Pipcorn Shark Tank Update

Pipcorn Shark Tank Update: Did the Company Make It Till the End?

Jennifer and Jeff brought their Pipcorn (now Pipsnacks) popcorn to Shark Tank. They said it’s mainly vegan, gluten-free, and organic, plus it doesn’t contain any GMOs. 

All the sharks were pretty interested in how the company made money and their overall sales revenue. The founders, Jeff and Jennifer, stated that they sold their popcorn in around 40 shops and made somewhere about $200,000 in 2013. 

With this, the asking investment from Sharks was $200,000 for 10% equity. And finally, Barbara accepted their offer but added an equal draw for their product.

How was the overall pitch, then? Want to dig down about the Pipcorn shark tank update? Then read on till the end!

Pipcorn Shark Tank Profile

Pipcorn Shark Tank Profile

The table below will let you know all the necessary info about the Pipcorn shark tank data and the company’s overall profile.

Name of the CompanyPipcorn (now Pipsnacks)
FounderJennifer Martin and Jeff Martin 
Founded In2012
Product TypeMini snacks (popcorn)
Shark Tank Season and Episode NoS6, E9
Aired in Shark TankNov 14th, 2014
Net Worth$10 Million
Asking Investment from Sharks$200,000 for 10% equity
Shark’s Offer$200,000 for 10% equity along with equal draw 
Deal Closed At$200,000 for 10% equity with equal draw 
Deal Secured ByBarbara Corcoran
Current Business Status In  business
Buy on Amazon
Watch on Amazon Prime

How Was the Pipcorn Pitch On the Shark Tank? 

The founders asked for $200,000 in return for 10% of PipCorn so that they could grow their business and buy the necessary manufacturing equipment. 

Shark Kevin had certain doubts about the company’s actual worth, so he chose not to proceed with any negotiations. However, Barbara, who has already invested in several food companies and knows the ins and outs, decided to jump into the negotiations. 

How Was the Pipcorn Pitch On the Shark Tank

Corcoran stated he would give them the amount they initially asked for, $200k for 10% equity. But, she also added a condition to draw if Jennifer Martin and Jeff Martin withdraw the money. 

This offer was finally accepted by the founders, and they got what they had come for in the Shark Tank! 

What Happened to Pipcorn After Shark Tank? 

The Pipcorn Shark Tank episode hyped their popularity and overall sales the same night the show aired. They got around 7,000 orders in just a day, which was huge compared to the initial 26 orders they got in the previous three months. 

That’s not all; in the next 3 months, their sales skyrocketed up to 450%, and the company generated more than a million dollars.

What Happened to Pipcorn After Shark Tank

Later, in 2017, they changed their look and added more tastes. Plus, in 2019, PipCorn changed its company name to PipSnacks and started different snacks made from delicious mutant corn. 

The founders began selling their snacks in Canada in the year 2020. And in 2021, they went back to the show to tell how well the business has been doing so far.

Pipcorn today is considered one of the most successful snack brands in the industry!

Pipcorn Net Worth and Sales Data

Pipcorn after Shark Tank, after closing the deal with Barbara, got huge sales that went up from $200k to a grossing $1.1 million within a matter of months. And they made over  12,000 orders after the show ran! 

Pipcorn Net Worth and Sales Data

Although, when COVID-19 struck, things got a bit bumpy, they still managed to make a comeback through online sales. 

Till that date, Pipcorn is worth about $10 million and it’s reported that they make somewhere around $5 million per annum in just sales.

Is Pipcorn Profitable at This Moment?

Yes, definitely, Pipcorn is very famous and has made a whole fan following themselves. They have become one of the tycoons in the snack industry of both the East and West sides. 

Their snacks are pretty much sold at Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, and many other stores. That’s not all; they even have their presence on Amazon and their website. 

Is Pipcorn Profitable at This Moment

Barbara Corcoran even shows up on Jeff and Jennifer’s Instagram page and tries new snacks. The company’s profit even took a huge turn when celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian’s kids became huge fans of Pipcorn. 

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Bottom Line

So, how was Pipcorn on Shark Tank? The Pipcorn update is the company already had a huge possibility of getting a deal from the beginning. Whether it be their astounding pitch or the sales, all the numbers were doing the talking. 

Although Kevin didn’t find the profit margin in the business, Barbara made the master stroke and got the deal eventually. Now, the business is booming, and it won’t be a surprise if the company turns into a unicorn in the near future.

Meta Description: The Pipcorn Shark Tank update will aid you in knowing how Jeff and Jennifer took their business to a million-dollar company. 

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