Go Oats Shark Tank Update

Go Oats Shark Tank Update: Are They Still Profitable?

Go Oats has changed the way oat lovers think about frozen oats. The founder, Nahum, started this business in Alexandria, Virginia, in the US. Since it started, the company’s reach has grown a lot, and it soon became available in different stores in the US. 

But what is the Go Oats Shark Tank Update now? This was one of the feats that attracted the sharks to the business. And finally, Barbara came up with an interesting offer of $150,000 at a 20% business stake. 

Want to learn more about the Go Oats update? Then skim through this Go Oats Shark Tank update blog. 

Go Oats Shark Tank Profile

Go Oats Shark Tank Profile

The table below shows some of the essential Go Oats data and Shark Tank profile overview.

Name of the CompanyGo Oats
FounderNahum Jeannot
Season and Episode NoS12, E2
Aired in Shark Tank23 Oct, 2020
Product TypeOatmeal In A Ball
Founded In2017
Net Worth$15 Million
Asking for$150,000 at a 10% Share
Shark’s Offer$150,000 at a 20% Share
Final dealDeal Closed
SharksBarbara Corcoran
Business Status In Business
HeadquartersLorton, Virginia, the United States 
WebsiteVisit Here
Social MediaTwitterFacebook
Watch on Amazon Prime
Buy the productOn Amazon 

About the Founder: Nahum Jeannot

Nahum spent around 3 years of his business life working on Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads after he finished schooling. During this time, he mastered the art of cooking. The next step in his journey was to become the dinner chef at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Centre.

But Nahum’s drive for new ideas and high quality forced him to take a pretty risky step. And thus, Go Oats was founded and his entrepreneurial journey started. 

How Was the Pitch On the Tank? 

In the 12th season of the famous Shark Tank, Nahum came up with his brilliant idea of making oats more interesting and fun. This new idea involves making easy-to-carry oats that can be eaten as a quick snack or breakfast.

How Was the Pitch On the Tank

The sharks appreciated Go Oats for its great taste and simple cooking. However, Nahum was still criticized for his low profit margins. When he asked about the business sales, Nahum stated that in 2017, the company made only $13,000 in sales. 

But In 2018, the number did go up to $57,000, and in the next coming years, it will have a snowball effect. 

Nahum also told the sharks about his offline shop presence and this was an impressive feat to the sharks. And this decision from Nahum gave him a lot of time to focus on raising Go Oats, which was very helpful. 

However, despite the rapid fires of questions and data, Nahum’s drive led Barbara Corcoran to make him an offer. She offered  $150,000 at a 20% share along with the main chain supplies and additional strategies to spread the business. Nahum eventually agreed to Barbara’s offer and the deal was closed.

What Happened to Go Oat’s Business After Shark Tank? 

Since its astounding air on “Shark Tank,” Go Oats’s overall business has grown in a very striking way. Now, after the Go Oats Shark Tank episode, the business encountered a huge marketing benefit. And since the products were already pretty good, sooner the business got its fame. 

What Happened to Go Oat’s Business After Shark Tank

To date, they are available in different stores and Amazon stores. Plus, they also sell it on their official website. That’s not all; the company has also introduced a new strawberry flavor to meet the growing demand for its products. 

Currently, you’ll find all their flavors available in stores and online platforms like Amazon and Go Oats’s official site. 

Go Oats Net Worth and Sales Data

As of 2023, Go Oats has a net worth of $15 million, which only keeps rising. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales indeed went down (like any other business), but Nahum stayed strong and kept moving forward. 

Go Oats has strengthened its overall position in the oats industry by selling its items in more than 60 Whole Foods shops and around 20 Hainan locations. This large business reach goes through 7 different states in the US. 

Is Go Oats Profitable at This Moment?

The business is doing more than $4 million in annual sales and if you look at the overall net worth, it rose from $50,000 to $15 million in just 5 years. 

Is Go Oats Profitable at This Moment

According to the founder, Nahum, he plans to expand the business even more and ensure his brand reaches every US store. And as far as the current business trajectory is concerned, the business will soon become a unicorn! 

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Bottom Line

So, how was Go Oats on Shark Tank? Well, the pitch was amazing and despite the sharks coming up with a few negative comments, Barbara gave a brilliant offer, which Nahum couldn’t refuse. Go Oats today is doing pretty well and the overall sales and business fame are skyrocketing. 

And most importantly, his footmarks have been quite effective for, which Go Oats is still thriving in the oatmeal industry. 

Meta Description: Go Oats Shark Tank update will help you know how Nathum built his own oatmeal empire with the help of Barbara’s investment. 

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