What Happened To Barbara Corcoran On Shark Tank

What Happened To Barbara Corcoran On Shark Tank?

Barbara Corcoran is now a common name in Shark Tank due to her consistency there. However, you might not even know about her existence if she didn’t do what she did when she almost got fired from Shark Tank. Yes, you heard us right.

So, what happened to Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank? First, the producers from Shark Tank asked Barabara Corcoran to be a Shark in the show. Barbara accepted it instantly, but after two weeks, she got the mail that someone else got the job instead of her. However, she didn’t sit back.

She has done something that caught the producer’s eye, and now you know her as the constant in Shark Tank. With her successful investments, Barbara has proved herself over the years and deserves to be in the show. So what did Barabara do that convinced the producers? Well, let’s dive in.

What Happened To Barbara Corcoran On Shark Tank [Why Did Barbara Leave Shark Tank]

Before Shark Tank, Barabara Cocoran ran a real estate company to which she had given her heart and soul. With dedication, passion, and the right decisions, Barbara has worked her way up to the top and sold the company to NRT. She got a whopping $66 million from it. 

From this success story, Barabara Corcoran has made her name in the industry. While she remained on top of the headlines for her story, the producers from Shark Tank decided to ask Corcoran to be one of the Sharks. 

What Happened To Barbara Corcoran On Shark Tank

An email was sent to her from the producers after a lot of discussion between the production firm. And even though it was delivered at night, it caught Barbara’s attention straight away. She didn’t wait but promptly consented to be one of the Sharks, as it was an excellent opportunity for her to flourish.

However, after 2 weeks of no reply, the producers from Shark Tank eventually emailed Barbara. It said that someone else took her place as they believed the other individual was a better fit for the program. Thus having her leave the show before it even started!

Barbara Corcoran Taking The Matter On Her Hands

As per the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Barabara Corcoran got shattered after seeing this email. She knew that she was the perfect fit for this show and was looking forward to it. 

However, she didn’t let that deter her from pursuing her dream of being on the show. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and emailed the producers of Shark Tank,

She replied, “You have made a mistake.” That was all it was. This short reply from Barbara made the producers curious and asked: “Why do you think so?” She replied, “When I’ve been rejected, my best things happen,” and then attached everything she had achieved after the rejection from the Shark Tank role.

Barbara Corcoran Taking The Matter On Her Hands

Lastly, she asked the producers to take an interview of her and the other candidates to see who they liked the best. The producers found her answer determining and agreed to her proposal. 

Both of the candidates arrived at the Shark Tank production house, and as expected, Barbara Corcoran nailed her audition. As a result, she got her position as a Shark.

Ultimately, Barbara didn’t leave the show herself. There was the situation created that forced her almost to leave before she joining the show. 

Another “Almost Fired” Story Of Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran said Business Insider in an interview that the show’s producers didn’t like her harsh comments and direct criticism of the business owners. 

She also said in the interview that the producers told her that they received complaints about her behavior.  Furthermore, they were considering replacing her with another investor.

Barbara Corcoran

This is the reason why you might come across a more sharp-tongued Barbara in the early seasons. However, by limiting her criticism and providing more helpful critiques, Corcoran was able to make things right.

Additionally, Corcoran also tried to get to know the business owners personally and have a deeper understanding of their ventures. As a result, she learned and adapted to the brand Shark Tank.

Furthermore, she realizes the importance of being mindful of one’s behavior and words, especially in a high-pressure environment like a reality TV show.

Overall, adaptation allowed her to continue on the show and grow to become one of its most well-liked investors.

Here’s a video of her making some controversial comments;



Let’s check out some commonly asked questions before concluding on Barabara Corcoran’s “almost fired” experience at Shark Tank.

Is Barbara Corcoran Still On Shark Tank?

Barbara got a warning for her sharp criticisms of the entrepreneurs who presented in Shark Tank. But she never got suspended and still plays a crucial role in the show.

How many deals has Barbara Corcoran made on Shark Tank?

From 2009 to 2023, Barabara Corcoran has made about 600 deals on Shark Tank. However, she also revealed that she didn’t make money from most of them. As per proportions, she only made money from one-third of the companies she invested in.

How much money did Barbara Corcoran invest in Shark Tank overall?

From season 1 to season 14 of Shark Tank, Barabara invested over $5.465 million in different companies. Nevertheless, she has a track record of being one of the best investors. Once, she made a historical profit of $468 million from only a $50,000 investment. 

Did Barbara Corcoran Have A Stroke?

Yes, in February 2021, she was reported to have suffered from a mild stroke, later confirmed through her social media channels. However, she recovered quickly, resumed her vigorous way of life, and continued to partake in her numerous professional endeavors.


To conclude, Barbara proved how exclusive she is after we got to know about what happened to Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank. Even after getting invited to be a part of the show, Barbara was rejected. However, she didn’t let fate decide her future but rather took it into her own hands.

As a result, she fought back against the producers, convincing them about how dedicated this real estate entrepreneur is. After a live interview with her competitor, Barbara won the race and got the chance to represent her. Now, she is one of the favorite and important individuals in the Shark Tank show.

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