Shark Tank India Cast and Their Net Worth

Shark Tank India Cast and Their Net Worth

Shark Tank India perfectly portrays how the American reality TV show, Shark Tank, has become a global phenomenon. Since the show was introduced in India on December 20, 2021, it has only grown more popular with every new season.

The show features the same format as the American version—entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of investors (sharks). However, one of the most asked questions by the show fans and aspiring entrepreneurs is who the show’s cast is and what is their net worth.

This article will take you through more in-depth details about the cast of Shark Tank India. We’ll discuss important details about these investors including their current net worth, business ventures, Shark Tank deals, and other helpful details you need to know about them.

Shark Tank India Cast and Their Net Worth

Shark Tank India Cast and Their Net Worth

Here’s the complete list of the entire Shark Tank India cast and their net worth:

Anupam Mittal

Net worth: $40 Million

Appearance on the show: Seasons 1 and 2

Anupam Mittal is a well-known Indian entrepreneur and investor who became widely recognized following his appearance in the Shark Tank India seasons 1 and 2.

Anupam was born on 23 December 1974 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and attended school in Delhi. He later attended Boston College, Massachusetts where he graduated with an MBA in Operations and Strategic Management.

Anupam Mittal

After graduation, Mittal started working as a product manager at MicroStrategy. It was during this time that he had a personal experience with a matrimonial counselor, which sparked the idea of what would be his first company.

In 1997, he started (now known as, a matchmaking platform that was the first of its kind back then.

It became successful and this inspired Mittal to start other businesses including, India’s first mobile gaming company Mauj Mobile, and, India’s largest property online marketplace.

Anupam Mittal is also the co-founder of IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), where he acted as chairperson between 2006 and 2007. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of People Group.

The 50-year-old entrepreneur is also one of the top investors in India and was among the first investors of Ola.

He’s also invested in more than 200 other startups way before Shark Tank, in various sectors including consumer internet, clean technology, healthcare, and SaaS.

The millionaire businessman has been an investor in seasons 1 and 2 and has invested over US $1.5 million in more than 24 startups for aspiring entrepreneurs. In the first season alone, they invested over US$600,000 in over 24 businesses!

Besides being a businessman, Mittal has also been involved in the production of Bollywood films such as 99 and Flavors.

Namita Thapar

Net worth: Around $75 million

Appearance on the show: Seasons 1 and 2

Namita Thapar is one of the top names on the list of successful Indian entrepreneurs. She’s also one of the main judges on Shark Tank Indian having made an appearance in seasons 1 and 2.

Since 2001, she has been involved with several companies in the USA, including Guidant Corporation in marketing and finance roles. After up to 6 years stint at Guidant, she joined Emcure as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Currently, she serves as Emcure Pharmaceuticals Executive Director. Emcure is a global pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Pune. It is present in up to 70 countries and has an employment strength of up to 10,000 individuals.

Beyond her corporate role, Namita also participates in various initiatives by the government such as the “Digital Health Task Force,” “Women Entrepreneurship Platform,” and “Champions of Change” program among others.

She’s also passionate about entrepreneurship as is evident from her Incredible Ventures Ltd, an educational company offering entrepreneurship coaching to individuals between 11 and 18 years old in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

This interest in entrepreneurship plus her experience in the corporate world makes her a perfect fit for the Shark Tank investor.

On season 1 of Shark Tank India alone, Namita invested more than $1 million in more than 25 startups by aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Some of her investments have also gone ahead and become quite successful thanks to her funding and support to the founders.

Peyush Bansal

Net worth: $75 Million

Appearance on the show: Seasons 1 and 2

Peyush Bansal is another notable Indian entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Lenskart, India’s largest and most popular online eyewear retailer.

Born in Delhi, India, Peyush has a background in engineering and business. In 2007, he was a Microsoft employee in the US. However, he quit and returned to India to concentrate on his business ventures.

In 2010, he co-founded Lenskart intending to change how eyewear is bought in India.

Peyush Bansal

Under his leadership, this company has experienced phenomenal growth to become a leader in the country’s eyewear market. By 2019, it had entered the unicorn club after hitting $1billion in valuation!

They offer a wide range of eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and other related products via a network of retail stores spread across the country.

While a huge amount of his income is from Lenskart, Bansal has also invested in several other companies, including Daily Objects and InFeedo.

He’s starred on the Shark Tank reality TV show in both season 1 and 2. He has shown to have a keen eye for tech-based startups on the show. He’s currently invested in over 60 startups on the show.

It’s also worth noting that the shark has become a favorite for both the show’s viewers and entrepreneurs due to his unique approach to the show.

While other sharks opt out, he’s known to show interest and encourage the entrepreneurs by asking them more about the vision of their companies.

Aman Gupta

Net worth: Around $87 million

Appearance on the show: Seasons 1 and 2

Aman is well known as the chief marketing officer (CMO) and founder of Boat, an Indian electronic brand that was established back in 2016.

However, Gupta’s career kicked off way earlier, in 2003, when he served as assistant manager at Citi Bank. In 2005, he worked as the CEO of Advanced Telemedia Pvt Ltd., a company he co-founded with his father.

Aman Gupta

Other roles he’s played in the corporate world include senior management consultant at KPMG International Limited, Director in sales at HARMAN International, and co-founder of Imagine Marketing India.

IN 2016, he co-founded boAt. The company is synonymous with products such as headphones, earphones, travel chargers, stereos, smartwatches, and more.

Besides Boat, Gupta shares investments in several other companies, including Bummer, Shiprocket, and 10club.

With a net worth of close to $90 million, Aman Gupta is the richest shark on the show’s panel.

Ama Gupta is no doubt one of the most popular and active sharks on Shark Tank India, having secured 70 deals with investments amounting to over $26 million.

He revealed in an interview that he used to watch many episodes of the American version of the show, so he was already a fan of the show before becoming one of the main judges!

Ghazal Alagh

Net worth: $19 million

Appearance on the show: Season 1

Ghazal Alagh is known for co-founding brand Mama Earth, a successful baby care brand in India. She co-founded the company with her husband Varun Alagh in 2016.

MamaEarth focuses on producing baby care and personal products that are made from 100% safe and natural ingredients. This brand quickly gained popularity due to its commitment to sustainability and toxin-free products.

Ghazal founded the company after she was unable to find toxin-free products for her baby.

Today, the company services up to 5 million customers in up to 500 odd cities. It entered the unicorn club in 2021 after hitting a $1.2 billion valuation.

Her passion for business and skillset in branding strategy make her an inspiring businessperson and a good fit for the Shark Tank India show.

During her appearance in season 1 of the show, she secured several deals of more than $140,000 to help lift the budding entrepreneurs’ startups in India.

Besides being a successful businesswoman, Ghazal has also been listed among the top 10 artists women in India, both at national and international levels.

Ashneer Grover

Net worth: $107 million

Appearance on the show: Season 1

Ashneer Grover is another successful entrepreneur in India who appeared in season one of Shark Tank India. With an estimated net worth of $107 million, is one of the richest sharks to ever grace the show.

Ashneer is the former co-founder and managing director of Bharat Pe, an Indian fintech company focused on small merchants in the country.

Ashneer Grover

Before starting Bharat Pe, Ashneer worked in a handful of firms, including PC Jeweller Ltd and American Express, Kotak Investment Bank, and Grofers.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t cast for season two of The Shark Tank and was replaced by Amit Jain. It wasn’t clear why he didn’t return for the second and other seasons of the show as there was no official communication from him or the show creators.

However, the fact that the second season underwent some changes, including having a new host and a new set of judges, could explain the shark’s absence as part of these changes.

Nevertheless, he invested over $350,000 in up to 11 eleven deals during his time as a shark on season one of the Shark Tank India TV show.

Vineeta Singh

Net worth: $8 million

Appearance on the show: Seasons 1 and 2

Vineeta Singh has been on the Shark Tank India show since its inception in 2021. She’s a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur in India. She is well known for her innovation and leadership in the e-commerce sector.

Vineeta is the CEO and co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, a fast-growing Indian cosmetics brand. The company has gained huge recognition due to its inclusive approach to beauty and overall high-quality products.

Her success story started as she began to pursue higher education. She has shared the story of turning down a $130,000 job offer by a global investment bank. Instead, she opted to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

After making several attempts in the business sector and failing terribly, she finally realized the gap in India for quality cosmetics.

And this is how she jumped in with her Sugar Cosmetics company. This company is currently valued at around US$95 million.

While she was a shark on the show, Vineeta turned the tables and stood on the show’s season 2 grand finale to pitch her sugar company cosmetics to fellow sharks.

And yes, it works, as the judges agreed to strike a $600,000 deal for 5% of the company. Her husband joined her during the presentation.

Amit Jain

Net worth: $360 million

Appearance on the show: Season 2

Amit Jain is the CEO and co-founder of CarDekho, with an impressive net worth of $350 million, making him one of the richest sharks on the Shark Tank India TV show.

Back in 2006, Amit and his brother Anurag left their jobs and went back to Jaipur to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

They were from their small home garage, which they turned into a home office and incorporated GirnarSoft, the software outsourcing company.

After working at the software company for a year, they visited an auto expo in New Delhi in 2008 and that’s when they came back with their new venture—CarDekho.

Amit Jain

Their aim was to make use of technology to help offer the best-in-class car buying/selling experience to the users.

While they faced many hiccups along the way, they persevered, and after seven long years, the company became profitable.

They were able to secure funding of up to $15 million in 2013, which helped them grow the company to its value of $1.2 billion today.

Amit entered the reality TV show in season 2 as a replacement for Ashneer Grover. As a successful entrepreneur, he is sure to bring to the table his business acumen and wealth of experience.

Despite entering the show in the 2nd season, the shark made several deals with upcoming entrepreneurs and even gave the biggest offer in the history of the show.

As we delve into the financial achievements of the Shark Tank India cast and the history of the show, don’t forget to explore more about the broader Shark Tank cast in our Shark Tank cast article. Here, you’ll find information on participants from various Shark Tank editions. Additionally, if you’re curious about when Shark Tank started, check out our article on When Did Shark Tank Start for insights into the show’s beginnings and evolution.


Shark Tank India has gained massive popularity among viewers and aspiring entrepreneurs in India since it debuted in the country in 2021. Its panel of investors are successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are well-known in India. These sharks include Amit Jain, the richest shark on the show with a net worth of $360 million.

The other main sharks on the show are also millionaires and their expertise in the entrepreneurship sector makes them suitable hosts for this show. Their investments in various startups are sure to significantly impact the entrepreneurship and innovation space in India.

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