Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update

Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update: With All The Necessary Information!

The best way to represent new ideas to all the people of the world is through Shark Tank. Rescue Ready has taken the opportunity to share their invention. Many people are interested in what happened to the company after the show. 

So, what is the Rescue Ready shark tank update now? Rescue Ready founders were not successful in convincing the Sharks. They delivered a good speech. But for no test results and some less experience, the sharks offered no deal. However, after the show, the company increased its sales and got a fund of $66,608. 

Stay with this article to know more about the rescue ready’s journey.

Rescue Ready Shark Tank Profile

So, was Rescue Ready on Shark Tank? Yes. Like other companies,  founders also came to the shark tank show to get the investment. Now, take a look at the table to get the basic information.

Company Name Rescue Ready 
FounderBrett Russell and Eric Hartsfield
FoundedJuly 2013
Product A ladder that any person can use in an emergency, mainly to escape from fire
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 11, Episode 23
Air DateMay 13, 2020
Asked For75,000 for 15% equity
Final DealThey did not get any offer from the sharks
SharkNo one invested
Business StatusIn business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States of America
Lifetime Worth (Sales) $5 million
Buy NowOn Be Rescue Ready
Watch OnAmazon Prime

What Happened To Rescue Ready In Shark Tank Episode?

People have known their strategy to save lives from the Rescue Ready shark tank episode. Brett and Eric have created a way to help escape from a fire within three minutes.

The two founders delivered their pitch in a way that the sharks got mesmerized. Rohan Oza and Barbara Corcoran volunteered for them. They portrayed the symbolic situation of fire beautifully and asked for $75,000 for 15% equity.

What Happened To Rescue Ready In Shark Tank Episode

All the sharks appreciated their idea. But none of the sharks invested in their company. They showed a valid reason behind it and gave suggestions to work more with their product.

At that time, the ladder was designed to be set only in the windows. Also, there was no way to attach the ladder to old houses. Besides, they did not test their product practically. 

But at the end of the interview, they requested the viewer to use their product. This product is necessary for every house as it really can save many lives.

Rescue Ready Update After Shark Tank

A common question after the telecast of the episode is what happened to Rescue Ready after Shark Tank. The two firefighters showed full faith in their creation and decided to go with it. Also, they follow the suggestions of the sharks.

Rescue Ready after Shark Tank pitch, got many responses from people on their Facebook page. The founders then went to the Kickstarter campaign, intending to collect funds.

They thought they could meet the goal of $225,000. But their luck was not so favorable. They could only collect $66,608, for which they got disappointed. But still, they choose to stand with their product.

Rescue Ready Update After Shark Tank

After all these failures, they thought about the advice of Barbara Corcoran. They do not change any design in the ladder. But the new edition of their ladder can be used in any house. It is now not dependent on the window frame. Users can install it in any place.

The Rescue Ready ladder can hold up to 750 Ibs. So, there is no doubt about the product’s capacity and durability. But, during COVID-19 in 2020, they faced a lag period to manufacture their product. 

After that period, they serve the product on their online website. They are still selling but are now suffering from supply chain issues.

Rescue Ready Net Worth

Rescue Ready is a true startup company. They did not work with any other investors or earn before coming to the shark tank. But the Rescue Ready update after the shark tank show is positive. 

They attended the Kickstarter campaign after the show and were able to collect $66,608. Though they have manufacturing issues, they are also earning from the site. From the first day till now, their lifetime worth or sales is 5 million dollars.

Rescue Ready Sales Data

The founders do not reveal the data of the sales. But they are still on the field and fighting with other competitors. With a little investment, they are progressing. But they are unable to supply huge amounts due to less investment. 

Is Rescue Ready profitable now?

Rescue Ready today is in a progressive state. People know about their company and lifesaving thoughts through the show. They came on the show with less experience in business and zero selling conditions. But now, they have their website, dealing with investors and selling huge online.

Is Rescue Ready profitable now

Their main source of profit comes from the Kickstarter campaign. If they got any investors, they would do better in the field. They had modified their product for easy use by the customers, so customers trusted it.

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The two firefighters never lose their hope. They are still sticking to their idea of giving people a safe place. The product they introduce can be a life changer in your toughest moment. When you cannot find a way to escape from fire, the ladder can help you to go out within minutes.

No doubt, the product is good. But their previous installation system discouraged the sharks. If they have worked with other investors before and have test results, the result could be favorable. They now make their product accessible on their website!

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