Black Sands Shark Tank Update

Black Sands Shark Tank Update: Who Is It Now?

Black Sands Entertainment, a private comic book business founded in 2016, has been making waves in the industry. However, most users get confused about whether Black Sands was on Shark Tank. Yes, with its focus on publishing historical comic books rooted in African mythology, it has created a new demand in the entertainment line.

They aired in 2022 on the tenth episode of Shark Tank season 13. The brand has established a distinctive market niche and won acclaim for its Afrofuturist-themed graphic novels and comics. This article will examine Black Sands Entertainment’s trajectory following what happened to Black Sand after Shark Tank.

Moreover, cover its expansion into the comic book market and its future goals with the Black Sand shark tank update. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Black Sands Shark Tank Profile

Black Sands Shark Tank

Let’s look at the Black Sand profile to get to know the company better;

Name of the CompanyBlack Sands Entertainment
FounderGeiszel Godoy, Teunis De Raat, and Manuel Godoy
Founded in2016
HeadquartersColumbia, Maryland, United States
WebsiteBlack Sands
What They Work onIndependent black content developers
Aired on Shark TankSeason 13, Episode 10 of the Shark Tank USA
Air DateJan 7, 2022,
Asked Investment in Shark Tank$500k for 5% Equity
Final Deal$500k for 30% Equity
SharksMark Cuban and Kevin Hart (Guest Shark)
Watch the EpisodeWatch now
Is The Company ActiveActive
Buy ProductBuy now, On Amazon, On Amazon

Black Sand Shark Tank Pitch

The creators of Black Sands Entertainment went to pitch the idea to the Sharks in Season 13, Episode 10. They asked for finance for their company. Founders wanted an investment of $500,000 for a 5% stock position, giving the business a $10 million valuation.

The sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart, spotted the business’s potential, made a counteroffer, and ultimately made the deal for $500,000 in exchange for a 30% equity share.

What Happened To Black Sand After The Shark Tank?

After the Black Sand Shark Tank episode, Black Sands Entertainment saw an increase in sales and fame. The firm benefited from the assistance and advice provided by Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart.

The company’s 2021 annual sales were $1.2 million, and as of January 4, 2022, its lifetime sales had crossed $2 million. Black Sand today is popular for its distinctive storyline, alluring artwork, and emphasis on including African mythology and black superheroes in its books.

What Happened To Black Sand After The Shark Tank

Expanding the Universe

Black Sands update is that it has continued to expand its universe of black superheroes and mythological narratives. The firm has released 14 books by January 2023, including recently released works like the Mask of the Orisha Series, Muntu Warriors, and Granada’s Shadow.

The popularity of these books among consumers and the media has strengthened the company’s standing in the comic book market.

Black Sand Net Worth

We don’t have particular information on Black Sands Entertainment’s net worth. Accurately estimating the company’s net value is impossible without adequate balance sheet information. However, the present worth of Black Sands after the Shark tank is $1.6m, according to some sources.

Black Sands Sales Data

Here’s a table summarizing the revenue data;

January 1 – December 31, 2021$1,050,818
January 1 – December 31, 2022$807,509
January to March 2023 (average)$64,000/month
Lifetime Sales$3,000,000

Black Sands Entertainment reported $807,509 in revenue for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2022. In comparison to the $1,050,818 in revenues from the prior year, this is a 23% reduction.

Although the organization does not reveal sales statistics for the current year, it is claimed that revenues have averaged $64,000 per month for the past three months of January, February, and March of 2023. According to reports, Black Sands Entertainment has sold 200,000 units and has lifetime sales of $3 million.

Is Black Sand Profitable Now?

According to the financial data, the firm had a net loss of $310,557 for the fiscal year that concluded on December 31, 2021. Moreover, $539,742 for the one that ended on December 31, 2022. The company’s stated net margin, which measures profitability, is -67%.

Black Sands after shark tank is in a pinch.  They haven’t released particular information concerning profitability, such as operating income or net income.

Is Black Sand Profitable Now

According to the data, conversations with investors on Shark Tank and the deprioritization of Facebook advertising are to blame for the company’s declining revenues. In contrast, it is indicated that the corporation anticipates costs to be $30,000 and revenue to reach $500,000 during the following six months(April-September, 2023).

Black Sands Entertainment’s Future

With the help of Black Sands Entertainment’s presence on Shark Tank, the firm was given a stage on which to promote its distinct narrative style.  Additionally, broaden its audience. The firm has grown significantly, too, but in terms of profitability, they still lack strong ground.

Black Sands Entertainment is still in operation as of January 2023. Enthralling readers with a wide variety of titles and a persistent dedication to the representation of black superheroes and African mythology.

Black Sands Entertainment's Future

Overall, Black Sands Entertainment is well-positioned to dominate the comic book market with its solid foundation and ambitious goals for the future. It inspires future generations with its rich stories and inspiring characters.

Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding websites have also been used by Black Sands Entertainment to support its expansion. Four successful Kickstarter projects helped the business gather $112,854 from 1,505 backers. They also collected $1,014,999 from 2,560 investors on We Funder, demonstrating the fervor and support the business has gotten from its clientele.

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Finale Thoughts

A rising star in the comic book business, Black Sands Entertainment is committed to creating tales based on African mythology and starring black superheroes. The business’s Shark Tank participation and subsequent alliance with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart have accelerated its growth and created new doors.

Black Sand shark tank update is that they are leading the road for more diversity and inclusion in the comics industry. The future is promising for this ground-breaking business as readers and followers anxiously await fresh releases.

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