Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Update

Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Update 2023

Erin Robertson, the founder of Ta Ta Towel, her entrepreneurship journey began with a simple desire. It is to address her discomfort – a relief from sweaty breasts. To keep things rolling and maintain the business growth, Erin reached out to Shark Tank to find an investment. 

To boost her business, Erin appeared on Shark Tank SE10, E02. She was seeking $200,000 for a 10% share in her company. Lori saw potential in the product and offered $200,000 for 50% of the company. After some negotiation, Erin accepted the deal.

After teaming up with Lori, the company has grown big over time. In this article, we explore the Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Update 2023, after being on-aired at Shark Tank.

Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Profile

The following is the detailed profile of the company after Shark Tank.

Company NameTa Ta Towel
FounderErin Robertson
SharkLori Greiner
ProductReversible Towel type bra to Stop Boob Sweat
The Current Price of Ta Ta Towel$19.94-$45.99
Asked For$2,000,000 For 10% Equity
Final Deal$200,000 For 40% Equity
Net Worth in 2020 (before Shark Tank) $1.1 million
Net Worth in 2023 (after Shark Tank) $2 million
Other ProductsTestie Towel for Men
Microfiber Hair Towels
lactating Tube Top
Hanging Neck Tube Top Boob
Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Episode (Shark Tank USA)S10 E02
Air DateOct 14, 2018
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Buy ProductOn Amazon
Watch OnAmazon Prime
HeadquarterBrookfield, Wisconsin, United States
Social Media PagesInstagram

What Happened to Ta Ta Towel After Shark Tank?

In 2018, Erin from Los Angeles appeared on Shark Tank with a unique bra design to keep breasts dry and comfy. 

She had been running her business for just a year but had made over a million in sales. Lori Greiner made a deal, offering $200,000 for 40% of the business. However, after Shark Tank, Ta Ta Towel is doing very well. At present, Ta-Ta Towels is still running strong. They’ve grown a lot since their appearance on “Shark Tank.” Now, on their website, you can buy things like robes, short pants, and towels for your hair. They also have established brick-mortar outlets in Canada. In addition, they are selling products through various online platforms like Amazon. The brand’s estimated worth is $2,000,000 this year.

The Success of Ta Ta Towel After Shark Tank

After getting the investment deal from Lori and with her intervention, the company has experienced remarkable success and growth. They’ve become a global sensation, just as they had hoped. The following points are the indication of the brand’s success.

  • They have established a dedicated shop in Canada. This shop offers in-country shipping to expand its customer base by providing better and enhanced services.  
  • Through Amazon, the brand is now global and more accessible to a broader audience. Most of the brand’s products have received a minimum 4-star rating from satisfied customers. 
  • They have introduced more affordable pricing. Some bras are now available for as low as $29.99. This innovative solution has made them more accessible to a wider demographic. Additionally, they now have different types of product lines.
  • In response to customer demand, they have diversified its product offerings. It is now even selling men’s apparel as well – the “testie towel.” 
  • The company has achieved great social media success, with over 222,000 followers on Instagram, more than 118,000 on Facebook, and a substantial following of 184,000 on TikTok.

Ta Ta Towel Net Worth

As of the present, the company is still thriving and has expanded impressively, offering a variety of products and engaging in extensive digital marketing efforts. As per the Shark Tank Blog, their annual revenue was $1 million. 

However, with the passage of time, the hard work of Erin and Lori’s experience finally paid off. Their income has seen consistent growth following its appearance on the reality TV show. 

At present, the approximate total value of the company stands at $2 million, and its ongoing sales are holding steady at $800,000.

Ta Ta Towel Sales Data

The following table consists of the sales data of the company. It provides a crucial view of what happened to Ta Ta Towel after Shark Tank.

2020Not Disclosed (Covid 19 was ongoing)
2021Not Disclosed (Covid 19 was ongoing)
2023$2,000,000 (estimated)

Is Ta Ta Towel Profitable Now?

The revenue growth trend is clearly showcasing that the business has been highly profitable till now, after Shark Tank. Also, the consistently growing fan base is a good indication of the business’s growth. 

However, in critical consideration, the 21% cost-benefit ratio is good for any small-scale business such as them in 2017. But, as a big brand, this cost-benefit ratio of Ta Ta Towel today will eat up tons of profit in the operation and promotional tasks. 

Also, there is growing competition in the market, and Robertson has been forced to reduce the product price. So, the analysis shows that the business can make a little profit but not as per their expectation. To touch the sky, the key personnel must adopt new strategies.


In conclusion, Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank update reveals that Erin Robertson’s desire to alleviate led to a successful collaboration with Lori Greiner. Which eventually resulted in substantial company growth.

The journey of the company, marked by increased sales and product diversification, demonstrates the effectiveness of the investment transaction and Lori’s strategic participation. The brand’s incredible climb from a small firm to a global sensation highlights the possibilities of entrepreneurial endeavors in today’s business climate.

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