Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Update

Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank has seen its fair share of food innovations. The Slice of Sauce was one such innovative idea that garnered much attention.

So, what is the latest Slice of Sauce Shark Tank update? The company has stopped updating its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page is no longer there. The last post on Twitter is from January 30, 2019, and the last Instagram post was on September 21st, 2021. 

Furthermore, the official website does not exist anymore. The owners have also stopped advertisements completely, and from their lack of updates, it can be deduced the company is no longer active.

In this article, we will cover the details you need to know about the company and peer deep into their present state. So, let us get right to the updates!

Slice of Sauce Company Profile

Slice of Sauce

Here is the Slice of Sauce update. It has a Shark Tank profile that has crucial pieces of information that you might want to know

Company NameSlice of Sauce 
Founder Cole Williams and Emily Williams
ProductCondiments that have been dehydrated and packed into handy slices
Was Slice of Sauce on Shark Tank?Yes
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 12 Episode 10
Air DateJanuary 15, 2021
Proposed Deal200,000 dollars for 10%
Final Deal$200,000 loan that will be converted to 20% ownership when sales reach $1.8 million
SharkAlex Rodriguez
Status of The DealNever happened
Business StatusOut of Business
Net WorthAround 1 million dollars, approximately
Number of Products3
Number of EmployeesLess than 25
Top CompetitorsMeatsmack, MFT Sauce, Five Monkeys BBQ Sauce
Watch the episode onAmazon Prime Video (Currently unavailable)

What Happened to Slice of Sauce in the Shark Tank Episode?

The Slice of Sauce Shark Tank episode was the 10th episode in season 12 of Shark Tank USA. 

In the episode majority of the sharks thought it was not a good idea to invest, even after Williams delivered a strong presentation. Only Kevin O’Leary and Alex Rodriguez offered them a deal. 

What Happened to Slice of Sauce in the Shark Tank Episode

Williams went with Alex Rodriguez’s offer of a $200,000 loan that will be converted to 20% ownership when sales reach $1.8 million.  Mark Cuban also wanted to make an offer, but Williams listened to Alex Rodriguez’s deal and took it.

After the deal happened, the duo was beyond excited because of the great offer they received. They both agreed they had no regrets about accepting Rodriguez’s deal.

What Happened to Slice of Sauce After Shark Tank?

Slice of Sauce after Shark Tank, caught a lot of attention. That is given considering the show is a massive boost of publicity, and the founders were getting many orders. The company seemed to be on a good track, but it actually could not keep up with the demands.

Then the company was only taking orders through their website unavailable), and it was in small amounts. Many also forgot about the product because of its lack of advertisements. The lack of activity on social media is one of the main reasons why its advertisements fell. 

The company’s Instagram and Twitter have had no updates since 2021. The Facebook page cannot be reached, and even the website that took orders does not exist anymore. So, Slice of Sauce today no longer is a company that is in business.

Slice of Sauce Net Worth

From unofficial data and including the investment it received until 2021. It can be estimated the net worth is around 1 million dollars.

This is an estimation, and the company never published any official financial report. Then the deal with Alex Rodriguez never went through, and as of now, the company has stopped all sales. The net worth should be much lower than 2 million.

Slice of Sauce Net Worth

Is Slice of Sauce Profitable Now?

The company now only exists in memories. There is no data that said it was profitable or the owners profited from it. As the company is out of business, it can be said it is not at all profitable.

The owners failed to adapt it to a business model that could return profits. Also, the amount of money they invested if it was salvaged is not clear either. So, they never yielded any profits officially.

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Bottom Line

For a quick recap, the Slice of Sauce Shark Tank update is the company is out of business. It never took off as it was expected by the owners. The company could not meet the demand and adopt a profitable business model.

If you have read the article, you know the state of the company. For more Shark Tank updates, keep following us, and we will cover other popular Shark Tank products. Stay tuned and take care of yourself.

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