Screenmend Shark Tank Update

Screenmend Shark Tank Update 2023

Repairing shattered screens, panes, and glass windows is quite a task, especially finding a patch that will hold without breaking. It’s from these challenges that Emma, Lily Hooks, and their father, Brad Hooks, came up with the wax solution.

The trio ventured into the Screenmend business after successfully fixing their screen. Bringing the business idea to the Shark Tank secured them $30,000 for 50% equity from Lori Greiner. Down the line, the Screenmend repair kit has sold for about $18 million on Amazon and Walmart.

The company’s appearance at the Shark Tank made all the difference with the Lori Greiner deal. Keep reading the Screenmend Shark Tank update to get more information on what happened to the company after showcasing in the tank.

Screenmend Shark Tank Profile

Below is the Screenmend shark tank profile that consists of the critical features of the company by the time they showcased their product to the shark tank.

Company nameScreenMend
FoundersEmma and Lily and their father Hooks
ProductRepairing kit for windows, panes and screens
Asked for30,000 US dollars for 25 percent equity
Final deal30,000 US dollars for 50 percent equity
Air dateOctober 2013
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 05, Episode 04
SharkLori Greiner
Business stateAcquired
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersOrem, Utah, USA
Lifetime worth (sales)Not known as of 2023
Season linkWatch on youtube
Go to AmazonBuy now
Watch onAmazon Prime

How Was Screenmend Before Shark Tank?

Screenmend started as a simple solution from Emma Hooks and Lily Hooks to fix their father’s window screen. They used wax, cut, and melted into the holes in the screens and window panes.

Before their appearance at the Shark Tank, the family business was afloat and in operation but making average returns. They had sold 750 Screenmend units only for about 7 US dollars per kit, totaling about $5,000.

How Was Screenmend Before Shark Tank

The company had promising deals from Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB) Home Depot National Retailers. However, the Hook family needed to upgrade their packaging for the orders to sail through.

With the need for an overhaul packaging system that would enable them to pack the repair kit as one, they approached the Shark Tank for 30,000 US dollars for 25 percent equity.

What Happened To Screenmend At The Shark Tank?

Their appearance at the Shark Tank was met with equal resentment and acceptance from the Sharks. Their program was aired in October 2013 during season 05, Screenmend Shark Tank episode 04.

Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner were on the Tank.

Daymond quit, citing the request as a massive investment with limited returns. On the other hand, Kelvin O’Leary and Robert liked the idea but thought it needed a lot of work to realize profitable margins, thus quitting.

What Happened To Screenmend At The Shark Tank

Mac Cuban offered them their asking deal of $30,000 for 25% equity – a relief for the Hook’s family. However, he confirmed that he had no idea of the future of the family’s company in business.

To their surprise, Lori Greiner offered $30,000 for 50% equity and took up the repair kit’s marketing, manufacturing, and packaging. She also offered to advertise their product on popular television and BBB programs.

The hooks took Lori Greiner’s offer and started a new journey that would be interesting to find out its direction. Are you wondering what happened to Screenmend after Shark Tank? Stick with us as we dig deeper into the current status of the Screenmend company after its Shark Tank appearance.

What Happened To Screenmend After Shark Tank?

With her QVC influence and connections, Lori was quick to propel the business idea on air and physically. Within the 1st year, the company, through Lori Greiner, had made an infomercial to market their product.

The product has now acquired better manufacturing and packaging status thanks to Lori Greiner.

On their updates one year after their appearance, they sold over $900,000. One major milestone was the QVC sales of 32,000 repair kits within 10 minutes of the show aired.

What Happened To Screenmend After Shark Tank

They sold the kits at about $18.2 per unit compared to their initial price before Shark Tank. Screenmend after Shark Tank made significant improvements, and they are still in operation in 2023.

Below are the significant milestones that Screenmend made after Shark Tank.

  • They got a utility patent as they were operating with provisional patents.
  • They secured an overhauled packaging system for their kit.
  • With better packaging, their product was accepted at the BBB and Home Depot stores.
  • Lori also facilitated them to get their manufacturing hub as they were using their home garage.

What Is The Screenmend Net Worth?

According to the Screenmend update, it has made up to $18 million with significant sales in Amazon, Walmart, and the Bed Bath and Beyond program. Within its first year, the company had made over $1 million in sales as they were giving their updates on Shark Tank.

According to the Screenmend Shark Tank update, its net worth as of 2023 is unknown. But from the estimations, it can be forecasted to be above $20 million.

Is Screenmend Profitable Now?

Yes, Screenmend today is profitable and making good sales returns in the market. As of August 2016, over $3 million in sales had been made, proving that the business is profitable.

Spark Innovations, LLC, bought the company in 2016 to develop the brand and avail them for retail. From their official website, Screenmend after Shark Tank, changed the company’s name to Screen Force but still offers the same products.

Is Screenmend Profitable Now


Screenmend repair kit featured in the shark tank as a slow but picking business idea which needed a boost in the packaging and marketing field. The offer from Lori brought about a positive change that has seen them increase their sales and revenue.

The Screenmend company is still in business to date. The Screenmend Shark Tank proves that the repairing kit was a good idea with the right minds and only needed resources to turn into a profitable business.

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