Atlas Monroe Shark Tank Update

Atlas Monroe Shark Tank Update: From Rejection To Success

In 2019, the entrepreneurs Jonathan and Deborah Torres pitched their company, Atlas Monroe, on Shark Tank. The duo was asking for $500,000 for 10% equity. Mark Cuban and guest shark Rohan Oza offered $1 million for 100% of the company with 10% royalties. However, the deal fell through.

So, what became of Atlas Monroe after airing on Shark Tank? Did the Company become a success? Read on, as we have it all covered in our Atlas Monroe Shark Tank update. 

Atlas Monroe Shark Tank Profile

Atlas Monroe Shark Tank Profile

Let’s have a quick look at Atlas Monroe Shark Tank Profile in the table below.

Name Of Company Atlas Monroe
Founded 2017
Founded By Deborah Torres
Product (Pitch)A vegan fried chicken alternative made with plant-based ingredients
Asked For$500K for 10% shares
Final DealNo deal
SharksNo Sharks
Episode On Shark Tank USASeason 11 Episode 2
Aired OnOctober 6, 2019
Business StatusIn business
Company HeadquartersSan Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Estimated Worth 2023$7 million
Estimated Lifetime Worth>$31 million

Was Atlas Monroe On Shark Tank?

Atlas Monroe did appear on Shark Tank Season 11, Episode 2, on  October 6, 2019.  They pitched their business idea of a 100% plant-based alternative to fried chicken with the hopes of securing an investor.

Was Atlas Monroe On Shark Tank

Deborah and Jonathan ask for $500K for 10% equity, valuing the company at $5 million. Mark Cuban and guest shark Rohan Oza made the final offer of $1 million for 100% equity. The offer includes 10% royalties from sales to the entrepreneurs. 

However, Jonathan and Deborah declined the offer. The deal with Cuban and Oza on Atlas Monroe Shark Tank episode 2 ultimately fell through.

What Happened To Atlas Monroe After Shark Tank Show

From our research, Atlas Monroe is tremendously successful since appearing on Shark Tank. In 2020, the year after Shark Tank, Atlas Monroe saw $1 million in sales. That tells you one thing – Deborah’s plant-based fried chicken product had significant market demand from the start. 

In fact, this success led to the acquisition of a 10,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in 2021. However, due to undisclosed reasons, co-founder Jonathan pulled out of the business in 2022. This left Deborah as the sole owner and leader of Atlas Monroe. 

We hear Deborah Torres talk of various partnerships in her interviews. Still, the most notable one is the 2022 partnership with Copper Branch, a Canadian food chain. Apparently, this move scaled the business further, giving Atlas Monroe access to over 40 locations in Canada and the U.S. 

What Happened To Atlas Monroe After Shark Tank Show

Atlas Monroe expands its product line beyond just chicken to include over 30 plant-based items such as bacon, ribs, turkeys, bakery goods, and signature sauces.

The most inspiring part is that Deborah has achieved all this success without ever taking on outside investment. On CNBC, Deborah reflected, “We walked away from a million dollars, and we’re walking into  $24 million.” A true entrepreneurial success story.

Atlas Monroe Net Worth

Our estimate for 2023 puts the net worth of Atlas Monroe at $7,000,000. Apparently, diversified revenue streams from both B2B supply and direct-to-consumer e-commerce fuel that success. A significant portion of the revenue comes from online sales through their official website.

Atlas Monroe Sales Data

The $7 million estimate for Atlas Monroe’s net worth only tells us a little about their sales. After all, net worth includes assets minus liabilities, while revenue and sales are separate metrics.

Nevertheless, we have some figures for 2019, 2020, and 2021 given by CEO Deborah. There are no specifics on the actual sales amount for the year 2022. However, we have an estimate.

2019$350,000 (in 2 hours from the sale of inventory)
2020$1 million
2021$2 million
2022$5 million (estimated)

Is Atlas Monroe Profitable Now?

Their estimated net worth is $7 million as of 2023, which suggests they’ve grown their business and accumulated assets over time. Based on our analysis, Atlas Monroe’s profits exceeded $2 million since appearing on the reality TV show.

It’s true that there’s no specific time frame for when they exceeded $2 million in profits. Nonetheless, the fact that Atlas Monroe has achieved that level of profits indicates they’re generating sufficient revenue to cover costs and expenses and have profits remaining.

Is Atlas Monroe Profitable Now
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Let’s explore and answer some questions related to Atlas Monroe Shark Tank update.

Q: Who owns Atlas Monroe?

Deborah Torres is now the sole owner of Atlas Monroe, having grown the business on her own after Jonathan left the company.

Q: Why is it called Atlas Monroe?

The name “Atlas” represents a global, cross-cultural inspiration for their plant-based recipes. On the other hand, “Monroe” represents the philosophy that food and life originate from water, the most pure and essential element. 

Together, the name represents the two main pillars that drive Atlas Monroe’s food vision – globally inspired flavors and recipes made from pure, healthful plant-based ingredients.

Q: Is Atlas Monroe still in business?

Atlas Monroe is still an active and successful business. This is based on the details of growth, profitability, continual expansion, and product sales on the official website.

Wrapping Up

While the road ahead may hold new challenges, Atlas Monroe is well-positioned for the future. We believe Deborah’s independent spirit, innovation and drive will continue propelling the company forward. 

Her story provides inspiration for entrepreneurs of any background who dare to follow their vision, trust their instincts, and work hard to make their dreams a reality.

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