Father Figure Shark Tank Update

Father Figure Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank has seen its fair share of clothing brand startups and innovative apparel. Father Figure was one such idea but did not see success like Red Dress Boutique, Elephant Pants, etc.

So, what is the latest Father Figure Shark Tank update? Father Figure never really took off as a business. The founder, Andrew Bentley, got no deal and in July 2019, the company went into complete shutdown.

According to Bentley, the reason for the shutdown was he could not have free time for the company because of his role as a parent. Now, Andrew Bently works as a Project Leader at the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab.

In this article, we will cover all the necessary details and statistics that are related to Father Figure. So, let us get started.

Father Figure Shark Tank Profile

Before we jump into details, let’s look into the company’s profile below!

Company NameFather Figure
FounderAndrew Bentley
FoundedJune 2016
ProductPaternity Clothing for Baby Dads
Number of Products4
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Episode 6, Season 9
Air DateOctober 29, 2017
Asked For$80,000 investment in exchange for 15% 
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website 
Lifetime Worth(Sales Data)$33,000
Number of EmployeesNo data
Watch onAmazon Prime
Buy productsOn Amazon

Father Figure in Shark Tank Episode

Father Figure was not a famous idea of Shark Tank Season 9. So, people might wonder, was Father Figure on Shark Tank? It was and it was in episode 6 of season 9.

Andrew Bently delivered a good presentation with modes to boot. The Sharks were impressed and adored the baby models. When it came to the talk, more or less all were on the same note, including Kevin O’Leary.

Father Figure in Shark Tank Episode

But Kevin went far and beyond to tell Andrew it was a useless business idea. He seemed visibly annoyed with the idea of Andrew leaving Google for this business. So, the Father Figure Shark Tank episode was memorable to some because of this incident.

What Happened to Father Figure After Shark Tank?

The business idea was a pure flop with the Sharks and Andrew did not receive any offers. The paternity clothing for fathers was not something the world needed and had a high price tag. 

So, after the episode, the initial hype around the products was not much. The company did see a little increase in demand but that was not enough to make the company run.

The company’s products did get featured on various media websites like Huffington Post and Fatherly.com. However, it seemed like it was not enough to convince the founder that the company could be a success in the future.

Andrew Bentley told the Sharks he left his job at Google to give time in the company but after 2019 he completely gave up on it. In 2020, he started working as Project Leader at the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab. So, the Father Figure update is, it no longer exists.

Father Figure’s Net Worth

The net worth of Father Figure was never revealed. The company had revenue of 33,000 dollars and 30,500 dollars came from Kickstarter. So, their sales were really low initially. 

Father Figure’s Net Worth

The worth of the company or the amount Andew invested is not public either. Now that the company is out of business it can be said the company has a net worth of zero dollars.

Is Father Figure Profitable Now?

No, as it is out of business it is making zero amount of profits now. Father Figure today is not a company that is active and the socials and the website all have not been updated or used since 2019.

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For a quick summary, the Father Figure Shark Tank update is the company no longer exists. It is out of business completely and the founder Andrew Bentley has a full-time job now.

The Sharks did tell Andrew it was not a feasible business venture and they were right. The company was not making any headlines and soon enough the founder also lost interest.

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