Shark Tank Australia Cast and Their Net Worth

Shark Tank Australia Cast and Their Net Worth

Since its debut in Australia on 8 February 2015, Shark Tank Australia has grown popular and become a hit reality TV show. The entrepreneurs get the golden opportunity to present their ideas to wealthy investors, known as sharks. If you close a deal with any of the sharks on the show, you’re almost assured of your startup becoming a success.

However, one question many aspiring entrepreneurs and show fans keep asking is who the Shark Tank Australia cast is and what’s their net worth.

In this article, we’ll explore full details about the main cast of the Australian reality TV show and their net worth. We’ll discuss their aspiring backgrounds and the businesses that have contributed to their wealth. You’ll also gain insights into what their entrepreneurial journeys have been like that made them become household names in Australia.

Shark Tank Australia Cast and Their Net Worth

Shark Tank Australia Cast and Their Net Worth

Here’s the complete list of the cast of Shark Tank Australia cast and their net worth:

The Original Sharks:

This is the main cast of 6 judges that were featured on the Australian Shark Tank show when it premiered on 8 February 2015:

Andrew Banks

Net worth: $300 million

Appearance: Seasons 1 to 4

Andrew Banks is one of the main hosts featured on the Australian version of the Shark Tank reality TV show and has continued to do so for the last 4 seasons. He’s a successful Australian entrepreneur well known for investing in the recruitment industry.

Banks was born in London, England, and later relocated to Australia where he built his career in the business world.

Andrew Banks

His career kicked off in the recruitment industry, where he co-founded a recruitment firm by the name Morgan & Banks with Geoff Morgan in 1985.

The firm focused on executive recruitment and quickly climbed the ladder to become a leading player in the Australian job placement market.

The company founders would successfully expand the company not only within Australia but also internationally. Eventually, TMP Worldwide acquired it in 1999 for a significant sum of money.

In December 2003, Banks launched Talent2 International a company focused on HR outsourcing, Executive Search, and Selection. Allegis Group Inc. later acquired the company, in a deal finalized in July 2014.

Banks joined Shark Tank Australia in its inaugural season and has since been one of the main sharks on the show.

The investor leverages his expertise in business management and talent acquisition to assess the potential of various business ideas presented on the show by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some of Andrew Bank’s notable Shark Tank investments include BottlePops, Hamdog, and Synxsole.

Naomi Simson

Net worth: $50 million

Appearance: Seasons 1 to 4

Naomi Simson is a successful Australian female entrepreneur who features as part of the original cast of Shark Tank Australia from seasons 1 to 4.

She’s widely recognized for her online experience company, RedBalloon, which she founded in 2001. The company became a successful story, enabling Naomi to earn her millions.

Naomi Simson

Simson later formed Big Red Group, a holding company focused on developing experience brands such as Adrenaline, Lime&Tonic, and Experience Oz.

Probably her most notable deal on Shark Tank is the Qpay deal, in which she partnered with Steve Baxter. She has also made other successful deals such as KISA, an easy-to-use smartphone app targeting children and the elderly.

Besides her business ventures and being a shark, Naomi Simson is also an author, media personality, podcaster, and blogger.

Her blog was even ranked #4 in top business blogs in the year 2016. She has also published u to three books.

Also worth noting is that Simson is a philanthropist. She’s also part of the Voiceless Council which helps create awareness about the need for protecting animals.

Steve Baxter

Net worth: About $50 million

Appearance: Seasons 1 to 4

Steve Baxter’s career started after he joined the army as part of its apprenticeship program, with an engineering role. He has appeared on the 4 seasons of Shark Tank Australia.

When his military career came to an end, Steve invested his money in SE Net, an internet service company, in 1994.

Steve Baxter

He also launched other companies including River City Labs, Right Pedal Studios, and PIPE Networks.

His primary source of wealth is the PIPE Networks which he would later sell to SP Telemedia for a staggering $373 million after it became successful.

It’s also worth noting that Baxter is one of the investors who made a deal with QPay, one of the most successful businesses to ever appear on the Australian Shark Tank TV show.

Glen Richards

Net worth: $700 million

Appearance: Seasons 2 to 4

Glen Richard has a net worth of approx. $700 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest businesspeople in Australia. His net worth also places him as the wealthiest shark on the Shark Tank Australia.

He was featured on the show in its second season and was invited as a replacement for John McGrath.

Glen Richards

Glen’s career kicked off as a vet who would later develop an interest in the business world.

Specifically, his journey as a business began around 1994 when he founded Greencross. Today, this is one of the largest pet care companies across the globe.

The company would later be made public in 2007 when it was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. TPG Capital later acquired it in 2019.

Today, Glen serves as the director of Monsterrat Day Clinics and PetBarn.

Given his immense wealth and successful entrepreneurship journeyer, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he was considered for the role of a shark on the TV show.

Some of his most notable investments in Shark Tank Australia include OneWorld (a furniture company) and Hex Pegs.

Janine Allis

Net worth: About $70 Million

Appearance: Seasons 1 to 4

Janine Allis has also been on Shark Tank Australia since its premier in the country in 2015. She was born in South Africa but relocated to Australia at age 19.

She’s a retail mogul interested in the food and beverage sector. Before her millions, Janine worked several jobs such as media assistant, assistant gym manager, and model.

Janine Allis

She made her first attempt at business at the age of 25, but she quickly realized that entrepreneurship wasn’t an easy thing. Nonetheless, she persevered until she became a successful businessperson.

Janine is the founder and CEO of Boost Juice, a popular Australian smoothie and juice chain. She started this company back in 2000 with only two stores. Today, the business has grown successfully and expanded to 500plus locations in more than 15 countries.

Following the success of Boost Juice, Allis took part in the creation of Retail Zoo, a holding company, with her husband.

She’s also associated with Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill and Cibo Espresso, all of which are run by Retail Zoo.

Janine Allis’s most successful deals on Shark Tank Australia show include Pentablock, Her Fashion Box, and The T Lady.

John McGrath

Net worth: $15 Million

Appearance: Season 1

John McGrath also made it to the Shark Tank as a shark. Unfortunately, he exited the show too early, at the end of season one. So, he may not be a familiar face to most of the show fans.

John McGrath made his millions by investing in the real estate industry. In 1988, he had a plan to reinvent the real estate industry.

John McGrath

Therefore, he established McGrath Estate Agents, which is currently known as McGrath Ltd. This company is today regarded as one of the largest and leading real estate networks in Australia.

Though his time on the show was the shortest compared to the other judges on this list, McGrath didn’t go without leaving some impact.

He made some deals on the show, with the Charli Chair being the most notable. It has grown to the tune of $4 million plus.

Today, John McGrath remains an active businessman with a net worth of a cool $15 million.

The New Sharks on Shark Tank Australia Season 5:

Shark Tank Australia’s 5th season, which premiered on 29 August 2023 has all new faces for its main cast—including the US Shark Tank judge Robert Herjavec!

Here’s what you need to know about each of these sharks and their net worth:

Robert Herjavec

Net worth: $200 million

Everybody and their grandma knows Robert Herjavec. He’s been on Canada’s Dragon Den (Shark Tank predecessor), then moved to the US Shark Tank show, and now he makes an entry into the Australian version of the show as a shark!

Robert Herjavec

He’s crossed some of the most successful deals on Shark Tank USA. And it’d be interesting to see him do what he does best on Shark Tank Australia. Being one of the original sharks, Robert must also be quite eager to see what the Aussies have in store for him.

Sabri Suby

Net worth: $75 million

Sabri Suber is the self-proclaimed stepfather of marketing and the brains behind the King Kong Digital Marketing agency. Sabri has a rags-to-riches success story.

He was raised by a single parent and explains that seeing her mom struggle to raise him motivated him to venture into business relentlessly.

The marketing specialist has experienced immense success with his marketing agency, which has made more than 58 million people rich since he launched it.

Sabri Suby

The company has also made an appearance on the list of Australian Financial Review‘s Fast Starters twice.

Sabri Suby is a huge fan of the international franchise that is Shark Tank and in his own opinion, the previous Shark Tank Australia seasons have been a letdown.

Now that he’s a shark in the show’s current season, we can only hope he’ll make the show better.

Catriona Wallace

Net worth: $100 million

Also appearing on the Shark Tank Australia for the first time is Catriona Wallace. She is widely recognized as a global authority in the AI (artificial intelligence) field.

She’s the founder of Responsible Metaverse Alliance and advocates for ethical AI practices.

Catriona Wallace

She has also been recognized by AFR (Australian Financial Review) as the “Most Influential Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship.”

Besides AI, Catriona is also passionate about diversity, gender equity, inclusion, and ethical business investments.

As a shark, she hopes to champion minorities and support them in achieving their goals.

Davie Fogarty

Net worth: $500 million

Aged 27 years, Davie Fogarty is no doubt the youngest shark who has ever graced the Australian Shark Tank TV show.

But don’t let his age deceive you. Fogarty is a business tycoon who heads the Davie Group and oversees up to 10 different brands, including The OOdie, Calming Blankets, Pupnaps, and others.

Davie Fogarty

When not busy, you’ll find him offering valuable insights into building and growing e-commerce businesses on his YouTube channel which has more than 300k subscribers.

The fact that he’s a huge fan of Shark Tank makes it like a dream come true for him to appear as a shark on the show.

Jane Lu

Net worth: $55 million

Jane Lu is the owner of Showpo, an online boutique that made her millions. The entrepreneur doesn’t shy away from telling her story of how she started her e-commerce business brand on her social media.

This means she knows firsthand what it is to start a small business without enough capital, and she can identify quite well with the Shark Tank aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jane Lu

Jane is also behind the “Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine” Facebook group, which compromises women entrepreneurs and has a fellowship of more than 170 members.

Jane Lu never thought she’d one day appear on a reality TV show until she got a call from Shark Tank. However, she was heavily pregnant by then, so she promised to sign up after delivering her baby.

After the birth of her daughter in October 2022, she entered the show and is now one of the main sharks in the show’s 5th season.

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Shark Tank Australia’s original cast featured wealthy Australian individuals. These include the likes of Glen Richards who is one of the richest sharks with an estimated net worth of $700 million. The other sharks are all millionaires and include Steve Baxter, Andrew Banks, Naomi Simpson, Janine Allis, and John McGrath.

The fifth season of the show features all new faces of sharks who are also successful businessmen and women, including the USA Shark Tank’s main shark Robert Herjavec, and the global AI authority Catriona Wallace. The other millionaires on this show include Sabri Suby, Davie Fogarty, and Jane Lu.

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