Hello Prenup Shark Tank Update

Hello Prenup Shark Tank Update

Did you know that 40% of engaged couples prefer to sign a prenup before they get married? But making a prenup takes a lot of time and money. So, in 2020, Julia Rogers and Sarah Jaffe launched Hello Prenup. It is a website that helps couples draft prenuptial agreements faster and cheaper than before.

Julia Rogers and Sarah Jaffe went on the TV show Shark Tank in Season 13, Episode 6. They needed $150,000 and were ready to give away 10% of their company. Luckily, after some discussions, Kevin O’Leary and Nirav Tolia agreed to invest $150,000 for 30% of the business.

In this article, we will provide you with the Hello Prenup Shark Tank update. So, let’s dive in!

Hello Prenup Shark Tank Profile: A Quick Overview

To get the Hello Prenup update, check out the table below. It will give you a brief summary of the Hello Prenup company.

Name of the companyHello Prenup LLC
Founded in2018
Launched inMarch 2020
Type of serviceIt is the first online platform that helps couples make prenuptial agreements.
Retail price of service$599
Ownership statusPrivate
OwnerJulia Rogers (CEO) and Sarah Jaffe (CTO)
Main office locationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Shark Tank seasonSeason 13
Episode numberEpisode 6
Episode air dateNov 12, 2021
Investment asked for$150,000 for a 10% equity
Investment offered by Shark Nirav Tolia$150,000 for a 30% equity
Counter offer$150,000 for a 20% equity
Deal offered byNirav Tolia and Kevin O’Leary
Counter offer by Shark Nirav Tolia$150,000 for a 25% equity
Final deal from Sharks Nirav Tolia and Kevin O’Leary$150,000 for a 15% equity each 
Net worth before Shark Tank0.8 million dollars
Net worth after Shark Tank1.5 million dollars
Sales in 2020$20,000
Monthly income More than 30,000 dollars
Business statusIn business
WebsiteHello Prenup
Email address[email protected]
Find onhelloprenup.com
Watch onAmazon Prime

How Did The Hello Prenup Company Get Started?

Julia, who worked as a divorce lawyer for ten years in Boston, had the idea for Hello Prenup. She noticed that many people who wanted prenuptial agreements preferred an easy, fast, and affordable option instead of the traditional methods. 

In 2018, Julia decided to create an online service where couples could make their own prenuptial agreements without spending a lot of money on lawyers. She invested $130,000 and used overseas developers to build her website. 

In March 2020, Julia launched the Hello Prenup website. She made $20,000 by helping 25 couples with their prenuptial agreements. However, she faced some problems with the software. 

Therefore, in March 2021, Julia teamed up with Sarabeth Jaffe. Sarah is a skilled software developer and has worked at big companies like Microsoft. Together, they spent six months creating a user-friendly and glitch-free platform for making prenups.

In 2021, Julia and Sarah hoped to earn 4,100,000 million dollars without spending any money to attract customers. Unfortunately, they only managed to earn $1.2 million.

How Was Hello Prenup On Shark Tank?

Hello Prenup was featured on Shark Tank in Season 13, Episode 6. After starting their website in 2020, Julia and Sarah were having trouble increasing their sales and spending less money on getting new customers.

That is why Julia and Sarah went on Shark Tank to ask for $150,000 in exchange for 10% of their company. They both wore wedding dresses and gave a really interesting and funny presentation. 

They mentioned that Hello Prenup was the number one source of information on prenuptial agreements online.

How Was Hello Prenup On Shark Tank

At first, all the investors on Shark Tank were mildly interested in their unique business idea. But when Kevin O’Leary found out that Julia and Sarah didn’t know how much it cost to get new customers, he didn’t want to invest.

Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec also didn’t want to invest. This is because they thought Hello Prenup had too many problems and still had a long way to go.

However, Nirav Tolia believed Hello Prenup could be profitable with some help. He offered to invest $150,000 for 30% of the company, but Sarah and Julia thought it was too much. 

They countered with $150,000 for 20% of the company. Eventually, Nirav agreed to invest $150,000 for 25% of the company. Then, Sarah requested Kevin O’Leary to join the deal. In the end, Nirav Tolia and Kevin O’Leary both invested $150,000 in Hello Prenup for 15% of the company each.

For more information, you can watch the Hello Prenup Shark Tank episode on Amazon Prime.

What Happened To Hello Prenup After Shark Tank?

According to reports, Hello Prenup after Shark Tank gained popularity and success. After receiving the money from the investors, Sarah and Julia worked hard to improve their software.

Before the show, Hello Prenup only helped couples in Massachusetts. But after the episode aired, they gained 13,000 followers on Instagram. This made them quite popular. Thus, they were able to expand to states like Arizona, California, Florida, New York, and Texas.

In August 2022, Hello Prenup was nominated for Startup of the Year in Startup Boston’s community awards. Moreover, Julia was nominated for Founder of the Year.

Then, in September 2022, Hello Prenup partnered with LegalZoom’s owner, Brian Liu. Julia said in an interview that she thinks Brian’s knowledge will help them make prenups more accessible to every couple. Additionally, in 2023, Sarah was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Seattle list.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Hello Prenup Company?

If you want to know about Hello Prenup net worth over the years, check out the table we have added below.

YearNet Worth
20232 million dollars
20221.5 million dollars
20211.2 million dollars
20200.8 million dollars

Is Hello Prenup Profitable Now?

Hello Prenup today has become profitable and has grown a lot since appearing on Shark Tank. 

Even though we don’t have the exact numbers for their yearly sales, it has been reported that their sales increased by 545%. They make around $400,000 in revenue every year.

Hello Prenup has a team of over 25 employees working for them. They also have a big following on Instagram and Twitter, with lots of people who like their company.

Is Hello Prenup Profitable Now

In December 2022, around 70,000 people visited their website. Moreover, every day, about 30,000 people go to their website, and half of them actually use their services.

Hello Prenup also introduced new services that use AI technology and legal expertise to speed up the prenuptial agreement process. Additionally, these services ensure that the process follows the latest laws.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Hello Prenup Company’s main goal is to make the prenuptial agreement process easy and stress-free for newly engaged couples.

So, they have created a website where couples can log in, answer detailed questions, discuss their desired terms for the prenup, and generate an agreement that meets their needs.

Since being on Shark Tank, Hello Prenup has made $2 million in revenue, and their sales have increased by 545%. They now offer their services in 32 states across the USA. 

They have also gained a new investor and are constantly working hard to improve their services every day.  So, that’s all on the Hello Prenup Shark Tank Update.

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