Why Did Kevin Harrington Leave Shark Tank

Why Did Kevin Harrington Leave Shark Tank? Everything You Should Know

Shark Tank has earned its spot as one of the most popular reality TV shows in America. Kevin Harrington was part of the original cast when the show premiered in 2009. But he left the show in 2011.

But why did Kevin Harrington leave Shark Tank? Well, there are varied reports on why he left the show. Some claim that he had health issues during filming, while others insist it was because of his low entertainment value.

The reality TV business is dynamic, and Shark Tank is no exception. Join us as we explore all there is to know about Kevin Harrington and the reasons he left the show. 

Why Did Kevin Harrington Leave Shark Tank?

After his departure from the show, fans speculated about Kevin Harrington’s reasons for leaving. 

At first, the consensus was that he was leaving because of health issues. In 2012, however, the news surfaced that the show’s producers let him go because he was not as engaging as the other sharks on the show.

Why Did Kevin Harrington Leave Shark Tank

In her AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, Lori Greiner confirmed that the producers decided not to have Harrington back on the show. However, she claimed to be unaware of the details surrounding the issue.

Greiner is an American entrepreneur who joined the show as a shark in 2012. She and Harrington were never on the cast together, as he left Shark Tank in 2011 after two seasons.

Critics of the show recognize the positive effects of replacing Harrington with another shark. The show became even more popular after the new shark took over, averaging about 5 million viewers per episode in the third season.

How did Kevin Harrington become famous?

Kevin Harrington  is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time and is widely known as the “Inventor of Infomercials.”

In an interview about his podcast, Kevin Harrington credits his success to a time when he was watching television in 1984. The screen went dark for six hours because the channel was an 18-hour network.

Harrington then had the brilliant idea to fill those six hours with videos called infomercials to advertise products. This invention, coupled with his knack for business, set him on track to be a successful investor in the industry.

How did Kevin Harrington become famous

Before the incident with the television, Harrington worked in real estate and as a business broker. He sold several properties and businesses, which helped cultivate his business instincts.

Other sectors he has invested in include real estate, entertainment and financial services. Currently, his net worth is $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest sharks on the reality show.

Who replaced Kevin Harrington in Shark Tank?

Kevin Harrington was a shark on the show for the first two seasons. Mark Cuban, a businessman and investor, replaced him in the third season and has been part of the show ever since.

If the producers of the show actually orchestrated the movie, then it proved worthwhile. The show’s audience increased from 4.9 million viewers in the second season to 5.7 million viewers in the third.

The show’s success in this period is partially attributed to Cuban’s promotion to a permanent cast member. His fandom has expanded since he joined the show, and he is arguably one of the public’s favorites among the sharks.

Who replaced Kevin Harrington in Shark Tank

Cuban’s charisma and upbeat personality instantly made him popular. He started off as a guest shark in the second season and came back in the third as a permanent shark. 

Lori Greiner was a later addition to the main cast, with a situation similar to Cuban’s. She appeared as a guest in the third season but became a permanent shark in the fourth season.

Why was Kevin Harrington cast as a shark on Shark Tank?

Among the original cast, Kevin Harrington was the wealthiest angel investor with a net worth of $400 million. Therefore, it makes sense that the creators of Shark Tank would view him as an asset to the show.

He also founded “As Seen On TV”, which gave him a unique role as he could connect entrepreneurs with TV spots. However, his focus on the “TV angle” of each pitch made him somewhat inflexible when presented with non-TV deals.

Several fans complained he had little personality as he was often quiet unless interested in a business proposition. This interpretation was based on his conciseness when dealing with pitches, as he used plain logic to assess whether ventures were worth exploring.

Why was Kevin Harrington cast as a shark on Shark Tank

However, he is still a valued member of the team because of the advice and insights he gave into the businesses he reviewed. Fans from earlier seasons refer to him as one of the original sharks, which was an important part of his career.

After his departure, Greiner filled the TV role because of her time at QVC, which gave her the name “Queen of QVC.” Her connections, together with Cuban’s assets, helped fill the gap that Harrington left.

What is Kevin Harrington doing now?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Harrington seems to have been quite busy. 

He pioneered over 20 businesses that have each grossed $100 million and above. Additionally, he launched over 500 products that have made more than $5 billion internationally.

In September 2020, he released his book Mentor to Millions, detailing how he navigated the changing business landscape in his career. Harrington also has a podcast where he gives advice to entrepreneurs in the startup business.

What is Kevin Harrington doing now


The following are some questions other people had about Kevin Harrington and Shark Tank:

1. Did Kevin Harrington make any deals on Shark Tank?

Yes, he made 13 deals within 18 episodes of the show. His largest one was a $250,000 investment in “A Perfect Pear.”

2. Do sharks get paid to be on Shark Tank?

Yes, the show pays them as members of the cast. However, the money they invest in the show is their own.


So, why did Kevin Harrington leave Shark Tank? Initially, people thought it was because of health issues. However, it soon came out that it was a decision made by the producers of the show to increase its entertainment value.

They replaced him with Mark Cuban, a successful entrepreneur, and later added Lori Greiner to fill the TV role in the cast. Today, Harrington is still an entrepreneur and has become a writer and a business podcaster.

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