Daisy Cakes Shark Tank Update

Daisy Cakes Shark Tank Update

Daisy Cakes is a charming bakery business known for its delectable homemade desserts. It gained widespread recognition after its appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank. 

So, what exactly are the Daisy Cake Shark Tank Updates? Daisy cakes are still popular at the moment.  As per reports, its net worth is $4 million until January 2023.

In this study, we will explore what happened to Daisy Cakes after their Shark Tank appearance. We will delve into their current status, including their net worth, sales data, and profitability.

Daisy Cake Shark Tank Profile in a Nutshell

Daisy Cake Shark Tank Profile

Let’s have a quick look at the daisy cake profile in real life and in the famous TV series.

Company NameDaisy Cakes
Website: https://www.ilovedaisycakes.com/
Founder Kim Nelson
Founding Year2009 
Shark Tank SeasonSeason 2, Episode 6 
Season 3, Episode 7
Total Daisy Cake Episodes2
Date AiredSeason 2, Episode 6: April 22, 2011
Season 3, Episode 7: March 2, 2012
Sharks PresentBarbara Corcoran 
Lori Greiner
Mark Cuban 
Kevin O’Leary 
Robert Herjavec 
Product/ServiceHomemade cakes and desserts
Pitch OutcomeReceived investment
Investment Deal$50,000 for 25% equity (from Barbara Corcoran)
Asking Investment$50,000
Post-Shark Tank updateIncreased sales and brand recognition
Distribution ChannelsOnline sales, nationwide shipping, partnerships with retail stores
Headquarters South Carolina, United States
Streaming PlatformAmazon prime
Season 2
Season 3
Buy NowAmazon, Website

Daisy Tank After the Shark Tank Appearance

So, what happened to Daisy Cakes after Shark Tank? After appearing on Shark Tank, Daisy Cakes owner Kim Nelson used the opportunity to boost her business. The show’s exposure and credibility were a game-changer for Daisy Cakes’ success. 

In Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 6, Nelson asked for a $50,000 investment in exchange for 25% ownership. Although the other judges thought the business was too small, Corcoran saw its potential and decided to take a risk. 

This risk paid off, leading to a significant increase in sales for Daisy Cakes, thanks to the Shark Tank effect.

As a recurring figure on the show, Nelson returned to share her progress and updates. Additionally, she authored two cookbooks, further cementing Daisy Cakes’ presence in the culinary world. By the time, Season 3, Daisy Cake Shark Tank Episode 7 aired, Daisy Cakes had already generated an average of $100,000 in monthly sales.  

Daisy Tank After the Shark Tank Appearance

Daisy Cake was basically invited to join the shark tank in season 3. She shared how her business was going at that time and she was there to share her business expanding. 

With Corcoran’s guidance and network, Nelson expanded her operations. She replaced the small kitchen with a more efficient space equipped with walk-in ovens.

Daisy Cakes returned on Season 5 Episode 9 of Shark Tank. They were featured at Barbara Corcoran’s annual retreat for successful entrepreneurs at Fire Island. 

The business kept growing in the 2010s, and Nelson released her first cookbook in 2014, followed by a second one in 2018.

Expanding Palates Nationwide: Daisy Cakes Delights Customers through E-Commerce Expansion

Daisy Cakes today expanded its distribution channels beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar model. Through partnerships with online platforms like Goldbelly, customers from all over the country could now order Daisy Cakes’ and have them shipped directly to their doorstep. 

This expansion into the e-commerce space significantly widened the customer base and increased accessibility to their products. The combination of increased exposure, positive media coverage, and expanded distribution channels fueled Daisy Cakes Shark Tank update of growth and success. 

With each new appearance on a popular program, the bakery’s reputation and customer demand continued to rise. This upward trajectory allowed Daisy Cakes to solidify its position as a beloved bakery brand and establish a loyal customer base.”

Daisy Cakes Update: Sales Data

There have been no particular sales updates about daisy cakes every year since its debut. But it is frequently stated that after the Shark Tank appearance Daisy Cakes got the spotlight.

Daisy Cakes Update

Daisy Cakes, under the leadership of Kim Nelson, has experienced remarkable growth. The company’s cake production has surged from 2,000 cakes per year to an impressive 18,000 in 2023. This tremendous expansion has contributed to Daisy Cakes achieving a net worth exceeding $3 million.

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Q: Are Daisy Cakes’ recipes still based on the original family recipes? 

Absolutely! Daisy Cakes proudly continues to use the same cherished recipes passed down through generations. Each cake is made with love and a commitment to preserving the delicious flavors that started it all.

Q: How does Daisy Cakes maintain the freshness of its cakes during shipping? 

Daisy Cakes takes great care in packaging and shipping its cakes to ensure freshness upon arrival. With expert packaging techniques and using dry ice, they strive to deliver their mouthwatering cakes in the best possible condition.

Q: Can I find Daisy Cakes in local stores or bakeries? 

While Daisy Cakes primarily operates through its online platform, it may have partnerships with select local establishments. Please visit their website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on retail availability.

Final Words

All in all, Daisy Cakes’ appearance on Shark Tank propelled their business to new heights. With the support of Barbara Corcoran, their sales and brand recognition soared. Expanding into e-commerce through platforms like Goldbelly allowed them to reach customers nationwide, contributing to their remarkable growth. 

Though specific sales data is unavailable, their cake production increased from 2,000 to 18,000 cakes as per reports, resulting in a net worth exceeding $3 million. 

Daisy Cakes remains dedicated to preserving family recipes and ensuring fresh deliveries. While primarily operating online, they may have local partnerships. Whether you prefer traditional or dietary-specific options, Daisy Cakes aims to satisfy your cravings. 

Finally, their journey exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and exceptional products, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

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