SwimZip Shark Tank Update

SwimZip Shark Tank Update: How Is It Doing Since The Show?

For hopeful entrepreneurs, appearing on Shark Tank represents a pinnacle opportunity to get their big ideas in front of expert investors. When Betsy and Barry Wanless pitched their SwimZip concept on the hit show, they signed on for more than just appearance. The show marked the start of a longer journey. 

As a family, growing business, the siblings needed investment to push their swimwear business to the next level. While they secured a deal with Lori Greiner, was the exposure and the Shark’s guidance enough to help the project thrive? How’s the Swimzip shark tank update now? Is the business profitable? This SwimZip update has all these answers.

SwimZip Shark Tank Profile

Company NameSwimZip
FounderBetsy Johnson, Barry Wanless
ProductSun Protective Swimwear
Asked For$60,000 for 5% equity
Final Deal$60,000 for 20% equity
SharkLori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 5, Episode 15
Air DateJanuary 24, 2014
Business StatusStill in business
HeadquartersKansas City, Missouri, USA
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$5 Million (estimated)
Buy NowSwimZip, Amazon, Walmart
Watch OnHulu, DirectTv

What Happened To SwimZip After Shark Tank

The SwimZip update is a story of success the company has achieved after appearing on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2014. Within just a few days of closing the deal with Lori Greiner, the company reported sales nearly reaching their total sales for the previous year.

The national exposure from being featured on the popular TV show brought tremendous awareness to SwimZip’s sun-protective swimwear line. More customers than ever were now familiar with the brand and their mission of preventing skin cancer through innovative swimwear designs.

Lori Greiner helped open new doors for the company by utilizing her vast industry connections. Within a year, SwimZip secured retail partnerships that got their brand into stores across the country. Being stocked in large retailers massively expanded their customer reach. 

What Happened To SwimZip After Shark Tank

The increased sales allowed the founders to quit their day jobs and focus full-time on growing the SwimZip business. They added new styles and sizes and launched complementary clothing items like rash guards and hats to become a leading lifestyle brand.

A decade after their Shark Tank appearance, SwimZip is still going strong. While they started as Kid’s sun protection swimwear line, now they offer all-round swimwear for kids and adults alike. They have maintained an online presence selling through their website, Amazon, and other online stores while supplying worldwide. 

SwimZip after shark tank remains committed to its original goal of providing affordable, effective sun protection. It has helped protect countless families and raised skin cancer awareness.

Betsy Johnson continues spearheading the SwimZip mission with great passion. Her vision of creating safe yet stylish children’s swimwear that started it all has borne much fruit.

What began as a modest startup is now a thriving company making waves in the sun protection industry. SwimZip today is a testament to how the right product, message, and opportunity, like Shark Tank, can propel an entrepreneur’s dreams into reality.

SwimZip Net Worth

When SwimZip founders first appeared on Shark Tank, they valued their company at $1.2 million. However, the Sharks felt this valuation was too high, given SwimZip’s current sales and growth stage.

Investor Lori Greiner negotiated the founders down to a post-deal valuation of $300,000. This reflected a more reasonable estimate that still afforded growth potential with Greiner’s backing.

After the Shark Tank appearance a decade ago, SwimZip has seen immense success, with its estimated worth standing at around $5 million. After the initial burst of sales, Lori Greiner helped open vital new retail partnerships to massively boost SwimZip’s customer reach.

SwimZip Net Worth

They also broadened their product line. This allowed consistently increased revenues and the ability to expand beyond their original swimwear line. Maintaining an active online storefront and supplying retailers worldwide has sustained strong sales momentum. 

Still founder-led by Betsy Johnson’s unwavering passion, SwimZip has organically grown into a thriving multi-million dollar business. The $5 million net worth reflects how effectively executing a great product-market fit can yield immense entrepreneurial success. The potential is even better when paired with the right strategic opportunities.

Is SwimZip Profitable Now?

From the SwimZip Shark Tank Update,  the company has been in steady operation for over a decade since its Shark Tank appearance. It is very likely the company will remain quite profitable. With millions in annual revenues, SwimZip has grown tremendously from its early startup days, relying on small orders and limited distribution.

Founder Betsy Johnson’s ongoing leadership and the brand’s dedicated customer base who value their sun-protective options suggest there is a sustainable business model. SwimZip’s financial records aren’t public as a privately-held company, but their continued growth, even amidst broader economic trends, implies healthy profits.

Is SwimZip Profitable Now

Expanding their product lines and maintaining diverse sales channels through chains and e-commerce point to prudent management. Having streamlined costs over time further demonstrates wise oversight. As a leader in the swimwear niche focused on sun protection, SwimZip is well-positioned for ongoing revenues and profitability.

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SwimZip represents a highly successful entrepreneurial venture that took off after national exposure on Shark Tank. Founders Betsy Johnson and Barry Wanless boldly pitched their innovative idea and secured valuable backing from Lori Greiner. Greiner’s guidance and industry connections helped propel the brand to new heights.

Over a decade later, SwimZip continues thriving as a multi-million dollar company with a dedicated customer base. SwimZip has since made an enormous positive impact in protecting families worldwide with its sun-safe swimwear designs, and the story continues.

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