Dino Don Shark Tank update

Dino Don Shark Tank update

Dino Don, Inc. deals with life-sized robotic dinosaurs. The founders, Don Lessem and Valerie Jones, in May 2021, appeared on the Shark Tank to pitch their business to a panel of investors. After a bit of heated conversation, Dino Don hit the deal with Mark Cuban for $500,000 for 25% equity.

While the Dino Don had a unique vision and idea, their appearance on TV made them see a new dawn for their business. In fact, after their appearance, they doubled the revenue in subsequent years and are on the verge of hitting $10 million in revenue in 2023.

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 Dino Don Shark Tank Profile

Dino Don Shark Tank
Company NameDino Don
FounderDon Lessem and Valerie Jones
ProductSelling Life-size robotic dinosaurs to the zoos
Equity Demand$500,000 for 10% of the business
Deal$500,000 for 25%
SharkMark Cuban
Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 25
Air dateMay 21, 2021
Status of the BusinessIn-business
Website Addresshttps://dinodoninc.com/
HeadquarterMedia, Pennsylvania, US
Net WorthMore than $10 million
Buy NowDinodoninc
Watch onAmazon Prime

Dino Don Story

Dino Don boasts a unique vision of selling life-sized, realistic robotic dinosaurs to zoos and theme parks. Don Lessem has more than four decades of experience in this niche, and he partnered with her wife, Valerie Jones, for Dino Don. In fact, you will find more than 40 books on the subject by Lessem. You might be thinking about the Movie Jurassic Park since we are discussing dinosaurs. Lessem has also consulted the Dino films like Jurassic Park.

On the other hand, Jones was responsible for funding the business since she had experience in nonprofit fundraising. In fact, during her 20 years of venture, she garnered millions of dollars for various organizations.

So the Dino Don was established in 1993 when Lessem started road shows starring life-sized creatures. But after that, he started to think about manufacturing life-sized creatures and renting and selling them. And so for that, he went to every length, including inviting zoo directors to his first show from his pocket.

But the Dino Don saw a new dawn when Lessem and Valrie joined together in 2017 and started Dino Don. The Dino Don vision was to sell and rent life-sized, hyper realistic robotic dinosaurs that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Initially, Dino Don was a small business, but it quickly grew. In May 2021, the company appeared on Shark Tank’s grand finale and pitched its business to investors. After the Dino Don Shark Tank episode, they secured a deal with one of the Sharks. Below are details of their pitch, followed by the Dino Don Shark Tank update.

Dino Don Pitch at Shark Tank

Don Lessem and Valerie Jone were confident when they stepped on the stage with their dino buddy. Since Don has been behind every Dino movie you watch today, Sharks were impressed at first. And the cherry on top was when the Dinosaur started roaring during the pitch. Being gigantic dinosaur suppliers of the United States, they impressed the Sharks, but the sharks were not happy when it came to numbers.

Don asked for $500,000 in return for 10% equity of their business. Since the amount was huge, all Sharks except Mark Cuban were out. But Cuban asked for 25% of the business stake. Lessem was reluctant since the percentage was significant, but he agreed, and they secured the deal.

What happened to Dino Don after Shark Tank?

Was Dino Don on Shark Tank had been fruitful for Lessem and Valerie? Yes. After Dino Don pitched on Shark Tank, they saw a massive increase in sales. Not only in the US, they also started trading their Dinos worldwide after the Shark Tank. Moreover, they grew their company to the ice age animals and mammoths, gigantic bugs, and dragons. The Dino Don has been stirring in Belgium, Germany, England, France, and Finland.

What happened to Dino Don after Shark Tank

In 2021 Dino Don had a whopping $ 4 million in revenue, up to $10 million by 2022.

The Dino Don never looked back after securing the deal with Mark Cuban. Mark’s financial advice and network of experienced investors let them explore the lengths of the Dino world.

Here is a glimpse of what happened to Dino Don after Shark Tank:

  • They started traveling and exhibiting dinosaur roadshows across the US.
  • Their first documentary series, “The Dinosaur Factory,” was produced and will be aired in 2023.
  • Before Shark Tank, they had four employees working at Dino’s. Now this number quadrupled, and they have 25 employees.
  • They expanded their robots number from 150 to 400. And also they added new Birds, bugs, and Ice Age animals.
  • The company was headquartered in the US only before Shark Tank. Now they have three more offices in Belgium, Germany, and England.

Dino Don is a company that has been on the rise since Shark Tank. While their products and ideas are great, their financial support and advice from Mark Cuban had to make for the company’s bright future.

Dino Don’s Net Worth

While they didn’t disclose their sales figure publicly, so we can’t say about their net worth. But one thing is certain: they have seen massive growth since the Shark Tank. One example is that they have expanded their product line to ice age animals and other characters. When they debuted in 2021 in Shark Tank, they had a net worth of $ million, which skyrocketed to $10 million in the next year, and as of 2023, they have anticipated generating more than 15 million.

Dino Don's Net Worth

Moreover, their net worth increase is also attributed to their 3 more establishments in countries like England, Belgium, and Germany. Moreover, they are also doing display shows in France and Finland, among other countries.

From these facts and figures, it is apparent that Dino Don’s net worth has increased significantly after Shark Tank Debut, but since they are a bit covert about the figure, we can’t say for sure about their net worth.

Dino Don Sales Data

Here is a table of Dino Don updates for sales data from 2020 to 2023:

YearSales (in millions of dollars)
2020(Before Shark Tank)1.8                                                                                          
2023 (projected)15

The table above shows that their sales steadily increased after Shark Tank in 2021. Comparing its $4 million revenue in 2021 to its anticipated revenue of $15 million in 2023, Dino Don, after Shark Tank, has quadrupled its sales.

Lessem and Valerie are passionate about their company which is the main reason behind their growth. But Mark Cuban’s contribution to the company has also lubricated their sales figures. They expanded their product line internationally and marketing efforts after Cuban’s help, so they are now all over the map. In years to come, we anticipate more growth from Dino Don.

Is Dino Don Profitable Now?

Yes, Dino Don has gotten their fair share from the Dino world. As we said earlier, before Shark Tank, they had only $1.8 million under their belt in terms of sales revenue. Since then, they have been multiplying the figures every year. 

Is Dino Don Profitable Now

Today Dino Don has anticipated generating $15 million in revenue by 2023 since they have expanded their product line and service range. In fact, they are on track to international growth owing to their strong product, a growing market, and a capable team. They will thrive in flourish in years to come.

So Dino Don is an example that shows how an investor panel from Shark Tank can be fruitful to entrepreneurs.

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