Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Update

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Update

Angels and Tomboys, a skincare and beauty products company founded by two youngsters, drew our attention to the Shark Tank. After their pitch in Shark Tank, they were able to secure a deal. Though the deal wasn’t what they initially asked for, that was a great turning point for the business.

After that, many people are eager to know Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank update because their social media channels are in the dark. We will give you the latest Angels and Tomboys update and recap its journey from the beginning till date. Let’s get started.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Profile

If you can’t remember the appearance of this company, and ask, was Angels and Tomboys on Shark Tank? I assure you that the company appeared at Shark Tank back in 2016. Despite being a small company, Angels and Tomboys got an investment from two sharks. Here is a quick look at its Shark Tank profile.

Company NameAngels and Tomboys
Founder Madison Boyd, Mallory Boyd
ProductBeauty and skincare products like handmade fragrances and lotions for young girls.
Asked Investment in Shark Tank$55,000 at 20% equity
Final Deal$60,000 at 33.3% equity
SharkDaymond John, Mark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S8 E4
Air DateOctober 14, 2016
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee
Watch On Amazon Prime

Angels and Tomboys Before Shark Tank

Two young girls, Mallory Boyd and Madison Boyd, from Tennessee, founded this business in 2013. As they were very young, their mother worked as a guide and helped them open the business. The idea for this business came from the need for age-appropriate products for skincare and beauty.

Angels and Tomboys Before Shark Tank

Viara Iyana, their mother helped them create different handmade scents, lotions, etc., that will be suitable for girls in their age range. The top USP of their products was skin-friendliness as these products didn’t have any harsh chemicals. Before entering the tank, the company made a sales of about $59,000.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Episode

These two girls, with their mom Viara, appeared on the fourth episode of Season 8 of Shark Tank to pitch their products. Sharks were impressed by the confidence of these kids. They asked for $55,000 of investment in return for a 20% stake at Angels and Tomboys. So, the asking valuation was $275,000.

With a bit of dancing and fun, the girls showed their products to the sharks and told them about their unique value propositions. All sharks liked their products, but soon they got into the numbers.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Episode

According to the Boyd girls and their mother, the products had a price tag of $12. They also shared that it took $4 to make each product. Robert Herjavec shared his concern regarding the price, but Viara ensured that they could lower the production cost to $1.5 with the help of third-party manufacturers. Kevin O’Leary found the demographic interesting and added that it would be difficult to break into this trillion-dollar industry.

Lory was appreciative of the effort and brand confidence of Angels and Tomboys. But she soon got out of the deal. Finally, Daymond John said that he sees something in these young girls and is willing to come in if Mark Cuban joins him. Eventually, Daymond John and Mark Cuban made a combined offer to give $60,000 in return for 33.3%, where they will share $30,000 each. 

After a bit of discussion, Madison, Mallory, and Viara secured the deal and left the show by giving away more equity than they wanted to.

What Happened to Angels and Tomboys After Shark Tank?

You might wonder where is Angels and Tomboys today after their enthusiastic presence on Shark Tank. They actually did pretty well after Shark Tank. Orders flew in, and they partnered with an Atlanta-based manufacturer to scale their production.

In 2018, Angels and Tomboys opened its first retail shop in Tennessee. They were also selling their products online through their websites. Over time, they added different flavors of products to their lineup.

What Happened to Angels and Tomboys After Shark Tank

After 2019, their presence on social media became low. Though their website is still available, you can’t order any products from there. I checked the website while writing this Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank update.

All of their products are marked as sold out on the website. The retail shop of Angels and Tomboys in Memphis is also closed for a long time. So, I can’t confirm whether Angels and Tomboys are still in business or not. 

Angels and Tomboys’ Net Worth

There is no verified information about the net worth of the company publicly available. So, it isn’t possible to confirm their net worth at this moment. 

Angels and Tomboys Sales Data

You might already know their sales figures before the Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank update. They are assumed to make an estimated sales of about $200,000 after the Shark Tank episode. As their stores are closed and products are out of stock on the website, no current sales data is available.

Is Angels and Tomboys Profitable Now?

Most probably, no. If the business was profitable, the owners would be running their retail shops. Products would be available on the website as well. But as the retail shops are closed for a long time and the products are out of stock on the website, the business isn’t probably profitable now and has shut down.

Is Angels and Tomboys Profitable Now
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Despite a heartwarming presence at Shark Tank and a decent deal from two sharks, Angels and Tomboys didn’t do very well in the long run. They opened retail stores and extended the product line up.

But the current activity of the company is shady, and there is no sign of profitability right now. And that is the latest update of Angels and Tomboys.

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