money from the subscribers and customers, which is also a contributing factor.

Yumble Sales Data

There is not much data available for this private company about their sales data.

Is Yumble Profitable Now?

The sales rose from the said $1.3 million to over $8 million annually currently. Also, as mentioned earlier, before the Yumble Shark Tank episode, they were only in 26 states. As of now, they serve over 50 states, which can only mean more revenue.

Is Yumble Profitable Now
Yumble isn’t the only ingenious idea to make waves on Shark Tank. Another remarkable pitch that caught the attention of the sharks is Fort, a unique and interactive concept that has since seen substantial growth. You can catch up on their journey after the tank in our Fort Shark Tank update. Similarly, for those passionate about culinary delights, Plated also presented a revolutionary approach to meal kits and left a lasting impression. Learn more about their post-show trajectory in our detailed Plated Shark Tank update.

Final Words

One can say Yumble is one of the success stories of companies that made it to the shark tank. The company has continued to grow since then and even expanded to other countries, including Canada and the UK. They also increased productivity and food options, providing food for more customers.

While the company has changed hands, the usual customers still receive the services as before. Check their website to order ready foods that are healthy for your kids, which some parents also enjoy eating.

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