Grind Shark Tank Update

Grind Shark Tank Update

The Grind Basketball company appeared on Shark Tank in the year 2020. The Sharks made a deal of $250,000 with the company owner. So, how’s the company doing now?

What is the Grind Shark Tank update now? After the appearance of Grind company in Shark Tank, their sales increased a lot. They have also started selling clothes which are in great demand. The media publication has also included the owner’s name in the Forbes 30 under 30, which is an excellent achievement for the company. 

However, this article will discuss what happened to Grind after Shark Tank, which episode was Grind on Shark Tank, its net worth, profile, sales data, and many more. So, please read the article till the end to learn about the Grind update.

Grind Shark Tank Profile

Grind Shark Tank

The Grind Basketball company has exceptionally made changes after the Shark Tank deal. You can check out the table below to know their current profile.

Company nameGrind Basketball
FounderThomas Fields
ProductPortable basketball training machine
Asked for$250k for 5%
Final deal$250k for 25%
SharkMark Cuban And Barbara Corcoran
EpisodeSeason 12, Episode 23
Air dateMay 7, 2021
Business statusIn business
WebsiteGrind basketball
HeadquartersHouston, Texas, US
Lifetime worth$1M
Watch onAmazon Prime
Buy NowOn GRIND, On Amazon

How Grind Owner Pitched Shark Tank?

Thomas Field appeared on a Shark Tank episode in 2021 to pitch for an investment in his company. The show had a total of six judges named Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greinar, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary. He started giving a demo of the product to them. So, he called one of the Sharks named Mark on the stage. Mark tried to make a goal on the basketball. After three attempts, Mark finally succeeded in throwing the ball into the basketball net. 

He explained the company, the details of its sales, and how he started it. Thomas told Sharks that he began the business in 2020. After launching his business, he made $215,000. The worth of this product was $1,495 at that time. 

How Grind Owner Pitched Shark Tank

People wanted something affordable to practice basketball. Since the portable machine was comparatively cheap, people started loving his product. That’s why he could make the sale in a very short period. 

The Shark, Kevin, was not really into this product, so he said he was out. Judge Lori also did not prefer the proposal as she is not interested in sports. Judge Alex also opted out. 

But Thomas told them he believes his company could grow and make $10M. So, the judges, Mark and Barbara offered $250,000 for 30% equity. Thomas negotiated the deal and said to make it $300k for 30% equity. Mark again made an offer of $250,000 for 25% equity. Finally, Thomas Field agreed to the deal. They finalized the deal. 

So, the pitch of Thomas Field was effective and impactful, which made him get this deal. It made the Sharks invest in his business. 

What Happened To Grind After Shark Tank?

Thomas Field, the owner of Grind Basketball, went to Shark Tank to grow his business. So, he finally got the deal and convinced Sharks to spend on his business. After the Shark Tank, the Grind Company got famous. He got a lot of orders on his website. 

The company has also made a start-up selling T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothes. Besides, many publications have covered the Grind Basketball company. Forbes has included them in the Forbes Under 30 list—the Grind after Shark Tank is still getting success in their business and working toward its improvement constantly.

Grind Net Worth

The Grind Basketball company has a net worth of $1M. When Thomas Fields started his business in 2020, he had made another audience like the product for him to sell his products. Because the audience liked the product, he could make this many sales in only five months. 

Grind Net Worth

After Thomas Field appeared on Shark Tank and they agreed to invest in their company, the owner’s sales increased. He got around $1M of product orders in 2021. As the orders are taken in advance, he has delivered about 80% of the products to the customers. 

Grind Sales Data 

The only figures Grind revealed were its 2020 and 2021 sales. In 2020, when they started their company, it did not take much time to make their sales. That year, the Grind basketball made around $2,50,00 in sales in just 5 months. Later, after the investment from Shark Tank, the company got $1M in orders in 2021. During a recent interview, Thomas declined to reveal his current sales figure due to privacy concerns. 

Is Grind Profitable Now?

Yes. Grind is profitable even today. The owner got around 4.5% ratings on their websites from the customers. The owner has attended the Techstars Sports Accelerator program. They have raised around $160,000 from it. 

The company is still doing well and continuously working toward growth. That’s why Grind today is liked by all basketball enthusiasts.

What Was Grind Before Shark Tank?

Thomas Field, an owner of GrindBasketball company, was an enthusiastic basketball player. He had the dream of becoming the best basketball player. So, he used to practice basketball in his high school in the early morning.

The high school had a Basketball training machine. But no one could buy the training machine except rich people. It was too costly. So, Thomas wanted to make an affordable portable training machine that ordinary people could buy.

At first, he tried making prototypes. Later, he started making the basketball machine with his incredible passion. Later, he thought he had to grow his business even more. So, he went to Shark Tank to get their funds for his company.

What Was Grind Before Shark Tank
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The basketball company Grind approached Shark to invest in their company. He finally got the deal. Thomas told them his business could grow to $10M. So, Mark and Barbara could see some potential. The Sharks were ready to invest $250k in his business. After the deal, the Grind Basketball company became famous. 

As the product had a lot of unique features and was affordable, people liked this product. So, the sales were boosted after the appearance of Thomas Field in Shark Tank. They are working daily to make their product more advanced for Basketball enthusiasts. So, this was all about the Grind Shark Tank update. So, I hope you are all clear about the topic.

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