Where Is Shark Tank Filmed

Where Is Shark Tank Filmed?

Since it debuted on our screens in 2009, Shark Tank has grown to become one of the most popular and beloved TV shows for budding entrepreneurs and viewers alike. However, beyond the electrifying negotiations and promise of entrepreneurial dreams, there’s the lingering question that always piques the curiosity of many of the show fans: where exactly is Shark Tank filmed?

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Shark Tank filming location. You’ll discover the show’s primary filming location, the occasional location variations the show creators make, and the magic of the set design that helps bring this captivating show to life.

Where is Shark Tank filmed?

Shark Tank is primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California. Surprised? Don’t be. Contrary to what most viewers may have been thinking all along, the Shark Tank pitching room isn’t some office in some skyscraper standing in the center of a city.

Rather, the show is shot on the first floor of a Los Angeles studio. Specifically, the filming takes place in Sony Picture Studio, located in Culver City, which is a suburb of Los Angeles.

This iconic metropolis is where the ABC’s show high-stakes negotiations and entrepreneurial dreams come alive.

Where Is Shark Tank Filmed

It’s worth noting that Los Angeles is significant in the entertainment world. It’s the bustling hub for the television and film industry.

It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise that Shark Tank creators settled on this city as their home base. They had to take advantage of the resources, wealth of talent, and expertise this city has to offer.

Moreover, the vibrant atmosphere of LA hugely contributes to the overall appeal of the show. This makes it an ideal setting for all aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists.

The magic of Shark Tank set design

The show is usually filmed on stage 24, which serves as the soundstage of the studio.

This stage is specifically designed to help accommodate the unique set of the reality TV show, including the iconic Shark Tank where entrepreneurs enter to pitch their ideas to the sharks (investors).

Mind you, this studio serves as home to other popular TV shows and films and is used for Hollywood production.

However, the real magic is how the set is designed to help create just the perfect atmosphere for both entrepreneurs and investors.

magic of Shark Tank set design

The Shark Tank is set to be more than just another backdrop. The space is carefully crafted to exclude innovation and professionalism.

The design doesn’t spare any details when it comes to ensuring the set functions seamlessly for its format while at the same time being visually appealing.

The show’s centerpiece is the iconic Shark Tank, where the entrepreneurs present their business ideas. The “tank” features sleek and modern aesthetics that symbolize the cutting-edge ideas presented on the show.

Other crucial elements that make the set stand out include the soft, inviting light glow, seating arrangement, placement of microphone and camera, and the podium where the bugging entrepreneurs showcase their products/services.

Not to forget the production team and post-production team that work tirelessly behind the scenes to edit and polish every recorded footage to make sure it’s ready for airing.

And of course, the Shark Panel consists of your favorite sharks namely Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner.

Other locations where Shark Tank is filmed

Besides the primary filming location of Los Angeles, the show creators may occasionally vary the location of filming as discussed below:

Las Vegas, Nevada

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shark Tank season 12 was being filmed.

However, the primary shooting location became unideal due to the safety of the crew and entrepreneurs.

As a result, the show took to Nevada. They set up a shop at Venetian Resort in Las Vegas to ensure the reality show fans didn’t miss out on a single entry.

This savvy business move was made possible by one of the beloved sharks of the show—Mark Cuban!

When the pandemic struck, the crew was evaluating multiple locations to see which would be a safe haven for them to continue with the filming.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thankfully, Cuban’s connection tipped the scales in favor of the sin city, Las Vegas. Mark had a relationship with The Venetian Resort Group’s Patrick Dumont, according to executive producer Clay Newbill of Shark Tank.

After holding talks with George Markantonis and The Venetian Resort team, they eventually settled on Las Vegas. They felt the place would provide them with the safest possible route for taping the TV show at that particular time.

However, despite experiencing the change of location from what they’ve been used to a completely new place and safety protocols being put in place to keep the show from being shut down, the quality of the program wasn’t affected.

Yun Linger, one of the show’s executive producers said in an interview: “We feel like the quality didn’t suffer at all. Yes, there’s some changes to the set and we made some concessions…”

Warner Bros Studios

Season 14 of Shark Tank was filmed at Warner Bros Studios, located in Burbank, California. It’s here that the show had its first ever live broadcast, in front of a studio audience.

This location provided a completely different setting than the other two we’ve discussed above. However, it still maintained the show’s high-quality production, and the ambient atmosphere the show is known for. Here, they also utilized the studio’s stage 24.

Warner Bros Studios

In this particular season, the viewers are also allowed to vote on decisions that were made during the show.

The show’s live format enabled fans to experience a level of excitement and engagement as they witnessed the sharks deliberating and closing deals in real time!

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The primary filming location of Shark Tank is Los Angeles, California. However, the show may occasionally be filmed in different locations. For instance, it was filmed in Las Vegas during the COVID-19 pandemic and its 12th season was filmed at Warner Bros Studios in California. Despite the variations in location, the show never loses its quality. It’s still able to offer budding entrepreneurs a platform to present their ideas and for the sharks to invest in them.

Remember, for Shark Tank to be successful, there’s a team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to come up with just the perfect set. This ensures that investors and entrepreneurs enjoy the right atmosphere. Above all, a production team readies the episodes for broadcast.

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