Plop Star Shark Tank Update

Plop Star Shark Tank Update 2023 | Are They in Business?

A stinking bathroom is the last thing you want to leave when nature calls. Tyler Jay wanted to solve this problem with his deodorizer tablets and pitched the business in front of sharks. He demanded $150,000 and was willing to give 10% equity against the investment.

So, what’s the latest Plop Star Shark Tank update? Even though Tyler didn’t receive any investment from the sharks on the show, he continued selling his products on the website and Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at the company profile before and after the appearance on Shark Tank.

Plop Star Shark Tank Profile

Plop Star Shark Tank Profile

Here is a quick chart with all the vital information about Plop Star and its appearance on the show. Check this out.

Company NamePlop Star
Founder Tyler Jay
ProductBiodegradable deodorizer tablets for toilets
Asked For$150,000 for 10% equity
Final DealNo Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode S11 E4
Air DateOctober 20, 2019
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersArizona, US
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$1.3 Million
Go to AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Company History of Plop Star

Before I get into the detailed Plop Star update, let’s know a bit about its history. Tyler Jay, the founder and CEO of Plop Star, graduated from the University of Arizona. After working in ad agencies, he founded his own production company called Tandem Inc. 

Company History of Plop Star

The problem of leaving a stinking bathroom was highly uncomfortable for Tyler. After researching for more than three years, Tyler introduced this discrete deodorizer tablet called Plop Star in 2018. It was a highly portable deodorizer tablet that anyone could carry to the bathroom discreetly.

There were three different sizes for the tablet. The 6-pack cost $4.99 and the 30-pack cost $12.99. The company also launched a tub with 30 tablets that cost $14.99. Before appearing on the show, Plop Star had a total sales of only $12,000.

Plop Star on Shark Tank

You might be curious about “How was Plop Star on Shark Tank?” As you might already know, the Plop Star Shark Tank episode was the fourth episode of Season 11. Tyler pitched his idea before the sharks on the show and wanted an investment of $150,000. 

He offered 10% equity in Plop Star in return for the investment. It gives a valuation of $1.5 million for the company. Sharks weren’t very impressed with his idea or product. 

Mark Cuban was the first shark to opt-out right after Tyler finished his pitch. Even though Lori Greiner was a bit of a believer in the product, she didn’t want to make the deal thinking about what happened to her after the deal with another similar company. So, she also got out pretty quickly.

Plop Star on Shark Tank

Rohan Oza loved the product and the business idea, but he didn’t see any concrete game plan in Tyler. He suggested Tyler try to sell this company to other businesses that are already doing well in the industry.

Kevin O’Leary was the most skeptical person on the tank about this product and the idea. He said this business is going nowhere. On another note, he suggested flushing the idea down the toilet.

Barbara Corcoran thought there wasn’t enough demand for this product and the B2B model of the business wouldn’t take off. So, she also got out. It resulted in Tyler going back from the show without securing a deal.

What Happened to Plop Star After Shark Tank?

Even though Tyler couldn’t convince any shark in the tank to invest in his company, he received a lot of attention after the show aired. Consumers were willing to give his product a shot. The sales of Plop Star increased after the show. At one point, the Plop Star website showed the products were out of stock.

What Happened to Plop Star After Shark Tank

Tyler started working on another product and launched the deodorizer spray. In July 2023, the company announced that the products were available on Amazon. Currently, you can buy all Plop Star products on Amazon. 

The website doesn’t directly sell the products. You will find the 30-pack of tablets and the toilet spray on the website, but they redirect you to the Amazon store. The price of the toilet spray is $9.99.

Plop Star Net Worth

In 2019, the esteemed valuation of Plop Star was $1.5 million while appearing on the show. But where is Plop Star today? Its net worth didn’t change much after the valuation. As there is no concrete data available, I can’t mention the exact net worth.

Plop Star Net Worth

Plop Star Sales Data

The following chart shows the estimated sales data of Plop Star after Shark Tank as well as the sales before the show.

2020-2023$1.3 million (approximately)

Is Plop Star Profitable Now?

Plop Star made its way back to business after being stocked out for some time. As Plop Star is still in business and selling its products on Amazon, it is safe to say that Plop Star is profitable now.

Is Plop Star Profitable Now


Deodorizer tablets from Plop Star can give us relief from the awkward feeling of living with poop smells. But the idea didn’t seem to be investable for all the sharks on the show. 

This Plop Star Shark Tank Update is intended to provide you with the latest information about the business after its failed pitch on the Shark Tank.

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