Chill Soda Shark Tank Update

Chill Soda Shark Tank Update: Is the Business Booming Now? 

Healthy beverages or soda are hard to find! So to solve this issue, Dan Mackey enters the tank with his Chill Soda, asking for a $50k investment at 10% equity share. 

Mackey starts off his pitch by addressing the bad effects of regular soda and states how his organic soda can be one of the alternatives to artificial sweeteners. He then provided the Sharks with his Chill Soda samples, which they loved. Although the questioning session has been quite intense for Dan, yet Barbara came forward with an offer of a $50,000 investment at a 20% stake. 

Dan agreed and sealed the deal! But wait, what’s the current Chill Soda update? Did Barbara get her profit from the investment? Let’s find out in this blog post.

Chill Soda Shark Tank Profile

The table here displays all the Chill Soda Shark Tank updates, data, and profiles. So, make sure to skim through all the details. 

Company NameChill Soda
Product TypeCompletely Organic and Healthy Alternative to Soda
FounderDan Mackey
Founded In2009
Net Worth$175,000 (Not Been Updated After the Show)
Asking for Investment from Sharks$50,000
Equity Stake10%
Shark’s Offer$50,000 at 20%
Deal Closed At$50,000 at 20%
Deal Secured ByBarbara Corcoran
Shark Tank Season 1
Shark Tank Episode No.9
Current Business Status Not in the Business
Chill Soda HeadquartersCalifornia
Chill Soda WebsiteOut of Order
Watch onPrime Video
Chill Soda ProductBuy on Amazon

Founder’s Journey in Making Chill Soda

Dan was inspired by his sister to come up with the idea of Chill Soda. His sister told him about the issues she saw among her students regarding drinking unhealthy beverages. 

That’s when Dan realized he could bring in such a beverage which can be a healthy alternative to normal soda. 

He also focused on making the drink tasty, so for that, he created 4 different flavors to give diversity to his soda. Here are the flavors: 

  • Limon
  • Guava
  • Kola
  • Pome

Although Dan described himself as a marketing guy, he needed to gain prior knowledge about marketing. Yet, according to him, Chill Soda was a revolutionary product. 

What Happened to Chill Soda in Shark Tank?

Dan Mackey came with his pitch as a marketing professional in the Shark Tank episode. He raised his ask to the Sharks for a 10% stake in Chill Soda for $50,000. 

The initial plan has been to get connected to the sharksDan wanted to connect with the Sharks and use their networks to get a better grip on the industry.

However, Mackey’s solemn demeanor originally turned off the Sharks. The Sharks probed him intensively due to his anxiety. 

What Happened to Chill Soda in Shark Tank

That’s not all; Dan’s comment on his lifetime earnings was quite vague, stating he had sold over 250,000 cans for $175,000.

Among all the Sharks, Daymond John was the first to reject the investment. Kevin also stated that Chill Soda required more funding to succeed.

Robert Herjavec shared these worries, emphasizing the agency’s motive and Dan’s below-average beverage business knowledge. 

Although, Kevin was less harsh on the entrepreneur. He warned that Chill Soda would struggle in the volatile beverage industry. Barbara Corcoran was the only Shark who was eager to work with Dan and invest in his company.

What Happened to Chill Soda After Shark Tank? 

After the Chill Soda Shark Tank episode, there have not been any prior reports about how the business is doing. And this is why it makes it quite a challenge to figure out the current stats of the business. 

Chill Soda’s site comes with tons of info about the products and how they’re operating; it appears Dan and his business are no longer in the run. 

So, if someone wants to purchase their drinks now, they might have to email them personally, so the customer might get the drink. However, that’s not how a business would be operating. Therefore, it’s assumed the business to be inactive.

Even on their website, it has just one button (Buy Now), and no other details are present. This is a clear indication that the page and site haven’t been updated at all. 

That’s not all; even Barbara was asked about the investment, and she believes she has just lost all her $50k. 

Chill Soda’s Net Worth and Overall Sales Data

Chill Soda founder Dan Mackey was honest about not having significant knowledge of the beverage industry. Yet, according to him, he sold over 250,000 units of Chilla Soda beverages and made over $175,000 in revenues. 

Chill Soda’s Net Worth and Overall Sales Data

However, after that, he didn’t show up nor did his product. So, there have been no reports about the sales he did after the show. Although, there have been reports that after Barbara invested the $50,000, he used that money to start a new business. 

Where is Chill Soda Now?

According to various updates, it’s believed that Chill Soda might be completely closed. Plus, as the company didn’t generate any money, it can be said that Barbara has completely failed in the investment. 

This is why Chill Soda is listed as one of the Shark Tank failures. Even in 2022, the site remained untouched from 2015. One of the reasons that many experts believe the business to fail is due to heavy competition in the industry. 

The company was directly competing with major manufacturing companies like PepsiCo and many more, which already have a huge brand value. 

Plus, the founder doesn’t have any prior knowledge of the industry, which would have proved to be a disaster for the company. 

In a nutshell, Chill Soda today only has an active website and nothing else than that! 

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Bottom Line

How was Chill Soda on Shark Tank show? Dan’s Chill Soda was a solid product, but Robert and Kevin didn’t like the fact that Dan had no solid idea about the beverage industry. 

Although Barbara put her trust in Dan and his company, she didn’t get any returns, making this deal a complete failure. This is because Dan didn’t show up after the investment, and the company eventually got closed. 

Now, Chill Soda only has an active website (nothing is updated there), and its name is on the Shark Tank failure list.  

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