Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Update

Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Update

Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary product that stirred when it first debuted on “Shark Tank” in 2012. For your information, Cool Wazoo is a multi-functional seat cover that was primarily intended to prevent little ones from heat and harsh surfaces. Parents can leverage the seat as a swing cover, trolley seat, stroller shade, and more.

So, what’s the Cool Wazoo Shark Tank update now?  While the product appealed to end buyers (parents), it didn’t impress the Sharks much due to low sales figures. The Shark’s discussion and Ginelle Mills’s lively answers highlighted the product’s ingenuity and market appeal, but the figures bothered Sharks. 

However, after the intense negotiations, Ginelle Mills fortified a strategic partnership with one of the Sharks. Keep reading to know more about them.

Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Profile 

Cool Wazoo Shark Tank

Let’s take a quick look at the Cool wazoo Shark Tank profile.

Company NameCool Wazoo
FounderGinelle Mills
ProductA multi-functional baby mat that can be used as a high chair cover, shopping cart cover, swing cover, diaper changing pad, and more
Equity Demand$65,000 for 25%
Deal$65,000 For 25%
SharkLori Greiner
Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 4 Episode 8
Air dateNovember 2, 2012
Status of the BusinessIn-business
Website Address 
Headquarter                                                                     1839 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, USA
Net Worth$1 million
Go to AmazonBuy Now
Watch onHow to Use Cool Wazoo in the high chair

Cool Wazoo Back Story

Ginelle Mills is a mother of two who were little children back in 2012. The idea behind the Cool Wazoo was to bring a 5-in-1 product to the table that goes toe to toe with children’s seating needs. 

After one day, when Ginelle burnt her daughter due to a hot swing in the park, she sparked the idea of creating a multi-functional seat cover that could:

  • Protect young ones from heat
  • Keep germs away
  • Provide the go diaper changing mat
  •  And protect your little ones from sunlight

So the result was a Cool Wazoo that can do all these things yet fit in a mommy bag. After the rigors of testing and designing, Ginelle launched the Cool Wazoo in 2009 with the help of her husband’s $100,000 investment. 

Since she was trying to make her way in the market, she appeared on the Today Show With Katie Lee and the Doctor in 2011, which merely gave her more exposure. But her appearance on Shark Tank opened doors for her success.

Ginelle’s Pitch in Shark Tank

Ginele entered the Shark Tank confidently, where she sought $65,000 of investment in return for 25% of the equity of her business. She demonstrated the functionality of the Cool Wazoo and how it can protect kids from heat, germs, and other things. 

She was confident about the product when one of the Sharks asked her how it would be helpful to parents. She thoughtfully replied that this product is unique since there are different products for every purpose and that this one brings. Besides, another Shark was concerned about the competition for the product, but there were none.

While Ginelle’s pitch was going well until she spilled the beans about her sales, she had invested $96,000 into Cool Wazoo but had no fruitful results.

Ginelle added that 85% of the units of Cool Wazoo were faulty due to inexperienced staff, so she had to go through this setback. Further, she said that her primary focus is to cut the manufacturing cost by shifting the factory to Hong Kong.

Despite the heated conversation, one of the Sharks, Lori Greiner, adored Ginelle and agreed to invest in her business as per her original pitch, which was $65,000 for 25% equity.

What Happened to Cool Wazoo After the Shark Tank?

Regarding the Cool Wazoo update, they generated massive sales in collaboration with Lori Greiner after the Shark Tank. Lori Greiner has been a productive asset for the company since her experience in retail business and business funding opened up the sky for Ginelle.

Mori helped Ginelle shift the manufacturing to a lucrative manufacturer to increase the profit margin (only $2 per product before).

What Happened to Cool Wazoo After the Shark Tank

She re-configured her website to sell the products. Moreover, she also started Amazon and Shopify stores, which are up and running. Further, Cool Wazoo also got its hands on the “Babies R Us” licensed deal, where they settled to retail the Cool Wazoo in different US states and cities.

If you ask Cool Wazoo today in 2023, their stores (Amazon and Shopify) are accessible. But one thing that might raise eyebrows is that their product is not in stock since 2017. In addition, they are not so active on social media pages; they haven’t posted about Cool Wazoo lately.

Instead, they are promoting the new business Box Partie which offers virtual celebrations. In fact, their website is also inactive since there are no products in stock. So from that, we can assume that either the Cool Wazoo is out of business or they don’t have any products in stock. But as we said they are indulging in other endeavors and also they are not producing any products since 2017. Plus their Shopify site is also inactive. 

Cool Wazoo’s Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, before the Cool Wazoo Shark Tank episode, it already had a $96,000 investment; however, the net worth of Cool Wazoo was $325,000 upon its first appearance on Shark Tank. So the Cool Wazoo currently has a $1 million net worth under its belt.

Cool Wazoo's Net Worth

Cool Wazoo Sales Data

The Cool Wazoo was a bit overconfident about their sales and figure, which is why they never revealed the numbers upon contract with Lori. But if you look at their store online, they have had some excellent sales since Shark Tank. But considering their latest inactivity towards the Cool Wazoo products, we can assume that the business is inactive.

If we look at the previous activities of their stores after securing the $65,000 deal for 25% equity with Lori Greiner, the Cool Wazoo achieved excellent sales. Still, they never showed the exact numbers, so we can say that Shark Tank had been fruitful to cool Wazoo. While the business is still online, there are no in-stock products to incur their sale information.

Is Cool Wazoo Profitable Now?

Is Cool Wazoo Profitable Now

The current status of the Cool Wazoo is a mystery. No one knows about them. Since they have been discrete about sales from the start, there is not much to guess. However, considering the indication from their online presence, we can say that:

  • They had a decade of successful sales and business and got some excellent bucks
  • They were distributed across the US, so they were good in sales
  • Their clients are happy with the product, with a handful of customers complaining about the Cool Wazoo, so this strong customer base also suggests that they had been lucrative in the past, and till now, they are doing good

So considering these facts, we can say that Cool Wazoo has some good revenues. But if you go in-depth and consider their activities on social media, the Cool Wazoo website, and online stores, they might not have any business in the name of Cool Wazoo.

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So cool wazoo when first appeared on Shark Tank they had a $325,000 net worth which boosted up to 1 million bucks after Shark’s partnership. However, the cool wazoo was on the verge of generating good revenue and they had decent reviews on Amazon and Shopify they had not been so active on those platforms lately. So in our opinion, the cool wazoo was successful after Shark Tank but due to unknown reasons they either shut the production or they merely don’t have any products in stock. 

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