Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

SwiftPaws is a Florida-based company that manufactures pet fitness toys. They made an appearance on Shark Tank season 13, seeking an investment in their motorized capture-the-flag game for pet dogs. The company’s founder and CEO, Meghan Wolfgram, impressed the sharks with her work ethic and business model. 

Based on the Swift Paws Shark Tank update, Meghan appeared on season 13, episode 21 of the Shark Tank show. There, she pitched her product and sought $240,000 for 6% equity. Lori Greiner loved the product, and Meghan offered the asked deal, and the deal was sealed.

Read on as we discuss more updates on the Swiftpaws Shark Tank episode and what happened to Swiftpaws after Shark Tank

Swift Paws Shark Tank Profile

Was Swiftpaw on Shark Tank? Yes, the company appeared on season 13, episode 21, on April 8, 2022. Meghan Wolfgram pitched her product, hoping to get a favorable investment from the sharks. 

Swift Paws Shark Tank Profile

The sharks loved the business model, but only one shark believed the idea was a profitable and marketable product and invested. Below is a brief overview of the Swiftpaws update on the shark tank.

Name of the company Swift Paws
FounderMeghan Wolfgram
ProductA pet fitness toy that helps to entertain dogs and the like and at the same time keep fit and healthy.
Asked for$240,000 for 6% equity stake
Final deal$240,000 for 6% equity
Shark who investedLori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 13, Episode 21
Air date8th April 2022     
Business statusActive till date
Website Swiftpaws.com
HeadquartersThe address is 2412 Irwin Street, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA
Annual salesNo definite figure. But has had lifetime sales of $1.5 million since 2022.
Buy productAmazon
Watch video onAmazon Prime
Net worth$4 million 
Annual revenue $400,000

Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

Swiftpaw, a fitness toy for pet dogs, was invented by Meghan Wolfgram in 2012. She appeared with the product on the Shark Tank season 13 episode 21 show in April 2022. She sought investment from the sharks since the business needed more funding to grow in sales. She proposed $240,000 for 6% equity in stake. 

Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

The sharks loved the business model, saw the potential of the product, and took turns operating the product.  However, it was only Lori Greiner that went further to invest in the business. She offered a golden ticket and invested $240,000 for 6% equity, and the business was sealed. 

What Happened To Swift Paws After Its Appearance on Shark Tank?

After Swiftpaws made its appearance on Shark Tank, where they got an investment of $240,000 for 6% equity from Lori Greiner, sales increased. They gained massive visibility from the show, which skyrocketed sales to $100,000 in one day after they aired. 

What Happened To Swift Paws After Its Appearance on Shark Tank

As of 2022, they’ve sold products worth $1.5 million, and the business continues to grow massively. Also, in November 2022, it generated revenue worth  $1 million.

SwiftPaws’ products can be purchased directly from their website or on Amazon, and their flagship product, known as SwiftPaw Home, is sold for $599. The company also offers other new products as well. 

Swift Paws Net Worth

Swiftpaw’s net worth and valuation is around $4 million. As of 2022, the company’s lifetime sales hit $1.5 million, and its main product which is swiftpaw’s Home is sold for $599 on their website. They’ve also added other products and this has contributed to more sales in the company.

Swift Paws Net Worth

Swift Sales Data 

Swiftpaw’s appearance on Shark Tank boosted their overall sales and revenues. Below is the sales data and the revenues generated as well so far.

2020Generated over $400,000 in revenue
2021$750,000 sales mid 2021
2022$1.5 million (lifetime sales)
2022 $100,000 (sold by the morning after the Shark Tank episode aired).

Is Swift Paws Still Profitable

There is no clear information on the profitability of SwiftPaws today. However, the company has been successful in generating revenue and increasing sales. As of 2022, they’ve sold $1.5 million worth of products since their commencement. This figure shows that the business is thriving. 

Is Swift Paws Still Profitable

How Did The Founder Of Swift Paws Come Up With The Idea For The Product?

The main idea behind the invention of Swiftpaws is to provide pet owners with an easy and fun way to exercise their pets. Meghan noticed that most of the dogs owned by people are obese and inactive, so she devised a means to help them stay fit and healthy. The company’s main product, SwiftPaws Home, creates the nicest game of chase for pet owners in their backyards. 

Swiftpaws comes with a rechargeable battery and a remote control that allows people to control the direction and speed of the fitness toy. This also makes it easy for users to customize the game for their pets. SwiftPaws’ products are generally interactive pet toys that are designed to entertain your pets.

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Swiftpaws is a successful pet fitness toy manufacturer based in Melbourne, Florida. It was founded in 2012 by Meghan Wolfgram. The product was created to help dogs exercise and also have fun while at it. They appeared on Shark Tank in 2022 seeking investment from the sharks, with a proposal of $240,000 for 6% equity.

Luckily for Meghan, Lori Greiner offered to invest the same amount she proposed and at the same rate. The appearance gave the company massive visibility. By the morning after the episode aired, SwiftPaws sold $100,000 worth of products. The company has continued to thrive and grow.

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