Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Update

Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Update: Everything You Should Know!

If you watched season 4 of Shark Tank, you must have witnessed Ryan and his mom, Daniella Kelly, pitch their business, Ryans Barkery. This was aired in May 2013. The duo appeared on the show seeking an investment of $25,000 for 25% equity in their company.

So, what is Ryans Barkery Shark Tank update? Well, Ryan and his mom closed a deal with Barbara Corcoran after all the other sharks pulled out. Thanks to the deal, they developed a website and started selling their products in various stores, including PetSmart. 

But what is the business’s net worth? And is it still profitable? Below is everything you need to know about was Ryans Barkery on Shark Tank and what happened.

Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Profile

Ryans Barkery is a business that manufactures and sells 100% natural dog treats. The company was founded in 2012 by Ryan Kelly when he was only 10 years old with the help of his mother, Daniela.

Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Profile

Ryan made different treats in various flavors, including low-fat cheddar, Banana oats, and pumpkin apple. This was after consulting veterinarians to know which ingredients are dog-safe. His puppy and neighborhood kid’s dogs loved them. So, he started selling the treats in the neighborhood from door to door.

Want to know more about the business? Here is a quick summary of the company’s profile:

Business Name Ryans Barkery
Inventor (s)Ryan and Daniella Kelly
ProductHuman-grade all-natural dog biscuits
Asked For$25K investment for 25% stake
Final Offer$25K for 25%
Investor Barbara Corcoran
Appearance on Shark Tank (Episode)S04, E24
Air DateMay 17, 2013
Business StatusNo Longer in Business
WebsiteShut Down
HeadquartersStamford, Connecticut, 06903, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$12 million (estimated)
Go To AmazonBuy Now (Currently Unavailable)
Watch OnAmazon Prime

How Was Ryans Barkery on Shark Tank?

In episode 24 of season 4, Ryan and his mom did appear on the famous reality show. This was aired in May 2013.

When the duo appeared on the show, they asked for $25,000 in funding from the sharks. In exchange, they would give out 25% of their business. This is because they had only made $800 in sales. They wanted to use the money to create a website and produce the treats in a commercial kitchen.

How Was Ryans Barkery on Shark Tank

What impressed the sharks about the company was the products’ margins. This is because Ryan would spend only 30 cents to make a bag and sell it at $4 each. Despite this, all the sharks except Barbara bowed out of the deal.

In the end, Ryan closed a deal with Barbara. This is after the shark offered the precise amount of money the entrepreneur had asked for.

What Transpired In Ryans Barkery After Shark Tank?

After closing a deal with Barbara, you probably would like to know what happened to Ryans Barkery after Shark Tank. Just as Ryan had stated earlier during his pitch at the show, they developed a website so people could easily place orders online. In addition, they expanded their kitchen.

Another thing that happened after the show was that they started using a co-packer, and their sales skyrocketed. The business also began making over $10K sales per month.

Even better, their products are now available in over 30 stores, including Amazon, Wegmans, Kroger, and Target. They also signed a deal with PetSmart to deliver the treats to 400 of their stores across the U.S.

What Transpired In Ryans Barkery After Shark Tank

But that’s not all! Ryans Barkery after Shark Tank, also changed its name to Ry’s Ruffery. The owners revealed this during an update segment in season 5.

Despite so many good things happening to the business after Shark Tank, something unfortunate also occurred. Ryan’s mom died 5 years later in 2018, and the business closed. 

Ryans Barkery’s Net Worth

At the time Ryan appeared on Shark Tank, Ryans Barkery was valued at $100,000. This explains why the entrepreneur requested a $25,000 investment for 25% ownership in the company.

After the show, the business’s net worth also increased. This is after the company started making over $10,000 in sales monthly. So, when the business was closing, it was worth about $12 million, according to the Ryans Barkery update

Ryans Barkery's Net Worth

Ryans Barkery Sales Data

Having sold only 200 bags for $4 each, Ryans Barkery only made $800 worth of sales in the first year. However, after appearing in the show, the sales increased to over $10,000 per month. This is equivalent to about $120,000 every year.

Below is a table with the yearly sales data of the business based on the latest Ryans Barkery Shark Tank update;

YearEstimated Sales ($)

Is Ryans Barkery Profitable Now?

Ryans Barkery today is not profitable. This is because it is no longer in business. After Daniella Kelly succumbed to her illness in October 2018, the business hit a big downfall. Eventually, it crashed.

The website was also shut down. And since the closure, their products ceased being available for purchase at any store. 

Is Ryans Barkery Profitable Now


Ryans Barkery might not have received offers from all the sharks when Ryan pitched his business. However, in the Ryans Barkery Shark Tank episode, the company closed a deal with Barbara. This helped the business make more sales. It even changed its name.

Unfortunately, after the death of Daniela Kelly, Ry’s Ruffery went out of business. So, today, you cannot find the dog treats in any of the 400 PetSmart’s stores. The products are also unavailable on Amazon, Target, or other retail stores. 

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