Jax Sheets Shark Tank Update

Jax Sheets Shark Tank Update: Is the Company at Loss Now? 

With Wen’s remarkable sales pitch and humor, he lured the Sharks towards him. Each and every Shark got hooked by his astounding pitch! 

Wen Muenyi, Jax Sheets’ founder, manufactured silky cotton sheets infused with copper. His goal is to eliminate the laundry hassle so every men can enjoy comfy and striking bed sheets. He put an ask of $212,000 at a 10% partnership in his company, but in the end, he didn’t get any deal from the Sharks. 

So, how’s the business doing now? Want to know the latest Jax Sheets update? If yes, then binge on this Jax Sheets Shark Tank update blog. 

Jax Sheets Shark Tank Profile

Here are some of the Jax Sheet data and Shark Tank Profile. Do read them out!

Name of the CompanyJax Sheets
FoundersWen Muenyi
Season and Episode NoS12, E13
Aired in Shark TankFeb 12th, 2021
Product TypeCotton Sheets Infused With Copper
Founded In2016
Net WorthAround $800,000 (Not Much Info Available)
Asking Investment from Sharks$212,000 with 10% equity
Valuation$2.1 Million
Shark’s OfferNo Offer
Deal Closed AtNone
Deal Secured ByNone
Current Business Status Ongoing 
Jax Sheets HeadquartersSt. Paul, US
WebsiteClick Here
Social MediaLinkedIn
Watch on Amazon Prime
Buy the productClick To Buy

Wen Muenyi’s Jax Sheets Journey

In 2018, Wen co-founded Rheabelle, a sleep-tech company. In 2016, he first created a high-quality bed sheet brand, HercLeon (parent firm of Jax Sheets), that served great quality and comfort. 

And due to his previous experience in the industry, he was confident to leave a mark in the industry. 

Wen Muenyi’s Jax Sheets Journey

He then launched HercLeon’s Kickstarter campaign with his marketing experience. From around 2,200 backers, this campaign raised around $350,000.

Muenyi then asked around 1,000 users (mostly men) to give their honest opinions about the brand. The bed sheets were mostly praised for their comfy. 

Why Did Wen Muenyi Not Secure Any Shark Deal? 

Wen operated his business from his garage and was having inventory troubles. So, Muenyi came to the Shark Tank and requested $212,000 for a 10% stake in his company.

Muenyi came with a great offer to the Sharks, a 2-for-1 trade with HercLéon and Jax Sheets. And the sharks were also hooked by his astounding sales pitch. But as all his sales literally came from crowdfunding, the Sharks didn’t find interest in the business.

Without question, Muenyi’s Shark Tank pitch gave his product and brand visibility, but the Sharks stepped down from investment. 

What Happened to Wen Muenyi’s Jax Sheets After Shark Tank? 

So, if you ask what happened to the company after Shark Tank, the answer would be simple: “The Sharks predicted right; the business was rattling throughout!”

After the show aired, Jax Sheets sales indeed got a good hit for some weeks, but the tables turned afterward. Wen brought in multiple niches in the business even before the business got a  good start or recognition. 

What Happened to Wen Muenyi's Jax Sheets After Shark Tank

There isn’t much info about the product at this moment. But starting from July 2022, visitors were able to purchase Jax Sheets through the website.

Wen didn’t reveal any exact numbers, but it’s expected that Jax Sheets may have made somewhere from $800,000 to a million dollars in 2022. 

Jax Sheets Net Worth and Sales Data: Not that Impressive!

As of now, no sales data has been shared. And even when Wen came to Shark Tank, the company had no proper sales. Although after the remarkable Jax Sheets Shark Tank episode, the company did get some sales, it wasn’t impressive at all. 

Users loved the bed sheets during the crowdfunding, but the company didn’t see any positive results due to existing market competitors. 

Moreover, there’s nothing much about the exact net worth of the company. But it’s estimated to be somewhere between $800,000 and $1 million till now. 

Is Jax Sheets Profitable at This Moment?

HerCleon, Jax Sheets’ site, accepts orders, but the company’s future is uncertain. As of 2022, each Jax Sheet takes around $129.99 on the website.

Now, Jax Sheets sells masks, clothes, and towels. The corporation may be considering product diversification, but this sudden diversity might be a cause of the company’s downfall. 

Is Jax Sheets Profitable at This Moment

The garment industry is competitive and needs immense financial backing to strive through. 

Therefore, Jax Sheets today might not be in a profitable state, and if Wen wants to save the company from a certain fall, he needs to reconsider now!

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Bottom Line

Wen delivered a remarkable pitch in the tank, and it was so good that all the Sharks were instantly hooked. So, you can already make an assessment of how Jax Sheets was on Shark Tank

However, the Sharks didn’t take the risk of investing in Wen, as the bed sheet industry is competitive, and he got sales from crowdfunding. 

And even if we look at the current stats of the business, the Sharks were quite right about the outcome. Now, Wen needs to figure out the right sauce to keep his business on track. 

Meta Description: Know Jax Sheets Shark Tank update and discover whether the company is profitable or is doomed! Continue reading till the end. 

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