Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update: Is the Company Still in  Business?

SurfSet Fitness was founded by Mike Hartwick, a former professional hockey player in California. This creative business offers different surfing gear and exciting fitness sessions. 

Mike created the revolutionary RipSurferX with fitness and nutrition expert Sarah Ponn. Their startup redefines workout by allowing people to surf without the need for water. 

SurfSet was already a market leader before Shark Tank. As they entered Shark Tank, SurfSet’s overall pitch was amazing. 

According to the founders, they want a nationwide spread of their product by appointing accredited instructors in every state. This overall vision made the sharks pretty interested in their business. 

So, want to know more about the Surfset Fitness update? If yes, then binge on this Surfset Fitness Shark Tank update blog. 

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Profile

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Profile

Here, you’ll get some of the important Surfset Fitness data and overall Shark Tank profile. So, make sure to skim through it all! 

Name of the CompanySurfset Fitness
FoundersMike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn
Product TypeOffers surfing gear and exciting fitness sessions
Founded In2011
Shark Tanks Season and Episode NoS4, E2
Aired in Shark TankSept 21st, 2012
Net WorthUnknown
Asking Investment from Sharks$150,000 for 10% stake
Valuation$1.5 Million
Shark’s Offer$300,000 for 33% equity
Deal Closed At$300,000 for 30% equity
Deal Secured ByMark Cuban
Current Business Status In Business
Surfset Fitness HeadquartersNew York City – 64 East 4th St., 4th Floor, NY, NY 10003, United States
WebsiteClick Here
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Watch on Amazon Prime

How Was the Pitch On the Tank? 

The initial ask of both Mike and Sarah Ponn was for a $150,000 investment in exchange for 10% of their company. They displayed their product, which is more of like a wobbly surfboard that aids in improving balance and even core muscles. 

Yet, Kevin O’Leary was afraid that most people might not be able to do the exercises that they displayed. Although Robert did give it a try and had a great time, eventually, he lost his balance and fell over. 

This concerned Mark Cuban about the complexity of the board, but later on, it turned out that the board was not that challenging. The board could hold up to 450 pounds, so it could be used for different exercise goals.

The founders made somewhere around $150,000 in California and then relocated their business to New York, where they received positive feedback to sign up for lessons. 

This made Cuban interested in the business, and he gave an offer of $300,000 for 33% of their business, which he later cut down to 30%. 

In the end, the founders did pick Cuban’s offer as he had a lot of experience in this business field.

What Happened to Surfset Fitness After Shark Tank? 

Surfset Fitness immediately began making trips all over the US to market their product and search for trainers for their sessions. And their hard work did pay off when they made great deals with companies like Under Armor. 

What Happened to Surfset Fitness After Shark Tank

Moreover, they got the spotlight of major media sites. And they were featured in well-known magazines and newspapers, such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. 

Today, Surfset Fitness is striving to make a strong statement in the industry. They are currently running a new site, as the previous site was down and wasn’t updated. At this moment, they only offer fitness workout sessions, and anyone can make a booking from their new site. 

Surfset Fitness Net Worth and Sales Data

At the moment, there is no sales data to share. Even when they were on “Shark Tank,” the company didn’t have many sales to show for itself. Even though the Surfset Fitness Shark Tank episode was powerful, sales weren’t all that great after that. 

Is Surfset Fitness Profitable at This Moment?

Despite doing so well initially, the business did not carry out for a few years. In 2018, the business came to a halt. Although their website was still active, in 2021, the website was down. 

According to the updates of Sarah, she’s still involved with the business. Sarah changed the web address, and nothing else has been updated. 

Is Surfset Fitness Profitable at This Moment

Moreover, Hartwick is not in the business anymore, as he left the company in 2021. However, the business is still on the run.

And Surfset Fitness today is active, and you’ll find their sessions on their new website. 

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Bottom Line

Surfset Fitness is an example of those startups that didn’t shine after being on the show. Businesses sometimes can run into challenges and fail for many reasons. And there are times when there’s nothing the founders can do. 

In a nutshell, Surfset Fitness didn’t make it till the end, and the business had to close in 2018. People were pretty much interested in their service product, but to date, it’s not available in the market. 

Their business analytics states that business is risky, and even if things start out well, they may not always end well!

Meta Description: Surfset Fitness Shark Tank update will let us know how well the business started off, but it didn’t get the right spark to survive in the market. 

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