Liftid Shark Tank Update

Liftid Shark Tank Update: Soaring to New Heights with a Game-Changing Innovation

Shark Tank, the hit reality TV show, witnessed the birth of numerous success stories. One such product that caught the attention of both the sharks and viewers alike is Liftid. 

It is a neurostimulation product created by Theodore H. Schwartz. This helps with one’s focus by applying a mild electric current through two electrodes to targeted areas. It performs as an alternative to the consumption of chemical stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and other performance enhancers.

Although it did not receive any deals from the hit show, it was still able to obtain success since its debut. In this article, you’ll see Liftid’s remarkable progress and the improvements that helped the product reach new heights after the Liftid Shark Tank episode. 

Liftid Shark Tank Profile

According to the Liftid shark tank update, one of the founders of Liftid presented her pitch to the sharks for $200,000 for 10% equity. 

When Kevin inquired about the company’s product sales rate, it was revealed that by October 1st, 2020, 1,240 products were sold. The manufacturing cost for this is $ 22 with Duty All In. And in 2020, it used to sell for $149. During this time, they generated 126,000 dollars in sales.

Liftid Shark Tank Profile

Unfortunately, neither of the sharks was interested in taking the risk that neurostimulation consisted of, leaving them to not invest in the product.

Company NameLIFTiD
FoundersKen Davidoe & Allyson Davidoe
Designed ByTheodore H. Schwartz
Product InformationA neurostimulator that improves one’s attention span by stimulating neurons in the brain through Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.
Manufacturing Cost$22
Sold For (Single Piece)$149
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E5
Air DateNovember 13, 2020
Investment Asked For$200,000 for 10% equity
Final DealNo deal (Rejected)
Business StatusStill in Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Watch OnAmazon Prime
Go to AmazonBuy Now

What Happened to Liftid in Shark Tank Episode?

The two co-founders, Alyson and Kenvin made a proposal on Liftid Shark Tank episode 5 of season 12, asking for $200,000 of only 10% equity. During the pitch, Kevin claimed to have sold 1,240 devices generating about $126,000.

Carried on, the two then demonstrated their unique new technology, raising the eyebrows of the judges. However, they were not impressive enough to break a deal.

What Happened to Liftid in Shark Tank Episode

The five judges had a similar opinion on the product, that it is not marketable. Moreover, none of them believed in the idea of using a neurostimulation device to enhance brain activity.

One of the primary judges, Mark Cuban, even complained during the presentation that they were selling science incorrectly! Lori has previously declared a similar reason to pull out from the offer.

The rest three judges also pulled themselves off, with Daniel Lubetzky clarifying his disbelief in the product’s potential.

What Happened to Liftid After Shark Tank?

Liftid was able to attract a large number of audience with their creative startup idea. This led to everyone thinking what happened to Lifitid after shark tank?

The Liftid shark tank update revealed the success achieved by the innovative startup since its appearance on the show. Although they weren’t able to convince the sharks, the publicity was a massive help.

One of the key aspects of LiftiD’s post-Shark Tank success was the influx of customers and increased sales. The national platform provided by Shark Tank helped raise awareness about LiftiD’s innovative health and wellness device, attracting a larger customer base.

Liftid after shark tank started to sell their product on Amazon. Over 200 people have given Liftid headbands an average rating of 3.6 stars on Amazon. Negative reviews draw attention to problems with the battery whereas 43% of customers gave it five stars.  

Moreover, it was also awarded the Gadget Flow Best Product award in 2019. The annual income of Liftid as of now is about $5 million, and its market value is estimated to be $20 million.

Liftid Net Worth

As of now, Liftid today has an estimated net worth of around $35 million. Within a short period after the initial air date, this company sold a significant amount of products. Currently, they are still operating and generated $6 million in revenue.

Liftid Net Worth

Is Liftid Profitable Now?

Lifid update shows that as of now, it is still profitable. The product currently is available online on their website, selling for 150$. 

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Below we’ll discuss some of the most frequent queries people have regarding Liftid.

Q. Is Liftid safe to use?

LIFTID has no medical benefit and is not intended to prevent or treat any medical condition. It also comes with a lot of precautions.

Q. What is their return policy?

At LIFTiD, they are aware that items occasionally may not perform as anticipated. They have a no-hassle returns policy as a result, allowing you to send your equipment back within 30 days of purchase if it doesn’t match your requirements.

Q. What is Liftid’s shipping policy?

After payment has been received, all in-stock items are normally delivered within 3 business days. Orders are shipped by drop-off without signature using UPS, DHL, and USPS with tracking (where applicable).


The adventure LiftiD took on Shark Tank was nothing less than incredible. LiftiD made an impact from the start of its pitch to the tense Deals and Decisions phase, showcasing the power of creativity, resiliency, and a clear vision for revolutionizing the health and wellness sector.

Liftid after shark tank propelled into a new level of success by the attention and validation they received on the show. Their post-Shark Tank successes, which include higher revenue, strategic alliances, and rapid expansion, reinforce their position as a market leader.

Its success serves as motivation for prospective business owners, showing them that they can change the world if they have perseverance, passion, and a marketable product. 

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