Revestor Shark Tank Update

Revestor Shark Tank Update – Are They Still In Business?

Revestor is a search engine and online platform dealing with real estate. Users can access valuable information on real estate such as mortgage payments via Revestor. These are critical metrics for determining a property’s profitability. So, was Revestor on Shark Tank? Yes.

So, what is the Revestor Shark Tank update now? Bill appeared during the 9th episode of Season 4 of the show in 2012. He asked for $250,000 for 10% of his company. But no sharks were interested in investing, unfortunately. However, Revestor is still in business and the latest report says in 2021 says its net worth is $2.5 Million.

That said, continue reading to know what happened in the Shark Tank episode and more about Revestor Shark Tank update

Revestor Shark Tank Profile

Here is an overview of Revestor and its Shark Tank episode in the table below. 

Company Revestor
ProductReal estate investment website 
FounderBill Lyons
Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 4, Episode 9
Air Date11th November 2012
SharkNo sharks
Asked for$250,000 for a 10% share of the company
Final DealNo deal
Business StatusIn business
CostFree subscription and a premium option of $99 
Net worth$2.5 Million (As of 2011)
Deal after shark tankNo Deal
Watch OnAmazon Prime Video, Hulu, FubuTV

What Happened in Revestor Shark Tank Episode? 

Bill Lyons worked in the financial services industry, successfully leading a $20 million business specializing in mortgages and life insurance. Following the 2008 housing market crash, his company suffered a significant financial setback due to a massive write-off. 

Therefore, Bill made Revestor three years later to get back on his feet. During the Revestor shark tank episode, he entered the tank seeking $250,000 in return of a 10% stake. 

What Happened in Revestor Shark Tank Episode

He pitched his investment app, comparing it to the game-changing platforms that revolutionized car sales and stock trading on the Internet. He envisioned Revestor as bridging the information gap and allowing investors and buyers alike to make more strategic decisions. 

Despite Bill’s conviction and belief in Revestor’s potential, the Sharks did not share his enthusiasm. They expressed their reservations about the product, the business concept, and its market viability one by one. 

Unfortunately, none of the Sharks saw enough potential in Revestor to invest, and ultimately, they all declined to make an offer. 

What Happened To Revestor After Shark Tank?

The rejection of Shark Tank did not deter Bill Lyons, and he continued to pursue his vision for Revestor. So, Revestor update, after its appearance on Shark Tank,  is a surge in user interest, particularly from rural areas. 

However, it’s worth noting that at the time of its Shark Tank pitch, Revestor was still in the early stages of development. As a result, the app had not been fully implemented with all of its premium features. 

Nonetheless, Bill Lyons continued to advance Revestor’s advertising strategies and leverage the platform to enable real estate agents to target specific buyer demographics. As time passed, Revestor experienced delays in fully developing and launching the app. 

What Happened To Revestor After Shark Tank

By 2013, Bill Lyons had taken another entrepreneurial leap, launching Griffin Funding, a mortgage company. This move was made to create funding opportunities for Revestor’s development and expansion.

Bill’s efforts with Griffin Funding were fruitful, and by 2021, the company had achieved impressive results, generating $5 million in annual sales. This success provided some financial stability and support for Revestor’s ongoing operations and growth plans.

As of the latest available information, Revestor today exists as an operational website, but the app itself is no longer available. The website continues to serve users in the greater San Diego area. It gives them valuable insights and information for their real estate investment decisions.

Revestor Gear Net Worth

In 2011, Revestor’s valuation was estimated to be $2.5 million. The net worth of Revestor is unknown, but as of 2021, their annual sales are worth $5 million.

Revestor Gear Sales Data

Revestor’s sales data was never in public. However, that of Griffin Funding is approximately $5 million as of 2021.

Is Revestor Profitable Now?

As of 2023, there is little public information available about Revestor’s current profitability. Because Revestor is a privately held company, it is not required to publicly disclose its financial information. 

Is Revestor Profitable Now

As a result, information about its profitability, revenue, and financial performance is not readily available to the general public. However, according to recent news articles, Griffin Funding’s annual revenue is only $5 million as of 2021.

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Bill Lyons came on Shark Tank and asked for $250,000 for 10% of his company. However, he ended up not securing his target funding and left the show without any funding. Despite the delays in fully realizing the app’s potential, Bill Lyons showed remarkable adaptability by founding Griffin Funding. 

This mortgage company not only supported Revestor’s growth but also achieved notable success in its own right. The synergy between Revestor and Griffin Funding demonstrated Lyons’ commitment to the real estate industry and his entrepreneurial spirit.

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