Handy Pan Shark Tank Update

Handy Pan Shark Tank Update

The handy pan Shark Tank episode was a fan favorite among viewers. The reason for this is that the company developed a truly unique solution for the cooking industry. They made a 2 in  1 product by adding a strainer with a frying pan.

Handy Pan Shark Tank update? After participating in season 13 of Shark Tank, Handy Pan is doing fairly well financially. Their business simply increased after dealing with Lori Greiner. Initially valued at $50000, handy pans are now valued between $250,000 and $300,000. Their sales rise, and most significantly, they are conducting business on all major e-commerce websites, including Amazon. 

Here we have shared their detailed profile with recent updates. We also discuss their valuation. So keep reading to know more.

Handy pan Shark Tank Profile

Adam Chaudhry and Josh Conway were the creators of the Handy Pan in 2021. A handy pan is essentially a two-in-one cookware. It’s a frying pan with a strainer attached to the side for draining liquid or washing items. The attached stainer is portable. A button is installed in its handle, and the strainer appears as soon as the button is pressed.

Handy Pan Shark Tank

In 2022, specifically in season 13 episode 21, the owner of the handy pan made an appearance on Shark Tank. They made a low initial offer of $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity. However, sharks were perplexed by their barrow marketing strategy. They also had a very poor track record in terms of product promotion. As a result, no one has accepted their offers. 

Lori Greiner, on the other hand, saw its potential and was persuaded by their words. Even though other sharks warned her, she agreed to their $100,000 for 20% equity offer. Currently, Handy Pan can be purchased on Amazon and other well-known websites. The business is constantly expanding and growing its product offering.

Key Facts about Handy Pan: General Information Table

Handy Pan

Here are few important info of the Handy pan

Handy pan General Information
Company NameHandy Pan
Founder Adam Chaudhry and Josh Conway
Founded 2021 
ProductNonstick pan with an integrated strainer
PurposeUsing as pan and strainer
MaterialAluminum, Stainless steel, Ceramic
Business StatusIn business
Asked for$10,000 for 20%
Final DealThe deal has been agreed with $10,000 for 20%
SharkLori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 13, Episode 21 “Shark Tank”
Air date2022
Website Visit Website
HeadquartersPowell, Ohio
Lifetime worth$250,000 (expected 1 million USD)
Go to AmazonBuy this item
Watch onAmazon Prime

What happened to Handy Pan after the shark tank?

It grows dramatically after the handy pan feature in Shark Tank 2022. People find this product to be extremely useful, and their stock of the product was depleted within a few days.  

What happened to Handy Pan after the shark tank

Initially, they sold their product only through their own website. However, following its shark tank appearances and partnership with Lori Greiner, they have expanded. Their product is now available on Amazon, with a 4.2 rating. Despite the fact that Handy Pan is doing well in business, rumors have spread that they are experiencing financial difficulties. Their customers’ support helps them stay on track despite their financial difficulties. 

Handy Pan’s net worth

Handy Pan was valued at $50000 when it first appeared on Shark Tank. With just $10,000 at the time, Lori Greiner purchased 20% of their company. However, their company’s estimated net worth for this year is between $250,000 and $300,000.

Handy Pan's net worth

Is Handy Pan profitable now?

It is difficult to determine whether Handy Pan is profitable or not. The reason is their financial records or sales data are not publicly available. However, the fact that they are expanding and growing their business shows that they are doing well. 

Even though they haven’t officially reported their profit, we can assume they aren’t losing money. Handy Pan made some changes to their product after the Shark Tank show. In addition to their own website, they are now accessible on numerous other e-commerce sites. 

The price has also been reduced, which is also a positive sign for the company. It appears that they lower their cost per product, thereby increasing their sales.

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Here are some additional details about Shark Tank’s Handy Pan update. We hope it will clarify your query. 

How was Handy Pan on Shark Tank?

Although Handy Pan wasn’t the biggest company in Shark Tank, they are still doing quite well. In the beginning, they persuade a shark that their business has potential. Thus, they receive the expected offer. With that, they start expanding their business. 

Initially, the business had a valuation of $50000. However, as of 2023, they have a net worth of more than $250,000. Their performance is therefore quite good.

How much does Handy Pan currently cost?

The price of the Handy Pan today on Amazon is $49.99.  They are not currently giving or discounting. Although they vary in color, they all have the same cost. 

What are people’s opinions of the Handy Pan Shark Tank update?

Customers have generally had positive things to say about Handy Pan. The ease of use and adaptability of the pan are highly valued. The construction’s quality has also been mentioned by a few people.


Finally, we can conclude that Handy Pan’s Shark Tank update was very good compared to the performances of the other shark tank contestants.

The good news is that they are still operating fairly comfortably. Their products are available for purchase on all of the major e-commerce sites. Handy pan after Shark Tank appearance, the company seems to have advanced considerably. A truly handy pan is a problem solver; it makes cooking easier and less stressful. They are not in the top tier in terms of numbers, but they are doing well in terms of business. We can hope they will do much better in the future.

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