Who Is The Best Shark On Shark Tank

Who Is The Best Shark On Shark Tank?

Ever wondered who’s the best shark on Shark Tank? Or who’s the best shark to make a deal with? If yes, you’re not alone. This question gets tossed around all the time, on online discussion forums like reddit, and people always give varying opinions about all the judges.

But one thing is for sure about all the sharks—they’re successful and charismatic investors, and each brings their unique blend of expertise and opportunities to the table.

In this article, we’ll explore how the sharks stack up against each other and who stands out as the best shark. We’ll consider the strengths and personalities of the sharks to determine the qualities that define the best among them. Note that this article will focus on the main cast of 6 judges who have been on the show since its inception.

Who is the best shark on Shark Tank?

Who is the best shark on Shark Tank

Here’s our ranking of the 6 main sharks on Shark Tank from the best to worst:

1. Mark Cuban: The Maverick Mentor

At the top of the list is Mark Cuban, the maverick mogul. Mark is not only the best but also the richest shark, having attained his billionaire status by the age of 37.

His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a positive attitude makes him a favorite for many Shark Tank fans and entrepreneurs alike.

Marks comes out as bold yet encouraging, and fellow sharks like him. Budding entrepreneurs like him for the direct feedback and advice he offers them

Mark Cuban

Not to forget, his killer business instinct makes him highly favored among the other Sharks.

He also appears as someone trying to rip anyone off or greedy when it comes to negotiations.

Even better, he’s known to keep his word and follow through after making a deal with you.

This Forbes report suggests that Mark Cuban is the king of sealing deals—meaning he’s highly likely to stick to the initial terms and go through with deals he makes after the show.

A quick look at this poll conducted on Reddit on “Who’s your favorite shark and why” will tell you that Mark is truly loved by the show fans and entrepreneurs alike!

Another thing to like about Mark Cuban is that he’s also ready to jump into any good cause.

This was evident in Season 14 episode 2, when he collaborated with Barbara Corcoran to invest in a medical kit developed to help patients required to take vaccines while on the go.

From this episode, it’s evident that the main reason he entered the deal was to help patients facing sensitive treatments such as diabetes, fertility, etc., a viable solution.

2. Kevin O’Leary: Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful

Kevin O’Leary is also a favorite for many Shark Tank fans, which makes him the 2nd Most popular shark on Shark Tank on our list.

He has been a regular shark on the show, having been around from the very first episode of the TV series up to the last aired episode of season 14.

Many Sharks Tank fans have pointed out a few personalities of this investor that make him stand out from the other investors (well, apart from Mark Cuban).

Firstly, Kevin is straightforward and you’ll not find him trying to sugarcoat whatever he says.

Kevin O'Leary

If you’ve been a follower of all the 300+ episodes on the show, you’ll easily notice this habit. He usually tells his fans as well as the spring entrepreneurs making pitches on the show what he thinks of them without beating around the bush.

Combine this with his trademark sense of humor and ability to tell inspiring stories or dishing out quotes on the show and you will only like the shark more!

Oh! And he’s the only shark who’s got a fine nickname—Mr. Wonderful!

When it comes to his investor side, Kevin is always ready to invest in different products as it’s evident across the various deals he’s made on the show.

He’s also known to work fairly with participants and offer them reasonable deals, without forcing issues by imposing unnecessary time limits.

Like Mark, he’s also not greedy and usually prefers gaping with royalty deals. This is much better than taking huge chunks of business from entrepreneurs in the name of equity.

3. Lori Greiner: The warm-blooded shark

The Queen of QVC is another favorite of the show and has such a huge fan base. Many fans will even say Lori Greiner when you ask who is the nicest shark on Shark Tank.

Out of all the 6 main sharks, Lori joined the show most recently, in season 3, and was made a permanent cast in episode 4. She has participated in over 200 episodes and added a new dynamic to the show as a youthful, more energetic shark.

She’s always ready to listen to new entrepreneurs and at the same time, she has the energy to stand up to the fellow male shakes who dominate the cast.

Lori Greiner

Many fans love her due to her upbeat, sympathetic (hence the name warm-blooded shark), and open mindset when it comes to investing. She has time and again shown a willingness to take risks.

Lori stands out from fellow sharks with a great track record when it comes to investing.

She’s the investor behind some of the most successful products that have ever appeared on Shark Tank, including Sleep Styler, Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, and Simply Fit Board, among others.

Clearly, she has a special ability to spot potential success than her fellow sharks!

4. Robert Herjavec: The compassionate shark

Robert Herjavec has also been on the Shark Tank show as a regular shark since it first aired in 2009.

His popularity on the show is tied to his empathetic nature and the ability to connect with the show participants. Not to forget his spark of humor.

Mind you, Robert used to appear as a regular Dragon on the “Dragon’s Den” the Shark Tank predecessor that used to air in Canada.

He later moved to the US adaptation, the Shark Tank, when it debuted in 2009. The fact that he has been a hit on both versions of the show tells a lot about his likeability.

Robert Herjavec

When it comes to investing, he’s also good at spotting great deals. For instance, his investment in Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank is one of his most successful. He invested $100,000 into the show for a $10 stake in the company.

And guess what? The company has made it big and continues on an upward trend to date.

Another thing people like about him is that he always congratulates entrepreneurs for their brilliant ideas even if he’s not planning to invest in their business.

Oh, he’s also always the first to volunteer when it comes to trying products on show—further endearing him to the fans.

5. Barbara Corcoran: A tougher shark to crack

Barbara Corcoran has also been a regular shark since the show first aired and takes the 5th rank on our list of the best sharks.

Unfortunately, she’s not a big fan favorite. This is probably due to her no-nonsense approach, which may sometimes feel aggressive and brash to the entrepreneurs.

Moreover, she’s rarely seen making deals on the show, making her quite a tough shark to crack.

Barbara Corcoran

According to Forbes, the deals she’s made have almost failed to materialize. She also agrees that of all the deals she’s made, only a third of them have made her money.

Despite her reluctance to make investments, she comes out as a straightforward person on the show. She usually asks genuine questions about different businesses before she opts not to invest.

6. Daymond John: The shark that rarely bites

Daymond John, just like Barbara, is also a least favorite for fans among the main sharks. He comes out as a cautious shark and the most conservative of all.

His research nature and lack of humor are probably some of the things that contribute to being a less appealing cast member.

He rarely invests in entrepreneurs’ deals. And whenever he decides to, he usually dictates terms that potential entrepreneurs never accept.

As you can easily note from the episodes he’s participated in, he’s risk-aversive and never wants to get his feet into businesses he’s unfamiliar with.

Daymond John

He usually likes to avoid any businesses that are not apparel or food-related.

Nevertheless, Daymond John makes a good investor. This is according to Randy Goldberg, the co-founder of Bombas. He admits that John is quite “generous with his time and thoughts.”

Bombas is one of the deals that John has made on the show and turned out to be quite successful, having made millions of dollars in sales.

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That’s it for the main Shark Tank sharks ranked from the best to worst. The best shark is Mark Cuban followed by Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and lastly Daymond John. Each of these sharks has their unique strengths and personalities that make them favorites for different fans of the show. However, Mark and Kevin seem to be the top favorites for most fans.

For an aspiring entrepreneur, your best shark will depend on your specific business needs, goals, and the dynamics of your pitch as different sharks will bring different opportunities and strengths to the table. By considering the personalities and strengths of each of these sharks as we’ve discussed above, you’ll be able to easily identify the best shark to partner with.

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