KidsLuv Shark Tank Update

KidsLuv Shark Tank Update 2023

Ashi Jelinek’s need for sugar-free juice for her son Phoenix pushed her to start the Luving company at home. She made a sugar-free drink with extra vitamins, minerals, and healthy additives as an alternative to sugary beverages.

Jelinek asked for 200,000 US dollars in exchange for 8% business equity. Her efforts to collect over $1 million from friends and family impressed the Sharks. However, the sharks gave her no deal from the poor sales output versus the high capital investment.

Do you want to know more about what happened to the KidsLuv juice at the shark tank? Keep reading this article as we discuss more on the KidsLuv Shark Tank update for 2023 and the state of the business now.

KidsLuv Shark Tank Profile

Below is an overview of the KidsLuv Shark Tank update for 2023.

Company nameKids Luv
FounderAshi Jelinek
ProductZero sugar KidsLuv juice fortified with vitamins and minerals
Asked for200,000 US dollars for 8% equity
Final dealNo deal
Air dateFebruary 28, 2020
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 11, Episode 15
SharkNo Shark
Business statePrivately held
WebsiteCurrently unavailable
HeadquartersMarina Del Rey, California
Lifetime worth (sales)Estimated at $20 million by 2023
Go to AmazonBuy now
Watch onAmazon Prime

How Was Kidsluv Before The Shark Tank Pitch?

The KidsLuv idea started at Jelinek’s house in 2017 as she tried getting an alternative drink with less sugar and still nutritious. This was after she tired of packing the sugary juices for his son Phoenix.

Before Shark Tank, Jelinek made the homemade juice in her kitchen and sold it to friends and neighbors. The product was unique, with less sugar and 12 vitamins and minerals.

How Was Kidsluv Before The Shark Tank Pitch

To start the business, she received donations of $1 million to support the idea worldwide. She also invested about $200,000 into the project from her savings.

With the resources at hand, she spent 95% of the funds on legal and patent processes and was left with about $50,000 by the time she appeared on the Shark Tank.

What Happened To KidsLuv During The Shark Tank Pitch?

Ashi Jelinek appeared on the ABC show during the 11th season of the KidsLuv Shark Tank episode 15 in 2020. She asked for $200,000 for 8% equity of the business.

The sharks were first impressed by her efforts to raise the $1 million from friends, relatives, and well-wishers. She also said she had pumped another $200,000 from her savings to kick-start the business.

What Happened To KidsLuv During The Shark Tank Pitch

However, she had only made sales of $55,000 from February 2018, having invested more than $1.95 million in the industry.

The sharks cited that as poor business management, and they all rejected her offer since the inputs didn’t merge with the sales output.

Ashi Jelinek and her son left the tank with no deal. Let’s find out what happened to KidsLuv after the Shark Tank appearance.

What Happened To KidsLuv After Shark Tank?

According to the KidsLuv update after Shark Tank appearance, the company seemed to go down. However,  the business revived to hit the global market stores.

She added the orange flavor juice, increasing the variety of choices for her customers. With the tetra packaging and recyclable containers, the product found its way into the Walmart, Amazon, Thrive, and Target stores and shelves.

According to the KidsLuv Shark Tank update, the business hit $5 million annual revenue after the Shark Tank debut and was well received in the market. Ashi learned critical lessons from the Shark Tank appearance that helped propel her business.

What Happened To KidsLuv After Shark Tank

However, the KidsLuv business seemed to flourish up to mid-2022 after featuring in most store outlets. She also managed to partner with several charity groups in the States.

The business later disappeared by the end of 2022, and most retailers and online stores had no products for sale. The Instagram page was shut down in September 2022, and the official website shows that KidsLuv today is currently unavailable for most of the 2023 sales.

Unfortunately, it’s not known what happened to the KidsLuv company, but it may have run into a financial crisis.

What Is The Kidsluv Net Worth?

By the time the business disappeared from the market, it had registered a solid $5 million annual revenue sales. However, its net worth is unknown since its website is currently unavailable.

It is estimated that by the time the business went dark, it was worth $20 million. Not much is known about the business as KidsLuv after the Shark Tank mode of operation is less predictable.

What Is The Kidsluv Net Worth

Kidsluv Sales Data

The sales data for KidsLuv is scanty and not well documented. However, from the annual sales since 2019 and the estimated net worth by 2023, we can portray its sales data as follows.

Time PeriodSales Data ($)
202215 million
202110 million
20205 million
20191 million

Is KidsLuv Profitable Now?

When the KidsLuv business left the Shark Tank, its profit margins had dropped. However, with the experience and exposure that Ashi Jelinek got in the Shark Tank episode, she managed to crawl back and make good of her business.

You may be wondering, how was KidsLuv on Shark Tank Update? I would be glad to report that by the time of the Shark Tank update, the business had registered a minimum of $5 million in sales annually.

Is KidsLuv Profitable Now

We can, therefore, conclude that KidsLuv was a profitable business in its initial stages after Shark Tank’s appearance. However, with its collapse in 2022, it fails the mark of a profitable business in the market.


KidsLuv Shark Tank update is one of a kind where the product failed to secure a deal with the sharks but later emerged as a thriving business. It boasts a turnover of about $5 million in revenue annually. The eco-friendly product provides much-needed nutritional value with less sugar content.

The business whereabouts after 2023 are unknown, and the product is unavailable in most store outlets, citing a possible fall in the market. However, the business stands the test of time in the market forces.

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