Where is Shark Tank Streaming

Where is Shark Tank Streaming? Is It on Netflix or Hulu- Why?

Shark Tank is one of the popular television reality shows where entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their business ideas and products to worthy and wealthy panels of investors known as Sharks. This show streams on both Television and OTT platforms. 

But where is Shark Tank Streaming? Is It on Netflix or Hulu? Shark Tank streams in Hunuwhy. While Shark Tank is an American show, it is not available on Netflix US Library due to several factors. The main reason behind that is audience preference for watching it on Hulu over Netflix.

Throughout the article, we will discuss the Shark Tank Streaming platform. We will discuss where you can watch it more cost-efficiently and how people outside The USA can enjoy the shows. Keep reading for interesting glimpses.

Where is Shark Tank Streaming? Is It on Netflix or Hulu?

Shark Tank is streaming on Hulu, and you can stream season 15 on Hulu. Hulu subscribers are lucky enough to enjoy Shark Tank only by paying a subscription. 

Significantly, as a viewer, you can enjoy seasons 1 to 8 and 10 to 14 of this show. But season 9 is strangely unavailable on Hulu. You can get the first ten seasons of Shark Tank through Amazon Prime, but it’s not free to watch. Currently, episodes cost $2.99, and full seasons cost $19.59.

Where is Shark Tank Streaming

Don’t worry if you can’t watch Shark Tank on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime. There are alternative ways to watch shows online, though they might be a little expensive for you. 

You can stream 11 seasons of Shark Tank on iTunes, but they cost between $14.99. It works the same way with the Microsoft Store, but you can also rent or buy specific episodes. Additionally, you also enjoy it on Apple TV for 7 days after that, you have to subscribe at a cost of $6.99/month.

Is Hulu a Free Streaming Platform?

No, it is not a free platform, as it is a subscription-based streaming service. But as a new subscriber, you can get a free 1 month’s trial. You should keep in mind that the pricing of streaming services can change. Currently, it will cost you just $7.99 a month (or $79.99 a year).

What Is the Origin of Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an American Franchise show that is influenced by another American show named ‘’Dragons Den.’’ That show originated from a Japanese show named ‘’Money Tigers’’.

Shark Tank has franchises in Canada, India, Australia, Colombia, and Brazil. Shark Tank will also start in Bangladesh soon.

What Is the Origin of Shark Tank

Why Is Shark Tank Not Streamed on Netflix But on Hulu?

There are several factors why Shark Tank is streaming on Hulu. Let’s discuss the factors why it is not streamed on Netflix.

Joint Ventures With ABC TV:

Originally, Shark Tank has been telecasted on  ABC TV since 9th August 2009. ABC TV has joint ventures with Hulu. So, it developed an obvious response to Shark Tank’s unavailability on Netflix.

Joint Ventures With ABC TV

Exclusive Agreement:

Shark Tank might have an exclusive agreement with the producer and distributor of Hulu. It is the only streaming platform where you can enjoy this show freely, excluding subscriptions.

Business Decision:

In addition, the business head might notice better content performance and viewer preference on Hulu than on Netflix. Also, their own content acquisition strategies made you watch Shark Tank on Hulu.

Changing Content Catalog:

Nevertheless, Netflix tends to change the catalog of content regularly. Sometimes, their shows rotate in and out depending on viewer performance. Thus, it could be a possible reason for Shark Tank’s moving towards Hulu.

Viewer Retention:

Hulu’s viewer retention rate is 63%. Because it does targeted advertisements in this way, exclusive access to Shark Tank can help Hulu retain its subscribers. Eventually, it helps in the growth of business.

How Can I Watch Shark Tank Outside of the USA?

If you are outside of the USA, you can’t stream Shark Tank due to licensing and copyright agreements, as Hulu is licensed for specified regions. When you use this OTT outside the USA, your location will be detected, and you will be blocked from enjoying that content.

But, if you want to stream outside of the USA as soon as it streams, we recommend you buy a Hulu gift card or rather suggest you use a prepaid card like StatesCard to join up for the program.

How Can I Watch Shark Tank Outside of the USA

Lastly, you can wait for the whole season to be telecast on Television chronologically. Significantly, Shark Tank is streamed on ABC Television. You can also use VPNs such as NordVPN, IPVanish & ExpressVPN.  Among those, ExpressVPN is best for you. 

Here, we are sharing a few steps by which you can enjoy Shark Tank outside the USA:

  • Download and Install the VPN with the American Server
  • Connect with the American Server
  • Sign up to the Hulu streaming platform
  • Purchase the Hulu Gift Card
  • Redeem the Hulu Gift Card
  • Enjoy streaming Shark Tank episodes

Live TV or Hulu: Which Gives Better Services for Watching Shark Tank?

Choosing between Hulu and live TV for enjoying “Shark Tank” depends on your binge-watching style. The benefits of watching Hulu offer you delayed on-demand video, including older seasons. It suits busy people. 

On the other hand, Live TV is perfect for individuals who love watching shows as they air and channel surfing. Your viewing preferences determine your options. It has longer advertisement breaks.


Here, I am answering some frequently asked questions on Shark Tank. These may help you to clear your confusion, if any. 

Can I Stream Shark Tank on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can watch Shark  Tank on YouTube. It costs about 72.99 dollars/month. But you can watch previous episode glimpses on YouTube freely. 

When will Season of Shark Tank be released?

Shark Tank USA season 15 has already started on Sept. 29, 2023. 

Where Can We Enjoy Behind the Scenes of Shark Tank?

Sadly, you can’t enjoy behind the scenes on Hulu or other OTT platforms. However, you can watch some clips behind the scenes on YouTube. You can check this video.

Does Hulu Offer Shark Tank With Subtitles and Closed Captions?

Generally, Hulu’s streaming library provides subtitles or closed captions. However, you have to make sure that they are turned on properly in the Hulu app. 


Shark Tank has great educational values as you can learn different aspects of business.  So, you must know where Shark Tank is Streaming. We hope that this guide has helped you find where you can enjoy Shark Tank episodes and seasons.

Nowadays, Hulu offers past seasons and episodes on demand of the customers. If you want to verify “Shark Tank”‘s streaming status & future updates, you must check Hulu’s website or app.

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