Gayla Bentley Shark Tank Update

Gayla Bentley Shark Tank Update: Are They Still Booming in the Industry?

Gayla was on the first season of Shark Tank, where she displayed her plus-zed dress designs for women. This collection was made to meet the needs of the 60% of women who are in this size range.

In a world where a lot of women wear sizes 12 and up, the fact that there aren’t enough options in stores for them. So, Gayla Bentley wanted to change this bias in the overall fashion industry with her brand, which is made for women who wear sizes 12 to 28.

So, how was the pitch? Want to know more about the Gayla Bentley update? If yes, then binge on this Gayla Bentley Shark Tank update blog. 

Gayla Bentley Shark Tank Profile

The table below will give you some of the important Gayla Bentley data and overall Shark Tank profile.

Name of the CompanyGayla Bentley
FounderGayla Bentley
Founded In2001
Product TypePlus Sized Dresses
Shark Tank Season and Episode NoS1, E9
Aired in Shark TankOct 13th, 2009
Net WorthNot Known
Asking Investment from Sharks$250,000 for 20% equity
Shark’s Offer$250,000 for 50% equity
Deal Closed At$250,000 for 50% equity
Deal Secured ByBarbara Corcoran and Daymond John
Current Business Status Out of clothing business
WebsiteGayla Bentley
Watch on Amazon Prime

About the Founder Gayla Bentley

Gayla Bentley is the founder of Gayla Bentley Fashion. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and has always loved fashion.

Moreover, Bentley knew what plus-size women wanted because she had worked in fashion for more than 20 years. She saw a hole in the mainstream and wanted to help women who wear size 14 and up.

Before she went on Shark Tank, Bentley made a name for herself in the fashion industry for plus-size women. Her designs and dresses were sold in around 50 shops, but she wanted to grow even more. So, she decided to make her entry on Shark Tank. 

How Was the Pitch On the Tank? 

Gayla Bentley displayed her business with a lot of confidence. She initially hoped to get her ask of $250,000 for a 20% equity. 

She talked about how her brand serves the 60% of women who wear a size 14 or larger but aren’t well designed and presented. She even told them about her success in 50 shops and online presence.

Even Kevin O’Leary was pretty much interested in Bentley’s drive. However, Daymond and Barbara finally made an offer of $250,000 for 50% of her business.

Bentley was indeed on a rough patch as this bigger share of the partnership would cut down her business to half. In the end, Bentley did take the offer as she would get the right mentorship and guidance to grow her business.

What Happened to Gayla Bentley After Shark Tank? 

Bentley’s business moved forward with the help of the investment from John and Barbara. At first, the business did well, and customers liked it, especially the stylish plus-size choices. 

However, the website looked old, and this really made it less appealing, which made customers less engaged with the online services. 

Gayla Bentley after Shark Tank got a striking marketing benefit, but she’s no longer in the business. Gayla Bentley today is more on consultation, and she talks in a professional and personal style. 

The business indeed had the potential to strive, but the strong clothing competition might be one of the reasons she moved to consultation. Plus, she’s in the process of coming up with a TV series about Hurricane Harvey. 

Gayla Bentley Net Worth and Sales Data

After Gayla’s business shut down in 2017, there have been no recent updates about her net worth and sales. According to reports, after Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran’s investment into Gayla Bentley, the business was thought to be worth around $500,000.

In a nutshell, despite the heavy popularity after the Gayla Bentley Shark Tank episode, sales weren’t good enough! 

Is Gayla Bentley Profitable at This Moment?

Even though Gayla’s clothes range from $150 to $500, customers love it because of its stylish designs. Plus, they could easily be found in both plus and normal sizes.

The advice, along with the funding from the investors, did give the company a good boost it needed. However, the business eventually ran into different challenges, and it was forced to be shut down.

Even though the site is still active, there are no recent products or any updates! 

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Bottom Line:

So, how was Gayla Bentley on Shark Tank? In simple words, it was a good pitch. Her pitch and way of presenting were one of the major drills that made the Sharks interested in her business.

Despite the products being highly-priced, Daymond and Barbara’s overall investment helped the business get a good boost. But, in the end, the business couldn’t survive in the industry!

Meta Description: Gayla Bentley’s Shark Tank update will let you know how Bentley made a promising start to her business but couldn’t make it survive in the end.  

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